• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 12: Training & Deals

Once again queen Chrysalis was in the Royal Guard’s training hall, with a few of her most elite guards at the door to prevent other ponies entering, as well as a few on standby. As for the queen herself she was in the middle of the training hall and was circling around the human Stacy, who was sitting crossed legged in a focused state. Her face portrayed a nervous, almost struggling as if she was put under some kind of stress, which was the case. As Chrysalis was circling the human she kept constant track on Stacy’s emotional state, seeing the humans primarily pink emotional flow clashing with the beast spirits own red flow. Over the course of the past few days the human have been steadily improving, and taking the lessons quiet well, but even though Stacy was improving there is a constant hindrance to her overall growth, and if she can’t surpass that hinderance…

“That’s it Stacy, keep your mind focus on controlling the beast, show it that you are master, not it.” Chrysalis said as she circle Stacy as she sat in the middle of the training hall, who appeared to be fidgeting quite a bit as she tries to adhere to Chrysalis’s instructions.

“You must show the beast that it is your power, and that it must obey your will and that you will not become a servant to its own power.”

Stacy continued to focus on her mental training as the queen is instructing her, and as she does so the queen keeps a watchful eye on the girl, seeing the enveloping red swirling emotion inside her being suppressed by her own mental power. it was definitely getting more contained and controlled, and Stacy seem to be getting more relaxed and more calmed than she usually is during training. Stacy has of yet attempted to transform into her beast spirit, mostly by queen Chrysalis’s order until she was certain that Stacy is able to fully control Zephyrmon, and Stacy was more than willing to along with that plan.

“Alright now focus on not just subduing the beast, focus on taming it. Learn to be become the beast by melding with it so that it’s a part of you.” Chrysalis said in a soothing tone as she continues to circle around Stacy, her reverberating voice actually sounding very relaxing as she talks in a low tone.

“That’s it. Bring it under your thrall, and then try and merge with it. Becoming not two entities in one body, but one complete being.” Again Stacy attempted to do as the queen has instructed, but this wasn’t as easy as it was to try and control the beast form.

“I don’t think I can Chrysalis. This is harder to do.” Stacy stammered as Chrysalis saw the fluxes in her emotional flow tilt into the beast spirits red aura.

“I know it’s harder, but this could be the key to gain control of your beast spirit.” Chrysalis said as she stopped in front of the girl. “Now focus.”

Stacy took in a deep breath before slowly releasing it as she tries to focus her mind, and tries to do what the changeling queen has instructed her to do, but trying to make her beast spirit actually not only behave, but try and befriend it mentally was not an easy task. Yet from Chrysalis point of view Stacy was actually making slow progress, seeing both Stacy’s aura and her beast spirit start to meld into one another, turning into vibrant pink aura with still little bits of red and purple still lingering. Not completely unified, but the queen was impressed on how far Stacy has come in her training in such a short time frame.

“Alright girl tell me; do you feel anything different right now?” Chrysalis asked as she looked at the human, keeping an eye on Stacy’s swirling vortex of emotions.

“I honestly don’t feel anything different.” Stacy simply said as she remained in her meditative state.

“You don’t feel anything? Not sense of anger, rage?”

“No.” Stacy simply replied.

“Good. That’s a good sign to show that the beast is having no influence over you. Now, let us try to achieve your Beast Form.” Chrysalis said as she takes a step back from the human, but the human looked pensive as she just curled into herself as appears to be unsure.

“I don’t know Chrysalis, trying again so soon—”

“Enough!” the changeling queen said as she practically shoved her face almost into Stacy’s, startling the girl out of her little funk and causing Stacy to fall backwards onto her back.

“Do you know what your greatest weakness is girl? It’s your hesitation, which is also your beast forms greatest ally.” Chrysalis said as she stands up fully while looking down at the human who remained prone on her back.

“If you fear your beast form you will never learn to tame it, let alone use it girl.” Stacy just sat there as the changeling queen continued to talk.

“And if you continue to doubt yourself and undermine your own progress…then you’ll never be able to defend yourself when Duskmon and Churbimon come for you…and your friends.”

The queen casted a sideways glance towards the human and saw that Stacy was in deep thought, she really seemed be thinking about what Chrysalis had just said. As the human was occupied with her thought, Chrysalis looked into Stacy aura, and it was now primarily pink with no other colors mixed in. If Stacy was going to try and achieve control over her beast spirit, then it would be now while the human was at the height of her mental focus. After a few minutes of thinking Chrysalis watched as Stacy stood up and grabbed the device from her belt, and after giving it a contemplating glance Stacy activated the device, beginning the transformation sequence.

“Execute—” Stacy slid her device over the data strands, sparks flying as the transformation sequence begins. “Beast Spirit Evolution!”

~~Churbimon’s Lair~~

“Where are we?” Tirek asked his skeletal liberator as they both continued to make their way through a darken hallway. But his skeletal guide just remained silent as the duo continued to descend further into the darkness, but the centaur wasn’t going to tolerate this silent treatment.

“You will answer—” Tirek was shut down as the skeletal figure swiftly spun in place, and pointed one his red sword right at the centaur’s head, with the point just a centimeter from Tirek’s forehead.

“You will get your answers soon enough, but for now, be quiet.”

The skeletal being then slowly withdrew his sword before turning back around, and continuing to make his way down the darken cavern hallway. Once he has regained his composure Tirek followed after his guide. A few minutes go by, and Tirek soon exited the tunnel, and had now entered into a humongous cavern with dimly lit torches lining the walls, and as he scanned his new surroundings Tirek saw another strange creature sitting by a small fire. the little creature looked like some kind of pig with its big snout, and was wearing armor with a large sledgehammer sitting next to it. Tirek continued to look around the cavern looking to see what else there was to see, but his searching ceased when he saw his liberator from Tartarus stand at the edge of what looked like a massive pit, and from said massive pit Tirek watched as an enormous shadowy figure slowly rise up, with a pair of glowing red eyes glaring down at him while a menacing aura surrounded it. once the shadowy figure had risen up from the depths of the pit, the skeletal being knelt down as he spoke.

“Master I have brought the centaur as you requested.” The skeletal being said before its master spoke, it’s voice deep grumbling and terrifying voice.

“Excellent work Duskmon.” The master said before turning to look towards Tirek, who felt an overwhelming sense of power as it slowly leaned forward towards the centaur, its overwhelming presence causing a heavy weight to bare down upon Tirek.

“Welcome Lord Tirek.” The master spoke to the centaur.

“Who are you? And why have I been brought here?” Tirek asked the master, trying to get answers that have been soundly ignored by his guide.

“My name is Churibom, and as to why I have brought you here…I have a proposition for you.” the master said with a grin as he continued to talk.

“I know that you seek vengeance on those who have wronged you. the ponies who selfishly covet all the magic for themselves, and your brother who conspired against you with said ponies.”

“How do you know all this?” Tirek asked in confusion.

“I know many things Tirek.” The master said in a cheeky tone as he leaned back a bit before continuing. “Now then would you like to hear about my proposition?”

“And what kind of deal is it?” Tirek asked as he gave a cautious glare up to massive being before him.

“Aside from helping you get revenge on those who wronged you, if you help me be free of this prison of mine, I will help you take over not just Equestria…but also show your father that you are not as worthless as he believes you to be.” Tirek utterly balked at the fact that this being knows about the issues between him, and his father. But the centaur regained some of his composure before he spoke to the master.

“Why are you willing to help me in getting my vengeance, what’s in it for you?” the centaur asked as he now starting to become quite skeptical on why this stranger is willing to help him.

“Like you, I to was betrayed by those I thought I could trust, but they plotted and schemed behind my back in where they would rule over me and my fellow beasts. Yet I was defeated by my former allies champions, and I was imprisoned here in this cave.” The master spoke as his voice started to become more deeper and more enraged, but after a moment the master reeled in his anger.

“So believe me, I can sympathy with your anger and rage. So if I help you get you what you want, and more, you help me be free of this prison so I can return to me world and take my revenge.”

Tirek actually took a moment to think the offer over, which was very appealing. As of right now Tirek is so weak and vulnerable that he doubts he’ll be able to accomplish much on his own, even if he went around and started to absorb magic from the ponies it would take quite a lot of time. But having the assistance of this being and his minion, or minions if the pig thing was one of them, help Tirek gain the power he needs to accomplish his long awaited vengeance then the centaur would gladly accept it. however there was one thing that held Tirek back from immediately answer, he still knows nothing about who this master truly is. And Tirek, after being betrayed by his own brother the one that he truly believed in, hardly trust anyone anymore. Even if they claim in wanting to help him. but as Tirek stood in contemplation the centaur noticed that the master was moving his large right hand.

“If you are having any doubts then how about I offer a piece offering.”

Then from the clutches of the masters raised hand Tirek watched and listened as a dozen ponies were dropped before the centaur’s hooves. The ponies all scrambled and shouted in fear as they looked for a way out of the cavernous cave, but they were all silenced and held in place when a small bit of black lightning arced from the masters hand, holding the frantic ponies in place. Seeing the opportunity and free source of power before him, Tirek grinned a wicked and sly grin as he trotted over to the ponies, and then one by one, absorbed all of their magic. He did tried to absorb the magic that the master placed on the ponies to gain more power, but before Tirek could absorb the magic the spell the master placed on each pony the centaur drained vanished.

But with every pony’s magic absorbed, Tirek felt himself grow not just in size and mass, but also in overall magical power. and while these ponies were just basically just snacks for him, they were more than enough to give the centaur enough power to become an actual threat. After Tirek had absorbed all of the ponies of their magic he now stood well over six feet tall, and showed signs of muscles watched as the masters minions then started to drag the ponies away. Once it was just the master and Tirek in the cave, the centaur then watched as the master leaned in close to him his face a foot from the centaur, a wicked grin now bared on his own face.

“So…do we have a deal?”

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With how Stacy is growing I wonder if she will unlock the ability to fuse her spirits?

The unholy alliance has been formed & great first chapter of the new year.

i've been thinking about this idea, yet right now its uncertain.

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