• Published 24th May 2020
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Wind Spirit - NinjaMare

a girl gets whisked away to Equestria, gaining something from one of her favorite childhood TV shows.

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Chapter 6: Comfort

A couple of days have gone by since the incident with Stacy’s beast spirit, and the town was once again re-built, this time with the assistance of the royal guard. However things were now pretty tense in Ponyville, mostly involving the ponies of the town now being very weary of Stacy, even if they were told that Stacy didn’t mean to attack the town the ponies were still frighten of her. and as for Stacy…

She has been in a pretty depressed state, and has been bunking at Sweet Apple Acres for the past few days. She thought that putting distance between her and the town. Her pony friends have tried to lift up her spirits, but Stacy was really in a bad funk, so bad in fact, Pinkie was running out of ideas in how to cheer her human friend up. she’s tried pick-me-up parties, she’s tried laughathons and even her best games night palooza, but nothing was working. It would seem there was nothing that could cheer up Stacy.

“So Stacy is still feeling at fault for what she’s done to Ponyville, and to you and your friends?” Celestia asked Twilight as the two mares sat in Celestia’s private chambers, drinking tea, and having a discussion about Stacy.

“Yes.” Twilight said as she just stared at her tea. “We’ve tried everything to try and cheer her up, but it’s like she's just, unresponsive. I guess the event, and the fight with Duskmon, has really shaken her to the core.” Celestia looked down at her own tea seeing her reflection, and the slight worried look on her face, before speaking up.

“Where is Stacy now?”

“She’s hiding out at Applejack’s farm. She thinks things would be better if she distances herself from the town, but I think it’s just making the towns folk more, uneasy.” Twilight said with a modicum of worry. “I think the towns ponies are only getting more suspicious of Stacy, some even said things haven’t gotten that bad in town, until she showed up.”

“I see…” Celestia responded off-handily as she continues to stare down at her cup. Bringing it up to her face, the alicorn sipped the last remnants of her tea, before standing.

“Princess?” Twilight asked as she watched her mentor.

“Come Twilight, we’re heading to Ponyville.”

Twilight quickly finished her tea, and the tea cake that was on the tiny plate, before rushing over to Celestia’s side. With a quick flash of light the pair disappeared, and then reappeared just outside the Golden Oaks library. Celestia then instructed to wander around town, and tell the ponies that she would like to speak to all of them within the next hour, of course Twilight dutifully did as she was instructed and teleported to, who knows where. Leaving Celestia alone. The alicorn then teleported herself just outside of Sweet Apple Acres, and her sudden arrival spooked Applejack & her brother Big Mac, as they were hauling their latest gathering of apples to the barn for storage.

“P-princess!” the two apple siblings stuttered in unison before going into a bow.

“There’s no need for formalities Applejack.” Celestia said to the siblings as she ushered them to stand. “Twilight told that Stacy has been staying here…tell me, is it really as bad as I’ve heard?” both Applejack & Big Mac looked at each, before giving a nod to the princess.

“Ah’m afraid so princess. She doesn’t talk much, and she is willing to help around the farm for her stay, but we’d just have her take it easy.” Applejack informed.

“Do you know where I can find her now?”

“Uhhh…I think I saw her on the hill over yonder.” Big Mac said as he pointed a hoof at the hill in the distant. Celestia squinted her eyes slightly, and saw something under a tree that could be Stacy.

Celestia thanked the two farm ponies before making her way over to the hill, passing by the animal pens and weaving through the rows of apple trees. As she trots through the orchard, Celestia is reminded of when she meet the Apple Family when Canterlot was still a new city, the memory of meeting the ponies that would become the bedrock of Ponyville brought a small smile to her muzzle. But when Celestia reached the hill, and found Stacy curled up against the lone tree, her smile faded slightly. Stacy’s hair looked very unkempt and unruly, with some strands sticking out at odd ends. Her face looked to be a mask of depression, with signs of bags forming, and her eyes looked so tired and showed signs of tear marks.

“Stacy?” Celestia said quietly getting the humans attention, allowing the alicorn to really see how bad the human looked.

“Hey there princess.” Stacy said to the alicorn, her voice sounding very tired with a hint of a somber tone. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see how your doing.” Celestia said truthfully. “I also came to see if I might be able to help you.”

“If you came to try and tell me that what happened in Ponyville isn’t my fault, then you’d be wasting your time. Whether if I was in control or not, one way or another, it was me who destroyed a large portion of the town.” Stacy said as she just looked out into the orchard. “I could’ve really hurt, or even killed anyone…I could’ve…”

New tears started to form in Stacy’s eyes, before burying her arms and knees, curling in deeper into herself. Celestia made her way over to the human, laid down beside her and draped a wing over the crying girl. Instinctually, Stacy leaned into the gesture, slowing wrapping her arms around Celestia’s swan-like neck, while Celestia nuzzled the top of the humans head.

“I know you feel responsible for the horrible thing you’ve done, but you must realize that even if you’ve done something horrible, it doesn’t mean your beyond being forgiven.” Celestia said as she rubbed Stacy’s back with her wing. “I know how that sensation and way thinking was like.”

“Really?” Stacy asked as she looked up. Celestia nodded.

“You see, a thousand years ago…I had to banish my own sister to the moon. And it was because I was arrogant of my own sisters insecurity of being over looked, and that ponies praised my day, more than her nights. And for centuries after banishing my sister, and even after her return, I thought that Luna would never forgive.” Celestia said as she tells her tale of one of the moments she considers her greatest failure.

“…did she, forgive you?” Stacy asked. To which Celestia nodded.

“But even after she said she did, I still thought that deep down, Luna hasn’t truly forgiven me for my negligence on her feelings of inferiority. That’s until a month ago before I officially meet you.” Celestia leaned her head on top of Stacy’s. “Luna pulled me to the side after noticing my blight, and told that she has truly and honestly forgiven me, while reassuring me that no matter what happened she doesn’t hate me for it.”

“So you see Stacy, even if you’ve done something horrible, ponies will forgive you if you’ll let them.” Celestia then looked down at Stacy. “I’m not sure how your kind handle this type of situation, but when given proper explanation and time, ponies will eventually forgive you.”

“…even after destroying the town, and scaring the towns folk?” Stacy asked the princess.

“There’s only one way to find out.” Celestia stood up and held her wing out for Stacy.

Reluctantly, Stacy reached out with her own hand, and was carefully brought up to her feet. The pair then made their way to the town, not without Applejack joining them when she saw them leave. The group left the farm and started to walk the long dirt road to Ponyville, and when they arrived the ponies did indeed looked skittish when they saw Stacy. But a reassuring look from both Celestia & Applejack seemed to keep them calm. The trio then made their way to the town central district, and were now in front of Town Hall, where a large portion, if not the whole, population of the town has gathered. Celestia & Stacy made their way to the front of the group, where they stood facing the whole town, with Applejack and her friends right up in the front, and giving the human encouraging looks. Pinkie even had a little banner that read: You’ll be fine now!”

“Good day my little ponies.” Celestia’s words echoed over the towns ponies. “First off, I’m happy to see all of you are in good health, and that the town is rebuilt.”

“Now I understand that recent events have caused your town dismay, and it was because of her. the human, Stacy Heartfelt.” The ponies murmured as they all looked at Stacy with varying looks, causing her to shrink a little. But a comforting wing from the princess made her feel slightly better.

“But let me assure you that Stacy did not do it out spite, or a twisted sense of pleasure. She was just a victim of her own power, power that was to much for her, and yet she used to train with to ensure that her friends…and all of you…will be protected from future encounters. Now I know you all are still weary, but please, do not alienate her, help her to see that she isn’t at fault. Show her that she is not the monster she think she is.”

Applejack and the others wasted no time in rushing over to Stacy, wrapping any part of the tall young woman in their forelegs as they attempt to hug her. the rest of the town seem to be hesitant, but after a moment, the town made their way over to Stacy, and each pony apologized for suspecting her of being a bringer of misfortune. Pony after pony forgave Stacy, each in their own way, and with each one Stacy’s mood started to lighten up. she then looked over to the princess who was giving her a soft warm smile.

“Thank you princess.”

“Please Stacy, call me Celestia. I would like to think that we are friends.” Stacy nodded to Celestia’s remark. “If you ever need a shoulder to lean on, or simply talk, do not hesitate to get in contact with me.”

Stacy nodded and thanked Celestia again. After the whole town had forgiven Stacy, and assured her that they weren’t angry with her, Pinkie decided that now was the time to throw a party. A “Hooray the town and Stacy are friends again” kind of party. Celestia could only laugh at the pink mares enthusiasm, before marveling at how fast Pinkie was able to set up a party on the spur of the moment. As for Stacy, she was defiantly feeling a lot better, the talk with Celestia, and learning that even a centuries old ruler went through the same thing she has gone through. But even with her spirits lifted, Stacy still feels horrible at what she’s done, but not as deeply as before.

For the time being though, Stacy was just enjoying being around her friends again. But Stacy knows that this wouldn’t last long, Duskmon is still out there, somewhere. If he does comeback, and intends to not spare Stacy next time, she will need to become stronger. And as Stacy thought about that plausible event, while also enjoying the company of her friends, a small stout figure in a nearby alleyway had been watching the entire event, simply observing everything. The small figure then vanished into the darken shadows of the alleyway, disappearing and back to his master.

Author's Note:

Well it seems things are looking up a bit for Stacy, and that the town is willing to give her a second chance. but it would seem that things in the future plan to disrupt the peace of Ponyville again.