• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 3: Whatever Life Throws I Will Embrace It

After the incident in the Crystal Empire, the group made the journey to Canterlot so Twilight could give her report of the events that transpired to Celestia. This would also marks Stacy’s first trip to the capital, and so far…Stacy hated it. Upon seeing the capital, Stacy’s initial thoughts on the city was, mixed at best. The city & castle looked great, but it just reminded her of Disneyland, which kind of removed some of the charm the city would have. But what really soured, or made her out-right despised her initial visit to the city, and made her not wanting to visit it again…were the ponies.

Every pony in Canterlot acted like entitled people, and those who think they are the cream of the crops, they thought they were high-profile celebrities. But what was worst were the nobles of the city. The nobles were so insufferable, and had their noses shoved so far up their own tail holes that Stacy could smell the crap lacing their words. But Stacy gritted her teeth whenever a noble talked to her, in a manner that made them sound like they thought they were superior, or say something behind her back when they thought they couldn’t be heard. Aside from the nobles, the majority of the city’s population, the rest of the trip was decent.

One thing that Stacy found interesting, and a little cute, were the royal guards. Every time Stacy would come across a patrolling or stationed guard, they seemed to have straighten up their postures, and seemed to act a little more professional. Of course Stacy didn’t notice this, but once Twilight, and even Celestia noted this when none of the guards were present, noted the subtle change to the guards demeanor. And when it moved into the night time hours, and Stacy was by herself she kind of saw this first hand, and thought that the guards were doing this to impress her.

Of course there was no way to actually prove this, but Stacy still found it adorable if it was true.


Back in Ponyville in her own room at a local inn, it was now morning, and Stacy started to wake up from a rather nice sleep. Moving her messy hair out of her face, Stacy let’s out a loud yawn before rubbing her eyes, and then giving herself a pinch on the forearm. Wincing at the slight pain, Stacy sighs as she flops back down onto the bed, her wavy blonde hair covering the pillows. From waking up in the ruins, staying there for a few days, then finding Ponyville, and then just going to a far-off kingdom. It’s been roughly a week since Stacy was, brought, to Equestria and she was still having trouble believing this whole thing was really happening. But after a week, and seeing & living everything that happened during that week, Stacy has to be a firm believer that she has, in fact…been isekai to a different world.

“Whatever else happens in my life…nothing is going to top, or be as interesting, as what is going on right now.” Stacy chuckled to herself as she continued to lay on the bed.

A moment of finally accepting this weird part of her life, Stacy removes herself from her bed and proceeded to prepare for the day. Washing herself, freshening up, and putting her clothes on. Twenty or so minutes later, Stacy emerges from her room and walked down the steps to the dining room of the inn, where Stacy could smell eggs being cooked, as well as hash browns. The mare at the stove, on the other side of the counter in the dining hall, was Humble Straw a tannish brown unicorn, with a black mane & tail with a single streak of darker brown. As her name suggest, Humble Straw was a humble and kind-hearted mare, and was more than happy to give Stacy a place to stay. Does help that Celestia gave Stacy a stipend of bits to use to make her stay more easy, until either Stacy finds a way home by herself, or by Twilight & Celestia when they vowed to search for a solution to Stacy’s predicament.

“Good morning Stacy, how did you sleep?” Humble asked as she starts whisking a patch of pancake batter, holding the bowl & whisk in her golden yellow aura.

“Pretty good.” Stacy simply said as she took a seat at one of the three tables, trying to stifle a yawn.

“The bed wasn’t to small was it? I tried to give you a room with a big enough bed.” Humble said as she continued to whisk away in the bowl. Stacy just waved at Humble.

“Nah its fine.”

After confirming that her bed was fine, Stacy was given a plate of eggs with melted cheese and ketchup on it, with a side of seasoned hash browns & a cup of hot chocolate. From what Stacy has gathered in the past two days, ponies don’t seem to have access to coffee, not that they needed the extra caffeine, as apparently sugar is part of the ponies main diet and get plenty of it. While Stacy laments the loss of coffee, a set of hoof steps wonders into the dining area, where Stacy saw the newcomer come in and sit at a nearby table.

The new pony was a black earth pony stallion, his mane & tail were rather scruffy looking and were navy blue, with a lighter shade speckling each scruffy tip. The stallion stretched out his body, causing some audible pops, before slumping onto the table where Humble gave the same food to the stallion, before adding a separate plate of pancakes. Which was soon offered to Stacy as well, but the young woman just took two flapjacks and proceeded to eat her breakfast.

Three more ponies, the other residences of the inn, eventually made it into the dining area for breakfast, and by the time the last pony just started to eat her breakfast, Stacy was already done. Placing her dishes on the counter where Humble took them, and placed them in the sink of soapy water, Stacy thanked for the meal before leaving the inn and heading out into Ponyville. taking a breath of fresh air Stacy began making her way through the town, planning to go on a town tour now that everything was fixed up & rebuilt. The young woman’s presence wasn’t lost on the ponies, as they stopped what they were doing to give her a smile, a wave, or simply watch her walk by. Carefully examining her otherworldly figure, which the stallions seem to be the more intent observers, watching her hips sway slightly and watching her long curly blonde hair bounce with each step. Continuing her little venture through the town, oblivious to the ponies examination of herself, while examining the buildings in their entirety, and giving the occasional pony a greeting, the human’s mind started to wonder back to Earth. To home.

Stacy started to remember her single bedroom apartment, the messy bed she usually leave when she wakes up. remembering the posters of her favorite anime, games lining the walls, along with the occasional merchandise of her favorite series sitting somewhere in the room. a small smile graced her lips as she remembered her TV, and her four game stations, playing some of her favorite titles. And for some reason, her thoughts drifted from her room, to the odd red couch that she bought out of the blue, in hindsight there was no reason to have it, but for some inexplicable reason, she couldn’t imagine her apartment without it.

Stacy’s thoughts then drifted from her home—and that odd red couch—to her family, where she started to remember her mother, father, two little sisters who should be in middle school now, and her baby brother who had just started preschool. She could remember the times she showed her two sisters her favorite shows, and actually teach them how to speak Japanese, which has become her second language. She then started to remember the times she played and goofed with her baby brother, and much of a little cutie and sweet heart he was. Her reminiscing, and the smile that had developed on her face, was cut short when the idea that she would, possibly, never see family again finally surfaced.

If she was indeed stuck here, for the rest of her life, then she’ll never see her parents live their happies lives. Be there for her little sisters and help them through their teenage years, or be there for her baby brother whenever he needed her. stopping in the middle of the road, in the midst of the shopping district, Stacy then looked up to the sky staring at nothing, just soaking up the thought that had just intruded into her mental space. And threaten to dampen the good mood she was in.

“Stacy?” the young woman was snapped out of her mild turmoil, when the southern voice of one of her latest acquaintance said her name, and tapping her leg. Looking down to her right Stacy saw Applejack looking back up at her, a slight concern look on her face. “You alright sugarcube, you’ve been standing in place for about a minute now, just…staring out into space.”

“…I was just, thinking.” Stacy said as she brushed some of her hair back.

“Thinking about what?” Applejack asked. Stacy didn’t immediately say anything, as she started to think about her family, and, somehow, the pony next to her seemed to pick up on those thought. “…is it about your home?”

“…yeah.” Stacy sighed out. “I was just wondering what would happen if I couldn’t go home. And was stuck, here.” Applejack rose to her hindlegs, and went in to give Stacy a hug. But at Stacy’s slight shuffle, and remembering that humans aren’t as, social, as ponies Applejack just gave a comforting pat to the human.

“Have faith Stacy. Twilight is the smartest pony I know, I’m certain she can help you find a way home.” Applejack said confidently. “But even if Twilight can’t figure a way to send you back, I’m certain Princess Celestia can still help you.”

Stacy thanked Applejack for the pep talk and returning the comforting pat to the pony. Applejack then offered to spend time with her & Rarity at the Spa, just to more help Stacy out of her still poor mood, Stacy thought for a moment and decided to accept. She never got the chance to go to a spa back home, because HOOO BOY! Those spa trips were costly. The pair then made their way to the west district of Ponyville, where they came upon one of the more unique looking buildings, where Rarity stood outside patiently waiting for Applejack. But when the unicorn saw that Stacy was with Applejack, a smile grew on her muzzle.

“Stacy! What a pleasant surprise darling, are you joining us for our spa day?” Rarity asked excitably, always eager to enjoy the spa with more of her friends.

“Yeah. Applejack thought I needed a good pick me up, and offered me to visit the spa with the both of you.” Stacy simply said to the fashionista, who seemed to get a bit more giddy, causing the farm pony & human to chuckle slightly.

“Well have no fear Stacy my dear, I promise, once you have even the simplest of accommodations here, you will be HOOKED!” Rarity exuberantly said, before opening the door with her magic, and all but drag the human by her sleeve. While Applejack simply followed behind, still laughing at her friends excitement.

The energy that Rarity was radiating was to infectious to try and deny, as she simply allowed herself to be tugged along, and awaiting the pony pampering the spa had. Despite the somber thoughts mere moments ago, and the prospect of possibly never going home, Stacy knows that at least she has a group of new friends that will be there for her. whatever the future may hold for Stacy, she knows deep down that things will work themselves out.

Author's Note:

how do you guys think things will work out for Stacy going forth?