• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 1.5: Ponyville Getting Back in Shape

“And so these monsters just started to ransack the town, before you and your friends stopped them.” Celestia asked her student as she walks around Ponyville, observing & overseeing the reconstruction of the destroyed buildings and booths.

“Yes princess. But we’re not sure what caused them to leave the Everfree, and attack Ponyville.” Twilight said as she levitated a hammer over to Berry Punch to fix her winery’s front door.

“Thanks’ Twilight.” the mare said as the unicorn smiles & waves.

Since yesterday evening after the attack on the town, the town’s ponies have been hard at work in repairing what has been destroyed. In the morning princess Celestia came to Ponyville with carpenters & workers to help, as well as hooful of guards to scout the woods for any signs or clues, as to what has caused this predicament. So far the repairs of the town are going very well, but replacing personal items was being a bit harder.

As for those who were trapped in the town, or stayed behind to fight were being treated at the Ponyville General Hospital, which was thankfully not in the line of fire during the attack. When Twilight & her friends along with Celestia made it to the center of town, Celestia got her first viewing of Stacy as Kazemon. The human/digimon was lifting a large wooden piling, and then holding it in place so two pegasi workers could nail it in. Celestia has seen many strange creatures in her long life, but a furless biped wearing a strange outfit with butterfly wings, is certainly a first for her.

“Thanks Stacy for the help.” one of the stallions said as she hoof-pumped the human/digimon.

“No problem guys.”

“Stacy could you come over here!” Stacy looked to see her friend wave her down; she also noticed a very large white alicorn.

That must be that Celestia pony Twilight told me about.’ Stacy though as she landed back on the ground in front of the group.

“Stacy let me introduce you to princess Celestia.” Celestia took a few steps, standing practically at eye-level with Stacy.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you princess.” Stacy said as she stretched out a hand for handshake. Twilight & the others were about to tell her to bow instead, but Celestia beat them to it by placing a hoof in Stacy’s hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Stacy.” Celestia said as she shook the hand. “I see you are helping out with the repairs.”

“Well I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing, when I know I could do something.” Stacy said as she stood in a relaxing pose, her wings fluttering every now and then.

Seeing that the princess and her newest friend were hitting it off Twilight let out a relieved sigh. As the two continued to talk Celestia asked if she could see Stacy’s original form, to which Stacy obliged. It always fascinated Twilight and her friends in seeing their friend revert or turn into her two forms, especially with the streams of what Stacy called data, wrap around her body like a cocoon before vanishing a few seconds later revealing Stacy’s current form.

“Fascinating, so you can shift between your real form and that, digimon form?”

“Yup. I also have another form I can change into, but unfortunately I don’t have the spirit stored in my digi-vice.” When Stacy said she could transform into another form, they seven ponies and the one dragon perked up.

“Wait, Stacy, you can turn into another digimon!?” Pinkie asked excitedly as she stood on her fore hooves tips.

“That’s right. But like I said, I don’t have the spirit, see.” Stacy showed the group the screen of her device, which revealed the idol for Kazemon’s spirit.

“If you don’t have the other spirit, then where is it?” Fluttershy asked as she looked up at Stacy.

“Not sure, usually the spirits are sealed or hidden so no one can abuse their powers.”

As Stacy finished her time in speaking and introduction to the princess she transformed back into Kazemon, and went back to helping the ponies of the town in repairs. Happy that she was finally able to meet the alien that her student and friends made friends with, she left back for Canterlot leaving her a small portion of her guards and workers. When Celestia left Twilight and the others went back to help the town repair itself, Fluttershy & Applejack help Rarity in fixing her boutique, while Rainbow was flying around with Stacy to see who need help. Twilight was going around seeing who needed supplies, and using her magic to help repair shops, stalls and booths.

“This is going to take a while.” Twilight said as she just finished fixing a wall to the local music store.

(Unknown Location)

Flying through the shadow corridors of an underground location, the giant skeletal bird navigated through the darken halls, until he reached a massive cavern with several large stone pillars. “Velgemon slide evolution…” the large skeletal said as streams of digital code wrap around his body, changing him to his prior form “…Duskmon.”

Now standing where the cavern where the large bird, was a tall humanoid being. Standing around 5’8ft. tall the being’s body was covered in a bizarre and ghoulish black bone-like armor, his arms ending with like large predator-like skulls. Seven large eyes are adorned in different parts of the armor, the long flowing blond hair swayed gently as the figure continued to march through the darkness. As the figure continued his march, torches on the pillars are set ablaze with ominous black & purple flames, illuminating the figure and his surroundings.

Reaching the back of the cavern the figure knelled before a massive stone throne, and the being sitting on it. The massive being was just as odd looking as the figure kneeling before it. Its long arms barely fit on the throne arms; it’s torn up long ears flicked every now & then, its jester-like collar drifted in the slightest breeze entering the cavern. The massive digimon looked like a demonic rabbit jester, but the waves of power that the being gives off are not to be taken likely. The figures glowing yellow eyes stared down at the kneeling figure for a second, before speaking.

“Report.” The master said in a menacing somewhat growling voice.

“Master I have corrupted the monsters of the Everfree, and sent them to attack the town outside the forest’s boarders.” Duskmon said then looking up to his master. “But the attack was cut short do to the interference of six ponies…and another digimon.”

“This other digimon, who was it?”

“I do not know master. All I know is that this digimon can control wind.” Duskmon said to his master, who then leaned back into his throne, deep in thought.

“....for now leave that town alone, I have another assignment for you Duskmon.” The humanoid digimon rose to his feet and waited for what his master has to say. “In the far north I felt something, a dark force. Go there and see what this dark force is.”

Placing a finger on Duskmon’s forehead, the master transferred data of the location her felt the surge of dark energy in the north. Bowing to his master after receiving the data Duskmon wrapped himself in data streams, evolving back to his beast-spirit form. Once transformed Velgemon spread his wings and took flight.

(Frozen North)

Soaring through the skies the shadow of Velgemon races across snow covered fields, racing towards the destination he received Velgemon saw something in the raging snowstorm, it looked like a city. It was certainly more grand than the one Velgemon has seen on the mountain side, but there was something off about the city, there was an obvious touch of evil surrounding it. And it wasn’t the lingering touch of dark energy, there was something else surrounding the city, a large cloud of linger black smoke was surrounding the city as well. Flying closer to the cloud of smoke Velgemon decided to--

The cloud of smoke released tendrils of smoke and black sludge, trying to ensnare the flying digimon. Despite his large size Velgemon was able to dodge and fly out of the way.

“Shrilling Nightmare!” Velgemon shouted as he released a sonic shriek that cracked the ice bellow, and caused snow and the cloud of smoke to disperse. The cloud released more tendrils but with another sonic shriek they were rendered useless, either being turned to scattered ash, or splattering black ooze.

“Who are you interloper?” a deep foreboding voice called out.

Velgemon turned to face where the source of voice was louder. What he saw was the head of a pony, a stallion, but nothing like any pony that Velgemon has seen. His dark grey coat was like dry ash, his mane was pitch black that was flowing like water, which bleed into the large cloud of smoke, where more tendrils were forming but this time covered solid crystal thorns some even forming the deformed heads of dragons. The stallion’s long cured rigid blood red horn pulsed with energy, his glowing green eyes with wisp of purple smoke glared at Velgemon, but the massive bird did not weaver under the gaze.

“Who are you interloper?” the stallion asked again this time with more malice in his voice. Velgemon transformed back to his prior form as Duskmon before responding.

“I am Duskmon.” Duskmon said with a cold expression and a flat tone.

“Why are you here in my kingdom.” The stallion asked as he moved his closer to Duskmon, the deformed dragon skulls surrounded the humanoid digimon.

“I was sent here on order of my master, to investigate the source of dark energy he detected.” The stallion narrowed his eyes trying to read Duskmon, but his stoic and cold expression made it hard for the stallion to get a good fix on the digimon.

“Who is this master of yours?”