• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 9: A Deal is Struck

Author's Note:

sorry if the chapter took a while to be put out, but i had to make a few changes to how the original direction of the story was going, so i hope the new story line i've set out is a good read.

Canterlot was in a sorry state. Roads were basically torn up, most of the buildings were on the verge of collapse, and ponies were still in an uproar. Especially the noble ponies, or those with lots of bits, or heads of various major corporations, complaining on how their homes or buildings they invested in were damaged. But the building that was the most thoroughly wrecked, was the castle, as it was the epicenter of where Gigasmon’s mighty attack struck. Once the troll Digimon left the capital, Celestia and Luna had made preparations to fix up any areas of the city that was damaged. But the near destruction of the capital wasn’t all that happened to Canterlot, as the queen of the changeling hive, Queen Chrysalis herself, came to the castle to talk about a peace treaty between the ponies and the changelings.

As well as give information of the common enemy they all seem to have now.

During all this construction work, and the peace treaty, Stacy and her friends have remained in Canterlot, to see if they could help in any way they could. But as for Stacy, she has been talking to not only the princesses, but Chrysalis as well, talking about the Master that both Duskmon and Grumblemon serve under. A being that Stacy described as a literal god among Digimon, a being so powerful that it is in charge of governing some aspects of the digital world, and one of three angels that govern over the digital world and those that live in it. and with each new bit of information that the human gave to the three royals, the more terrified they all felt.

“…” Celestia herself could only just sit there on her cushion, trying to fully comprehend everything that Stacy has just told her, and the other two royals. “…Stacy. Is there any way to possibly defeat this Digimon?”

“If I’m being honest princess…I don’t think anyone in Equestria can even stand up against him, let alone even pose a threat.” Stacy said. “But from what Chrysalis had just said, it sounds like Cherubimon is low on power.”

“How?” Luna questioned as she looked at the young woman. “From everything you’ve just told us Stacy, this Cherubimon is basically a god!”

“But that’s just it.” Stacy countered. “Cherubimon is indeed basically a god among Digimon…but the fact that he’s even ASKING for any kind of alliance with someone else, tells me that his powers may have been weaken.”

“…are you suggesting that this god among Digimon…has been brought down low from its throne of power?” Chrysalis questioned as she looked at the human.

“Probably.” Stacy summarized as she leaned back in her seat. “Maybe because he was brought here, somehow, that his power was drained.”

“So…we might have a chance to prepare for, whatever plan Cherubimon is coming up with?” Celestia questioned, a hopeful sensation swelling inside her.

“Maybe. But until we know what the extent of Cherubimon’s power, we can only speculate and hope we can somehow stop him.”

“Girl.” Chrysalis said as she looked directly at the human, getting hers, and the two princesses attention. “I’ve been wondering about something ever since yesterday. The Digimon from yesterday was able to evolve yes?” the girl nodded.

“Are you able to evolve as well?” Stacy didn’t respond, in fact, it looked the young woman locked up. Chrysalis raised an eyebrow as she waited for the human to speak, but after a minute she seemed to gain her voice back.

“…I can…but…”

“But what?” Chrysalis questioned as fully turned to look at the human. “Can you evolve or not?”

“That’s enough Chrysalis!” Celestia said rather forcefully.

“Why is it? if she was able to evolve like Grumblemon, then why didn’t she. She could’ve prevented this destruction to your city—”

“I JUST CAN’T!” Stacy cried out as she gripped her pants tightly, her nails almost digging through the pant legs, while the three royals looked at her. chrysalis with a confused look, while the two princess had a knowing sorrow look. “I can’t evolve into Zephyrmon, I…I just can’t.” the princesses looked at the human with sympathy, knowing the level of destruction that the human caused in Ponyville. and yet, Chrysalis just look at the girl with an unfazed look on her face.

“And why is that?” Chrysalis questioned, seemingly ignoring Stacy’s blight, but her insensitive attitude seemed to gain the princesses attention. While Stacy just remained silent. “Why can’t you evolve into this, Zephyrmon, form of yours?” Stacy’s grip on her pants tighten up just a bit as she looks back at Chrysalis.

“It’s because I can’t control the power. Zephyrmon is just to powerful for me to even try to handle.”

“…I see.” Chrysalis said as she closed her eyes, and seemed to be deep in thought, which caught the other three of guard slightly. “Show me this other form of yours.” Both Celestia and Luna gasped at what the queen had just said, and even Stacy balked at the request.

“Did you not just hear what I just said!” Stacy shouted as she stood up from her seat. “I can’t control Zephyrmon’s power—”

“I heard you the first-time little girl, but I want to see this transformation of yours. Now!”

Celestia and Luna started to bicker with the changeling queen on about not leaving the topic alone, while Stacy just sat back down on her cushion. As the three rulers argued back and forth, the princesses continuing to tell the queen to stop, while Chrysalis continued to push the matter of seeing this other form for herself. Stacy in the mean while just sat there on her cushion, partially listening to the three mares bickering, as she looks down at her hands, which were now holding her digi-vice…the image of Zephyrmon’s idol displayed on the screen. Vague memories of when she was Zephyrmon started to come to her mind, seeing the buildings and land she destroyed, and the frighten stricken faces of the ponies that ran away in terror…and the sad painful expressions of her pony friends.

“—how will she ever learn to control her power, if she doesn’t even make an attempt to practice and train with it!” Chrysalis’s voice reached a fever pitch as the arguing escalated.

“That is not for you to decide Chrysalis! It’s Stacy’s—”

“If we leave things as it is, then Cherubimon and his underlings will just roll over us like a rock slide!” Chrysalis barked back; fangs bared as she stood to full height. “If she would just train and practice, she could master her other form. I bet that I could even aide her in training to master that form.”

“But if she is too afraid to even practice using this power of hers, and use it to its fullest potential…” Chrysalis then looked squarely down at the girl, who just seemed to buckle under the gaze.

“Then why have the power at all.”

With that Chrysalis strolled out of the meeting room, leaving the princess to call her back to apologize, but the changeling queen ignored them and just left the room. the princesses quickly put their frustration towards the queen aside, and made their way over to Stacy to try and try to comfort her, and while their efforts may seem to have an effect, Stacy is still feeling the weight of Chrysalis’s words. And she was right. If Stacy doesn’t even try to practice to harness the power of her beast form, then why have it, but at the same time, Stacy was still unsure of even using it for practice. At least in her Kazemon form she has control, but her beast form…

“Stacy.” Celestia said as she laid down next to the girl. “Don’t take everything that Chrysalis said to heart, we’ll find a way to stop Cherubimon and his minions.” The girl just nodded as she stood up.

“I’m going to head to my room now.”

“Very well Stacy, get some rest.” Luna said as she watches the human leave the room, and as she walked through the door and closed it, Luna gave an exasperated sigh as she uses a wing to rub her forehead. “Well sister, I’d say this meeting went rather poorly in the end.”

“…yes.” Celestia only murmured as she remained laying down.

“Luna.” The day princess said a bit louder as Luna turned to look at her. “Do you think we can really stand against Cherubimon, even if his own powers seem to have diminished, but…his forces…”

“Yes sister.” Luna said as she laid down beside her sister.

“Even if we haven’t seen Duskmon personally, and only have young Twilight and her friends, as well as Stacy’s words to go by. But even so.”

Luna shivered at what the ponies, Stacy, and even Chrysalis has said about this dark monster. The sisters leaned against each other as they tried to relax after the rather, hectic, discussion they’ve had with the changeling queen. But as they lay there, subconsciously, both princesses are worrying about Stacy. The topic of her beast form after her first failed attempt, always seems to put her in a bad mood. Simply seeing the young woman in this state was simply depressing, even more so than seeing a pony in such a state.

“Well…we should probably get back to work sister, the city won’t fix itself.” Celestia said as she got up and began heading towards the door. Luna followed suit, as she uses her magic to put the cushion back.



Stacy was on her way to her own guest room in the castle, to get some rest, and maybe put today’s talk with Chrysalis behind her…but halfway to her room Stacy changed course. Now she was just standing in front of a door. And she just, stood there. stood there like a statue, and just stared at the door with a mixed expression of anger, bitterness, depression, and something else. Clutching her digi-vice in her hand, Stacy raised her other hand and gave the door a knock, listening to the rhythmic knocking echo behind it.

“You may enter.” The voice of Chrysalis called out from the other side. Taking in a deep breath, Stacy grabbed the doorknob and opened the door.

The moment that Stacy opened the door and took a single step into the room, Stacy saw that the room has gone under its own, renovation and décor change. The entire room has been painted black, with some light grey and faded blue accents, with some tattered up silken vails strung around, and there were some kind green cocoons in corners of the room…with pale pink light inside. Aside from the décor, there were also a few other changelings inside the room, one was even crawling through a hole that was made in the far side wall. When Stacy turned to look at the changeling queen, she was laying on a large black bed with a deep green comforter, and dark blue sheets and pillows.

“What are you doing here girl?” the queen said in a slight irritated tone. Stacy made her way over to Chrysalis, but was stopped by two of the changelings. “Let her pass.” Chrysalis quickly said as she waved a hoof. The changelings nodded, and stepped to the side, allowing Stacy to walk the final three feet towards the bed.

“So. What is it that you want human?”

“…” Stacy gripped the digi-vice in with both her hands, before looking directly at Chrysalis, who jerked her head back just a bit. “…tell me Chrysalis, do you think there’s a way that I can use my second form, my beast spirit, without loosing control.” The queen looked at the human with a deep expression on her face.

“Why come to me about this matter, girl? Why not talk to the princesses, or Celestia precious student and her friends about this.” Chrysalis questioned as she laid up straighter on the bed, now slightly curious as to Stacy’s reasoning to come to see her about this matter. Stacy took in a deep breath before explaining herself.

“The reason why I came to you instead of them, is…well…as much as I care for my new friends, I don’t want to hurt them if I start practicing my beast form. And another reason, is that you might be able to handle me, without hesitating to stop me.”

“In other words…” Chrysalis said as she flicked her tail, wither it was out of annoyance, or just by reflex. “You plan to use me and my changelings as some kind of containment squad, while you practice using your, beast form?” Stacy nodded.

“Not only that, but I believe that unlike the ponies, you won’t hesitate to stop me if I loose control.” Stacy said which seemed to give Chrysalis a small smile. “So, Queen Chrysalis, I formally ask you…will you help me in practicing my beast form.”

The changeling queen sat on her bed for a moment, seemingly thinking over the humans request. Stacy was fidgeting in place, nervously gripping her digi-vice, for if this plan doesn’t work, then she would have no other method to practice her Zephyrmon form, while also having assurance that someone can stop her in case she goes berserk. But from what she has learned of the changelings from yesterday, and accounts from her pony friends, the changelings were much more suited for combat than the ponies. So Stacy was hoping that they would be able to handle her as she tries to gain control of her other form. However…if this plan doesn’t work…then Stacy feels like she would be unable to use her beast spirit.

“Tell me something girl.” Chrysalis eventually said in the stillness of the room. “Compared to Grumblemon and his own beast spirit, how powerful is yours?”

“Uh. Their both regarded as equals in raw power, I think.” Stacy said unsure. Whenever it came to gauging how powerful one Digimon is to another, there were a lot of factors at play, as no two same Champion Lv. Digimon aren’t equal in power. Chrysalis thought for a few more seconds, before speaking up.

“If I agree to this human, I want some kind of…insurance.”

“Insurance from what?” Stacy questioned.

“I’m sure you know this, but unlike the princesses, not everypony in Equestria is relatively happy that the Changeling Hive, is now apart of Equestria.” Stacy nodded in remembrance. When the princess made the news public yesterday, the city of Canterlot was in an even bigger uproar. And supposedly the rest of the nation wasn’t, exactly in favor with this prospect.

“Well aside from that, I’m certain that some ponies will try to…” Chrysalis paused for a second, seemingly trying to figure something out.

“I think, evict, would be a more pleasant word to use. But in any case, some ponies would undoubtedly try to get rid of me, and my hive, and so—” the changeling then raised a hoof to point directly at Stacy. “If this would ever to occur, I want the insurance that YOU, Stacy Heartfelt, will aid in not only my protection, but the Hive’s as well!”

this was the first time that Chrysalis has actually used Stacy’s name, full name at that, which surprised Stacy. And the stern, almost commanding look on the queens face, was rather intimidating, and yet…this would be the only chance to be able to use her other form. Getting to one knee, Stacy bowed to Chrysalis, causing the queen to loose her regal expression for a moment, not custom to human bowing methods.

“If this situation ever pops up, then I promise Queen Chrysalis—” Stacy looked directly into the queens eyes, showing a new level of conviction. “I will do everything in my power to keep you, and the Hive safe.” The queen gave a small smile as she removes herself from the bed, and ushering Stacy to stand.

“Then your training will begin, immediately!”