• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Prologue: Take Flight

Author's Note:

this is one of my older stories. I've rarely find ANY fic that features a prominent female human character, so i decided to make this story two years ago. hopefully you folks will like this story.

Sitting on top of a broken pillar in what appears to be ruins of some kind of castle or temple, a girl with fair skin and long blonde hair. The girl is wearing a blue & white striped shirt under a dark pink hoodie, a short skirt & beanie of the same color, along with knee-high dark purple socks and white sneakers with pink patches. Stacy Heartfelt is sitting on the pillar for the last two hours, mostly to see if the portal that brought her to this place, would come back, but she’s starting to believe that it’s not going to happen.

“How did this happen.” Stacy mumbled as she pulls out the digi-vice from her hoodie’s pocket.

“All I did was turn this thing on, and then, I get sucked in through a prismatic portal.” Stacy was tempted to throw the device away, but decided not to.

It was supposed to be a simple day. Get dressed as an old favorite childhood character, from one of her favorite shows, then head to Comic-Con California, hang out with friends and attend events. And yet when she came across a stall that was selling merchandise from old shows, including digimon, she couldn’t resist. But when she was heading to her hotel she fiddled with the device, and that’s when a bright light appeared out of nowhere, and then Stacy was sucked into the spiraling portal.

When she woke up from the awful experience of feeling her insides twist and turn, and a migraine that could break her skull, Stacy tried to figure out where she is and how to get back. She did try to make her digi-vice to make the portal, but it would seem that the device was a one was trip to where ever she is.

“Still no reception. Wherever I am either has bad reception, or, this is indeed some other world.” Stacy said as she looked at her phone, before sticking head phones in it and placing the ear buds in her ears. Before playing a random song.

As Stacy just waited to see if the portal would pop back up, she just kicked back and lay down on the pillar, looking at the spot where she knows where she got dropped off. Bobbing her head to the music filling her ears Stacy started to think, mostly on what she’s going to do if the portal didn’t open back up, where she was may give her shelter but she doesn’t know if there’s a place to sleep, or even food for her to eat. While Stacy was in deep thought, she doesn’t notice that there was something else coming into the room she was in.

The five wooden beasts slowly crept up on the girl, trying to be as quiet as they can. Normally the timberwolves would steer clear of the castle, but when they sensed the burst of magical forces, they decided to see what caused it. When they followed the scent of an odd smell they found what they were looking for. Lunch. The alpha of the pack kept even closer, it was close it could taste the…

“Ugh what is that smell!?” Stacy gagged as she jumped up and covered her nose.

“What in the world could--” Stacy didn’t get to finish her sentence when she barely dodged a paw swipe, when she saw it out of the corner of her eye.

“What in the world are you!?”


“Actually I don’t want to know.” Stacy said as she rolled out of the way, when the large wooden wolf charged at her again. Quickly getting to her feet Stacy ran as fast as she could, while the pack of wooden wolves gave chase.

As she ran through the halls taking every which way she could to lose the wolves, but these wooden monsters were persistent, as they were coming close to snapping their jaws at her legs. Stacy then ran into a larger hall, and picked up the pace as she ran at the large double doors, but just as she was half way through the hall one of the wooden wolf jumped into the air. And slammed into the girl, pinning her to the ground. The wolf then quickly made the move to clamp its jaws at her neck, but an elbow slammed into the wolfs head, causing the beast to roll off Stacy. Two more wolves charged at Stacy, who swung her left leg to kick them away, and scrambled to her feet and ran.

The wolves that were kicked or elbowed recovered and continued to chase Stacy. Bursting through the large doors Stacy quickly took notice of the bridge, and quickly made her way to the bridge. Just as she was a foot from the bridge Stacy was again tackled again from one of the wolves, but instead of being pinned to the ground, the tackle from the wolf was a little powerful and caused Stacy to roll of the side of the cliff. Plummeting down the canyon Stacy flailed her arms, trying to grasp at vines on the walls, but the stringy vegetation keep breaking from the wall.

Spirit.” A faint voice whispered in her ear.

“What!?” Stacy cried out as she grabbed another vine, this time she stopped half-way down the canyon.

Spirit…Evolution.” The voice was louder and very clear. “Use the digi-vice…Spirit Evolution.”

“What! Who’s th--”

Stacy’s voice was cut-off has the vine snapped and she continues to plummet down. The digi-vice slipped out of her pocket, up to Stacy’s face. That’s when she saw the symbol of wind on the screen before turning to the familiar spirit idol.

“What do I have to lose?”

Grabbing the device she did the gesture Zoe would do in the show to spirit evolve, and to her surprise her free hand was surrounded by the digital code, quickly swiping her hand against the top of the device.

“Execute!” Stacy shouted before the codex’s glowed brighter.

“Spirit Evolution!”

Once the words were spoken Stacy was covered in bright light, her clothing disintegrated as she her body turns to a featureless body. Then two see-through graphic panels hover in front & behind Stacy body as bits and pieces of a familiar armor. When the last piece of the armor was placed on the panel, Stacy outstretched her arms, and then the panels drew closer to her body pressing into her. Then in another flash of light Stacy was no more.

“Kazemon!” Stacy proclaimed as she spun in place before outstretching her large butterfly wings, then she took off flying out of the canyon at such speeds, that she frighten the wooden wolves when she speeds past them.

“Holy crap! I’m…I’m…I’m freaking Kazemon! Oh fuck yeah!” Stacy shouted in both excitement and disbelief as she looks over her new form.

As Stacy looked herself over, the barks and howls of the wooden wolves reached her ears, when Stacy turned her head to look at them a smile grew on her face. Raising both her hands she tried to focus on her powers, which wasn’t actually too hard, all she had to do was visualize Kazemon’s signature move, and thin whirling pinkish cyclones extend from her fingertips.

“Time for some payback you wooden mutts.” Stacy concentrated more on her powers before lashing out. “Hurricane Wave!”

Swing both of her arms in front of her, Stacy launched the swirling winds at the pack of timberwolves. As the winds got closer they expanded, tripling in girth as they slammed into the pack, grinding into the wolves and pushing them into the ground. A few seconds after the winds grounded the wolves into the ground, they slowly got up and tried to cross the bridge, deciding that she got enough payback Stacy let the wolves go before flying back to her original spot in the ruins. When Stacy landed by the pillar she reverted back to her human form, her clothing replacing Kazemon’s armor, now that she was herself again Stacy looked at the digi-vice in her hand, now trying to figure out not just where she is…but how she did what she just did mere minutes ago.

“What a day.”