• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 4: Decision

Out in the open fields that surround Ponyville, Stacy was in her Digimon form, practicing her fighting skills and getting a better grasp on her powers. Not does this allows Stacy to know what her limits are, it also helps her stay in shape, and since 50% of the food ponies eat have excess amount of sugar in it. Another reason that Stacy practices her Digimon powers, is to see how much control she has over her wind element, to see if she’s like Air-Bender or can just cause a small gust. Much to her gleeful surprise, Stacy has found out that she does have control over the wind, but she has noticed that controlling the wind directly wasn’t as, powerful, as her base Moves.

Speaking of moves, Stacy has for most of the morning, been trying to see if she can create her own moves. That was something she’s done since she was 10, coming up with her own attacks from her favorite cartoons, while pretending to be a character from that show. However unlike the air-bending, making up your own move apparently was more difficult. Not only do you need an absolute clear picture of what the move is, you also needs to power enough power into the attack itself, or it was either going to be a big whiff, or miss fire, or not even be made at all.

The move that Stacy was trying to come up with, is a power move that would allow her to slam an enemy with heavy damage, while her current moves are fairly good—although she has some doubt that the Love Tap moves is actually useful—so she’s trying to see if she can add more to her list.

“Okay. New move test #10.” Stacy mumbled to herself as she brushes a lock of her Kazemon’s purple hair out of her face.

Stacy holds her hands a foot in front of one another, concentrating on gather wind between the appendages forming a small ball of purplish pink wind, which slowly started to grow in size. Stacy smiled as she was actually able to keep the ball in shape, and growing it in size and keeping it stable, however when the ball of swirling wind currents became the size of a large pumpkin it started to become harder to keep stable. Focusing more into keeping the ball stable, Stacy tried to keep it together before pulling her right hand away, ball grasped tightly before she leapt into the air and then swung her right arm forward. But before the sphere of compressed wind came in contact with the ground, it became unstable at the last second and prematurely burst, sending Stacy flying backwards a good few feet.

“Damn it! I was so close this time!” Stacy fumed as she hovered in the air. “One more time, I’ll get it this time!”

Again Stacy cupped her hands in front of each other, gathering more wind between them, but this time her added frustration made her determination, and therefore her focus on the move she’s trying to do a lot more easier than a moment ago. Pretty soon Stacy had the large sphere of wind created, and this time there was instability problem this time. When the ball was fully formed Stacy lunged forward, right arm outstretched, before swing it forward, and this time…the Move actually worked!

“Turbulent Smash!”

The pumpkin size ball of wind slammed into the ground, doubling in size, and the swirling wind reeved up in their spiraling motion, and literally carved a foot into the ground before dispersing with a concussive wind blast. After finally pulling off the move she’s been trying to do for the past hour, the young woman was pretty much pulling off her own happy dance while cheering in the air.

“Oh yeah, that’s right, I just made a new move! Oh yeah, that’s right!” after her celebration of her accomplishment, Stacy tried to do the move again, and while it wasn’t as seamless as her previously established Moves, she was able to perform her new move several times.

“Alright. New move, partially mastered, now then…what to work on next?” Stacy said in between labored breaths as she wipes her forehead of sweat.

Landing back down on the ground Stacy started to wonder what she could work on, or improve on next. That’s when one thought came to her mind, she could practice in trying out her Beast Spirit, but the idea was almost immediately pushed to the side. As Stacy thought before, could she actually use her Beast Spirit, without the risk of going feral or berserk. In the show that little detail was curbed for the plot, but in an actual situation, Stacy doubt that the same level of ‘media plot convenience’ will work for her in real life. But, if she doesn’t at least try and work on it, she’ll never be able to use her Beast Spirit. And with Duskmon out there she honestly doubt her Human Spirit will be enough.

Turning back into her human form, clothed in a plain white shirt and a pair of work-out shorts—curtsy of Rarity—Stacy held her digi-vice in her hand, staring at it cautiously. The wind symbol appeared on the small display screen, before showing the spirit idol of Zephyrmon. Stacy kept looking at her digi-vice, hand slightly shaking, before just sighing and deciding to not risk going feral for practice. Walking over to a rock Stacy sat down for a break. Stacy looked at her digi-vice again, before placing it behind her then running her hands through her wavy blonde hair, feeling a little disappointed in herself that she couldn’t even attempt to use the Beast Spirit.

“Hey there Stacy.” The sound of Twilight’s voice pulled Stacy out of her little funk. Looking up from the ground Stacy saw Twilight, and the others coming over to her.

“Hey there girls, what’s up.”

“We came to see if you wanted to join us for lunch.” Rarity said before looking around the area for a bit. “But it seems you’re in the middle of something.”

“I was just training that’s all.” Stacy said before straightening out her body, the ponies looking over her body as she stretches, always fascinated by how her body looked. And for one of them, something else came to her when looking over the humans body.

“Oh! Were you practicing you’re beast form, or whatever its called?” Rainbow Dahs asked excitably. Stacy just shook her head.

“No. I was just practicing my usual spirit; I don’t think I should try to practice my Beast Spirit.”

“Why not?” Fluttershy asked worriedly. But before Stacy could say anything, Applejack spoke up.

“Is this about what you said at the Crystal Empire sugarcube, with whole going ‘feral’ thing?” Stacy nodded.

“Beast Spirits…they are stronger than Human Spirits, like my Kazemon form. But with that added power, comes with added ferocity and heightened senses…and those are pretty overwhelming, and takes a whole lot of mental strength and some other things to control them, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Twilight asked as looked at the human with worried expression.

“I could go crazy and hurt you ponies, and I don’t want to risk that.”

The six mare’s then approached Stacy, and started to comfort her, some with pats on the back or giving her some encouraging words. Stacy thanked her friends for trying to make her feel better, and letting her know that Stacy was doing what she believed was right.

“Hey Stacy, you know what you need right now, to really get you out this funky mood you’re in?” Pinkie said as she hopped away from the group. “A nice good meal with your best friends!” Stacy laughed at Pinkie’s optimism and boundless energy.

“I wouldn’t say we’re best friends Pinkie, but…” Stacy looked at the other ponies, who all gave a small smile, before looking at Pinkie and her larger smile. “We’re pretty close.”

“I’ll take it!” Pinkie said exuberantly causing everyone to chuckle at her level of energy and excitement.

After wiping away a tear that formed in her eye, Stacy looked back to Pinkie…only to immediately developed a look of shock & horror. As Duskmon loomed behind Pinkie, sword extended, arm raised…ready to strike the pony down. Acting purely on instinct Stacy lept to her feet, hand grabbing her digi-vice and immediately transforming into Kazemon, Stacy lunged at the dark Digimon with a wind-infused kick. Pinkie yelped in surprise when Stacy lunged at her, but when she—and the other ponies who didn’t seem to noticed Duskmon was right in front of them—they saw why Stacy just did what she did. Stacy and Duskmon were just locked in a stand-off, Stacy’s right leg holding back Duskmon’s left arm. Both Digimon broke their stand-off, and started to trade blows with one another, sword blades meeting wind-infused kicks and punches.

“What are you doing here Duskmon!?” Stacy asked the dark Digimon, but he was silent, only responding by extending his sword blade. “Forgot. You’re the brooding silent type, fine then.” Stacy created her tendrils of wind from each fingertip, and readied for battle.

“Hurricane Wave!”

“Lunar Plasma!” Duskmon bellowed in his deep menacing voice, sending out a slight curved red energy wave. Slicing right through the waves, and striking Stacy dead center. Carving up her chest and sending crashing into the ground.

Stacy screamed in pain as she clutched her chest, a small amount of blood was trickling out of the pretty big gash. The six mare’s immediately darted to Stacy’s side, looking her over to see if she was alright. But then they heard footsteps coming their way, and saw Duskmon was making his way over towards them. with a burst of speed Rainbow Dash vaulted towards the Digimon, right hoof pulled back ready to deck the dark Digimon in the face, but the moment she threw that punch…Duskmon was gone!

“Ghost Move.” Duskmon just, appeared, behind Rainbow Dash sword already swing down at her, mere inches from her back. A powerful gust of wind slammed into Duskmon from his left, sending his skidding to the side.

“Tempest Twist!”

Duskmon turned to face Stacy, just in time to receiving a spinning mid-air kick to the face, sending flying ten feet skidding across the ground. Stacy wasted no time as she unleased another Hurricane Wave, all ten tendrils of spiraling wind slamming right onto Duskmon, Stacy then clutched her chest again as pain raced through her body.

“You guys…stay out of this…he’s to dangerous for all of you.”

“But Stacy we can help!”

Right after Twilight said that, nine beams of red energy came racing towards everyone, the unicorn brought up a shield to protect everyone. But the shield shattered as six of them rammed into the shield, striking Twilight, and the others, and knocking them all on their backs. While causing them to let out grunts or cries of pain. The other three were heading towards Stacy, but she was able to dodge the attacks by flying up, and now she was dive bombing Duskmon, ROYALLY pissed off, with her new move.

“Try this on for size Duskmon!” Stacy cried out as she held the large wind sphere above her. “Turbulent Smash!” The large sphere slammed right down onto Duskmon, doubling in size before carving straight into the ground.

“Geist Blade Storm!”

Several dozen blood red energy slicing waves erupted from wind sphere, several of them striking Stacy, cutting into various parts of her body, and sending her vaulting through the air, before crashing onto the ground. Duskmon then slowly rose up from the ground, definitely showing some signs of damage, but not enough to cripple him. walking over to where Stacy was the dark Digimon placed his right foot on her chest, causing to gasp in pain, as the pressure & weight was causing the scars to pulse with more pain. Duskmon was about to point his right blade at Stacy, but a lasso latched onto the arm.

Looking over his shoulder Duskmon saw Applejack at the other end of the lasso, trying to pull him back. Twilight and Rarity even started to fire magical blast’s at the dark Digimon, but Duskmon didn’t even seem to notice, or the punches Rainbow was throwing at him, or the bucking that Pinkie Pie was doing to his other leg. Duskmon just ignored the ponies feebly trying to distract, or even hurt him, and went back to looking at Stacy. Who was trying to get out from under him.

“Let her go!” Rainbow Dash said as she let loose the strongest punch she could at Duskmon’s face, but he didn’t even flinch. But the recoil from the punch, and the hardness of his armor caused the pegasus to welp.

“Begone.” Duskmon simply said before backhanding Rainbow Dash, although the blow was hard enough to knock her to the ground, and cause her to spit out blood from her mouth. The rest of ponies tried harder to stop Duskmon, even Fluttershy was trying to stop the Digimon. “Enough of this.” Each of Duskmon’s eyes looked at one of the ponies.

“Deadly Gaze.”

Five beams of energy shot from five different eyes, striking the ponies down, getting the wind knocked out of them & feeling like they were just hit by a cart full of bricks. Seeing the girls being knocked around really frustrated Stacy, causing her create the most powerful gust of wind she could knock Duskmon off, even if it were just a little bit, it was more than enough for her to use Tempest Twist to spin herself up, and kick Duskmon in the chest. Stutter stepping back a foot Duskmon quickly recovered, and started to lash out with his swords, Stacy was just barely able to doge most of the blows, while hardly landing any of her blows. Duskmon then struck Stacy in the gut with his left boot, sending her crashing into one of the few trees in the area.

“Brutal Strike!” Duskmon bellowed before sliding across the grassy floor, directly to Stacy, and piercing his left sword through her right shoulder causing her to scream in pain.

Duskmon then leaned his face in close to Stacy’s, who was sweating and having a small line of blood dripple from her mouth, and under her vizor her eyes were wide with terror. Then, for some reason, Duskmon withdrew his sword blades as he leaned back away from Stacy, leaving her to slide down the trunk of the tree, leaving a slight blood trail. The dark Digimon then looked around, seeing the ponies have recovered slightly, and were looking at him with fear. then in a blink of an eye…he was gone. All the ponies dropped to the floor with relief, as for Stacy, she reverted back to her human form, completely shaken up by what just happened, before passing out.


(Ponyville General Hospital)

Stacy and the others were brought to the local hospital, thanks to Twilight’s magic, and were immediately brought to rooms for treatment. The ponies weren’t to hurt, except Rainbow who nearly had a bust jaw, but Stacy was the more injured one that needed serious treatment. Several severe lacerations, some broken ribs, and serious stab wound. So now Stacy was sitting naked on a bed, and had a unicorn nurse treat her wounds, and has applied healing salve and special balm to the stab wound.

“AGH!” Stacy cried out as the nurse applied a medical salve on the stab wound on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry miss Heartfelt, that was the last wound.” The mare said before carefully wrapping the wound up. “Now I’d advise you to take it easy, otherwise you’re wounds will re-open.”

“I’ll try.” Stacy said before laying down on the bed. “If you don’t mind, I’ll like to get some rest.”

The nurse nodded and left the room, leaving Stacy alone. as she laid there on the bed, Stacy came to a realization, the fight that she had with Duskmon at the Crystal Empire…wasn’t a real fight. this one on the other hand, was a real fight, and if Duskmon didn’t decide to just up and leave, Stacy was certain that she would’ve been killed. Getting more comfortable on the bed, Stacy closed her eyes, and tried to get some rest, cause when she get’s better…she was going to practice her using her Beast Spirit.

(Unknown Location)

Striding out of the shadows, Duskmon walked up to the ledge of the large cavern his master occupied, still showing signs of the fight he just had. Reaching the edge of the ledge, Duskmon kneeled as his master emerged from the depths of the cavern, his glowing red eyes looking down at the dark Digimon.


“This human that can turn into a Digimon, she has…potential.” Duskmon said as he looked up to his master. “But she shouldn’t be a hindrance to your plan. She is still weak—”

“That just means she can become more powerful down the path.” The master said, before reaching down into the depths of the cavern.

“Should I finish her off then master?”

“No.” he simply said, while pulling up the hand that went down into the depths, and seemed to be kneading something. “I still need you for the important missions, so…” the master then placed his hand down a few feet behind Duskmon, causing the dark digimon to rise & stand, and look to see what his master has planned.

“I will have, HIM, deal with this, human, and make sure she doesn’t have time to interfere with my plans.”

The master then raised his large hand up, and revealed a short-stocky bipedal creature, with a really big nose. And wearing orange and brown clothes, under some bulky blue armor, while wielding a large sledgehammer with spike on the ends. The newcomer looked around for a bit, before looking over to Duskmon & the master, before cackling like a little mad man, all the while the master developed a small grin.

Author's Note:

Things are about to hit Equestria, hard, pretty soon. can Stacy and the others prepare, or even handle this? and can Stacy really handle her beast spirit?