• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 7: Enemies New & Old Pt. 1

Three days have gone by since Stacy was forgiven by the towns ponies, and Stacy’s well being both physical and emotional, and Ponyville is peaceful once again. However despite this, Stacy is still weary, and a little on edge. She still fears that Duskmon might just, pop up, and attack her or the town. Twilight and her friends were just as equally terrified of the prospect of having Duskmon show up, and attack them, and be unable to defend themselves. As Duskmon has shown to be unfazed by whatever the ponies have done to him.

For the time being though, Twilight and her friends are heading to Canterlot Castle, with Stacy in tow. The reason for the visit to the castle was un-certain. Twilight had just received a letter about forty minutes ago, saying that both Celestia & Luna have something that might interest Stacy, so now the whole crew is riding the train to Canterlot. Along the way the six ponies plus Stacy talked about what this, surprise, could be, but so far nothing seemed to fit quite right. especially none of Pinkie Pie’s strange and bizarre ideas. Another ten minutes of riding the train and the group reached Canterlot, and began making their way to the castle, which didn’t take to long. And when they did make it to the castle, a female guard welcomed them and escorted them to where the princesses were waiting for them.

The group were lead through the halls of the castle, and were brought to a large chamber, where Luna had two books floating around her, while Celestia had one book, but also had a polished black stone. The guard left the group, and closed the doors, leaving the group alone with the princesses who noticed that they were not alone.

“Ah! You made it, excellent, we were just over a few things for Stacy.” Celestia said cheerfully.

“So princess, what’s this surprise you have for me?” Luna & Celestia both smiled as they walked over to the group, in fact, both princesses looked, giddy. Like two little girls who have a big secret that they need to tell someone.

“We’ve actually may have found a way, to send Stacy back to her home dimension.” The moment those words left Celestia’s lips, Stacy looked as if she was smacked in the face with a ten-ton hammer. The rest of the ponies were as equally shocked and surprised by the news, but none of them had the level of expression that Stacy had.

“Are you sure princess, you found a way to return Stacy home?” Twilight asked to which both princesses nodded.

“It took some digging in the restricted section of the archives, but we discovered Starswirls Dimension Hole spell. Of course it’s a pretty complex spell, so Luna and I have ben research a method that’s doable for us to use.” Celestia said as she levitated the black stone she was holding in front of her, catching everyone’s attention, including Stacy as she finally snapped out of her daze.

“And this stone is part of the way to send Stacy home?” Fluttershy asked curiously, eyeing the very polished stone, seeing hers and her friends reflection on the surface.

“This is a special stone. It is very rare, and hard to find, but when looking through the restricted section, we found a box with three of them.” Luna said before going into the full explanation of the plan, while levitating one of the two books in front of her.

“This is called an Anchor Stone. As stated before, it’s a very rare, only being found in deep ravines near the Foal Mountains after a massive influx of magic has occurred in the area. Once the magic has settled, the stone acts as medium for various types of magic, and for our purposes, this Anchor Stone will allow us to pin point Stacy’s home dimension. And with Starswirls Dimension Hole, we should be able to send Stacy back home.”

Stacy slowly reached out to grab the stone, her hands feeling its incredibly smooth surface, like it was pure glass. The young woman held the stone in her hands, and just thinking of the possibility, the idea of being able to go home. Be with her family again. she then looked hopefully at the princesses, both seeing her expression and seemingly understanding the question that’s forming in her mind.

“I’m afraid it won’t be that easy Stacy.” Celestia said. “In order for our plan to work, we will need three other items in order to pull this off.”

“What kind of items, princess?” Rarity asked.

“First we will need something of great magical fortitude to apply power to the spell as a whole. Then well need something to stabilize that large influx of magic, but the final item is quite simple.” Celestia then looked directly at Stacy. “The last item we need is a blood sample, the catalyst for the spell to track down you’re ‘source’ origin point.”

“In that case then all we need is to find the first two items.” Applejack said with a little bit of excitement.

“Correct young Applejack.” Luna said with a nod. “Once we have those two items, then my sister and I should be able to open a portal to send Stacy back to her family.”

Stacy made her way over to the two alicorn, and quickly wrapped her arms around their necks, pulling them into a hug. Needless to say the princess were thrown off by the gesture, as well as the other ponies who gasped in surprise. But both alicorns smiled as they returned the embrace.

“I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me princesses.” Stacy said gratefully as she stroke the princesses manes. Twilight and the girls smiled at the sight, as they were feeling happy that Stacy was brimming with happiness, and gratitude.

“It would seem you ponies are still all touchy feely the last time I was here.”

A strange voice said, disturbing the peace of the room. while Stacy was unfamiliar with the reverberating voice, the ponies however knew it very well. All of the ponies quickly turned to the door of the chambers room, and standing in the doorway, flanked by two of her guards was none other than—

“CHRYSALIS!” Twilight snarled as her horn flared with magic, along with Celestia & Luna’s, while the others prepared to charge at the changeling queen.

“Now, now ponies. I didn’t come here for a fight.” the queen said to try an alleviate the tension in the room, however the ponies seem to have other ideas.

“I don’t know how you got in here Chrysalis, but this time you won’t be fortunate enough to leave the city easily as last time.” Celestia said as she prepares to cast a spell, but before she did, the queen spoke up.

“If you harm me, then I won’t reveal to you what Duskmon’s master is planning.”

That remark seemed to get the ponies attention, as they all settled down, and waited to see what Chrysalis has to say. But instead of saying anything regarding Duskmon, the queen looked over to Stacy who was looking back at her with mild confusion. Chrysalis and her two guards approached the group, all of which aside from Stacy were starting to become tense again, but Stacy seemed to have a limited grasp of what the queen wants. And signaled them to stand down. The ponies begrudgingly did as Stacy desired, leaving the human to stand face to face with the changeling queen, both just looking at each other in eye.

“…so this is the human that the Master was referring to?” Chrysalis eventually uttered, slightly quirking a brow. “I’d figured you to be more, threatening.”

“Don’t tempt me ladybug. I’m not sure who you are, but it would seem you are not so popular here. So tread lightly.” Stacy warned as she flexed her hand. Ready to reach for her digi-vice if she needs to. Chrysalis for her part just snorted, and developed a bemused smile.

“You’ve got quite the spark don’tcha.”

“Enough of this Chrysalis!” Luna half-shouted as she stomped a hoof on the ground. “Tell us what you mean by ‘Duskmon’s Master’?” Chrysalis took a few steps back from Stacy, before looking at the ponies as a whole.

“First off, I want confirmation that after I explain everything…that you and I, Celestia—” the queen said as she narrowed her eyes at the alicorn. “—will talk in private.” The ponies, along with Stacy, turned to look at Celestia who has a somewhat strain look on her face.

“We’ll see depending on what you have to say.” Chrysalis nodded.

“Very well then, now listen well ponies. Because what I have to tell you, not just concerns the ponies, or changelings, but all of Equestria as a whole.” Chrysalis said before fully delving into her story.


When me and my swarm were vaulted from your city by Princess Cadence, and Shining Armor’s pulsing wave of love magic, my swarm was scattered across the Badlands. After I recovered from my injuries of being flung miles across landscape, I went back to the Hive, and…I’ll admit…I may have lost my, composure.

“RAWR!” a blast of magic was fired out of Chrysalis’s horn, punching right through her private chambers wall, scaring the four elite guards in the room. “I was so CLOSE!” the queen screamed as she fired another magic blast, this time tearing down her chamber doors.

“So close of conquering that pathetic city, and having all the love we need to survive!” Chrysalis shrieked as she fired one last magic blast, punching a hole into the ceiling of the chamber, causing rubble to fall to the floor. Chrysalis was left panting and snarling as her horn smoked.

After venting my frustration of how I was bested by you, ponies. I’ve spent some time calming myself down, and started to think how I could’ve prevented my defeat. But as I thought, I realized that my plan was, flawed. Even if I did managed to conquer all of Canterlot, the ponies wouldn’t give me & my swarm the love we need to survive, if anything they would resent us. Admittedly, my initial plan was doom to failure upon hindsight, and the realization of this fact quickly quelled my frustration and anger.

“…” Chrysalis sighs as she slumps onto the lounge chair in her chamber, a hoof being brought to her head to rub at her temples.

“Ughhhhhhhhh. Now not only do I STILL need to track down a source of love for the Hive, but now, I’ve made enemies with the ponies.” Chrysalis groaned as she laid fully splayed out on her chair.

As I sat there on my chair, trying to figure out what my next move should be…that’s when, he, showed up. I didn’t even noticed that he was in the middle of my chamber, until I heard my elite guards being thrown around. I never seen anything so unsettling before in my life, a tall dark armored being like he just emerged from the depths of Tartarus…and all of those eyes. Sends a shiver down my carapace just thinking about. Now naturally after my intimal shock, I engaged him, he did after all managed to enter the Hive, and my chambers—all of which happened without my knowing!

However…I soon realized that I was no match for Duskmon, in fact, I think he was toying with me.

Regardless of that. After just baring the front of my own attacks, Duskmon asked if I was finished. The tone of his voice sounded so condescending, like he was talking to me as if I was a child. The nerve of that, whatever he is. Anyway, after I have relatively clamed myself down, I asked Duskmon what he was doing in my Hive. That’s when he told me that his wants to speak to me. Naturally, I was curious about who his Master was, and I questioned this dark figure about who the Master was, and why he wanted to speak to me about, but Duskmon didn’t respond. So I agreed to meet with Duskmon’s Master, and in an instant…the both of us were teleported to some kind of cavern.

“Where are we!?” Chrysalis asked as she looked around the large empty cavern, seeing nothing by shadows, and rocks. The queen looked towards Duskmon for answers, but all she saw was Duskmon approaching the edge of a ledge.

I then made my way over to where Duskmon was kneeling, and then as soon as I reached him, the cavern noticeably got darker and you could just, feel, something was coming. As something did come. From the depths of what looked to be a bottomless pit, a massive creature emerged, but I couldn’t make out its entire form as it was covered in this, haze.

“Who are you?” Chrysalis asked the towering being now standing before her, as its glowing yellow eyes peered down at her.

“You need not know my name for now Queen Chrysalis, know only that I have been watching you.” the Master said in a menacing voice, but his remark seemed to have made the queen un-easy.

“What do you mean you’ve been watching me?” the queen asked, un-sure for what this creatures motives are, and weighing her options.

“I’ve watched from when you hatched from your egg. I’ve watched you rise into your role as queen…I’ve watched as your mother & subjects starved from the lack of love in the world.” Chrysalis was now becoming more and more unnerved by this creature, for how could it know that her mother, Queen Nerissa, starved before she was crowned queen! “And I’ve watched you attack the ponies capital city out of desperation, as more and more of your Hive starve and die from having no love to feed on.”

“…what is that you want?” Chrysalis asked after a beat of silenced lingered in the cavern.

“What I want…is the benefit for all those left behind in this world.” the Master said as he leans forward a bit.

“The ponies live in a land of peace and tranquility, where food and a bright future is in abundant. They never have to worry about any problems or troubles, because they can control the world. the pegasi control the weather, the earth ponies control the crops, and the unicorns ensure their kingdom is full of magic. Even their princesses control the sun & moon at their lesser…while YOU & your people live in the desert, surrounded by rocks and sad, sweltering heat. Forced to feed on wayward travelers for the little amount of love you can extract from them. and it isn’t just the changelings.” The Master leaned back as he seemed to get into a more comfortable position.

“The griffons live in poverty, the dragons fight amongst themselves for status and gems, and many other struggle to survive in this world…but you know who doesn’t have to struggle to live. To fight to see their next sunrise? The ponies.”

The Master kept going on about how you ponies have everything you could ever need, while the rest of us non-ponies have to struggle in order to survive. And you know what…he’s right. you ponies don’t have to worry about anything, and why should you, you literally bend the laws of your country to your whim. Plants don’t grow unless YOU help them or do it for them. Animals don’t need to fend for themselves, because YOU take care of them like pets. You ponies have everything hoofed to you…and maybe if we had that luck on our side…then m-maybe…my mother d-didn’t have to suffer when she m-meet her end.

“But it doesn’t have to be this way Chrysalis.” The Master said as he broke Chrysalis out of her thoughts.

“What if we could have it all, have everything that the ponies have? That is why I have summoned you here, to recruit you for my plan, to rid this world of the ponies who horde their fortunes and good luck in life.” The Master then lowered his head down till it was a few feet from Chrysalis, her body being illuminated by the sinister glow of the master’s eyes.

“Will you join me?”


Chrysalis finished explaining everything that had happened in the past few weeks. She did gloss over a few details like the Master telling the queen about Stacy, and how she could be a threat to the plan as a whole, and some other things she was keeping to herself until she could speak with Celestia in private. And speaking of Celestia, or the group as a whole, they were fairly shocked about what they heard.

Of course the stuff the Master said about the ponies was definitely not what they expected, making it sound like the ponies are the pen-ultimate rulers of the world itself. But what they heard about the state of the changeling’s Hive, and how they were basically a starving people trying to survive, made them feel…remorseful. They just thought that Chrysalis was simple tyrant and that her swarm was nothing but monsters, but after seeing the queen visibly show grief and sadness as she spoke, the ponies felt sorry for the changelings.

“After the meeting between the Master and myself, I was sent back to the Hive to think about the offer.” Chrysalis said before looking back at the group.

“And the reason you’ve come to us, and tell us all of this is because…” Celestia said to the queen.

“Is because, from personal experience, and my natural Empathic ability…the Master is mostly lying in wanting to help all non-ponies.” Chrysalis replied. “I’m not entirely sure what it is that the Master is really after, but it’s mostly certainly something that only benefits him and him alone.” Chrysalis then took a deep inhale before slowly expelling the air back out.

“Now I know that I’ve done horrible things to you ponies, and probably would not be forgiven…but for the good of the changelings. I wish to form an alliance with you ponies, in order to protect my subjects from whatever the Master has planned.” the ponies looked at each other, a look of un-certainty clearly visible on their faces, after all, can they REALLY trust Chrysalis? Celestia made her way over to the Queen, both majesties looking each other in the eyes, seemingly trying to read each other.

“Queen Chrysalis, if we forge this pact with you, can we have your word that you will not attempt to usurp us and try to take Canterlot for yourself.”

“Trust me Celestia, I can guarantee you that won’t happen again.” Chrysalis said as she shook her head.

Celestia then stuck out a hoof, and gave a genuine smile as the queen took the hoof in hers, while giving Celestia her own smile. Luan & the rest of the ponies weren’t exactly hundred percent sure about this, but they were willing to give the queen the benefit of a doubt. As for Stacy, she was just hanging in the back of the group, a concerned & thought look on her face.

“…so…Duskmon isn’t the only one here…Cherubimon is here as well.” Stacy mumbled to herself. “Then I better assume the other dark warriors are here as well.”

“You got that right!”

The group jumped as they heard this raspy grumpily voice suddenly spoke up. turning to the back of the room, the group…well, there not sure what it is, but whatever it is. It is very odd looking.

Author's Note:

So the Queen of the Changelings is now getting involved here folks, and it would seem Grumblemon is looking to cause trouble. things are surely picking up, hopefully they're up for the challenge.

Side Note: how do you folks like my introduction of Chrysalis to the story?