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Poems are the things I do, Enjoy these poems from me to you.


A small collection of shorter poems I do, feel free to critique them without being too harsh.
Also feel free to request a poem from me, and if you want a 'freestyle' or what type of ryhme scheme you want like 'every pair of lines ryhme' 'every other line ryhmes' 'first third and fourth line rhyme' etc.

Spectrum - [Slice of Life] A certain mare remembers an incident from her life that molded her life to what it is today. So she presents a poem to all of her closest friends.

Upon a Whim (RD Poem #1) - [Slice of Life] [Comedy] [Random] After finally crossing the line with Twilight, Rainbow Dash is forced to write poetry until she learns how to express her feelings instead of venting them at others. But that turns out to be a very bad idea...

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70870 Thank you kindly my dear mate, I hope to not keep you all on wait.

This is actually really well written. Poetry isn't easy for most people. It has a nice rhythm, and flow. It is a little cryptic, but that's a good thing. I enjoy poems where you must interpret what the author is trying to say.

As a poet myself, I do prefer the idea of every second line and four-line stanzas. I find this helps the poem to maintain a more constant pace and put a larger gap between rhyming words so as not to overload the reader. Of course, this mainly applies to slow poems.

70949 some will be written that way, you'll find that ouy another day. I thank thee for the kind words, thank thee kindly good madame or sir. If you'd like a poem written by lil' ol' me, just ask and I'll have to see. Poetry is not always self explanitory, that's the point or poems and stories. But nevertheless I appreciate your kindness, and not shooting me down destroying my process.

71115 thou speaketh in odd ways, how can I understand what you say?

lulz I don't even think I can write a poem even close to hers.
I could try it all by myself but honestly I don't think I could.
I would try but it'd look as if a drunkard had written it pronouncing with slurrs.
I look back at what I've written and I can definitely see its not good...


76701 Rainbow Dash be not the best poet...
Everpony in Equestria knows it!


that just means I suck even more.
I'm more into the philisophical and of the like.
Poetry is such a bore,
anyways when are you going to do Spike?

76749 Soon enough my dear friend, I now must work for days on end. :trollestia:

Absolutely wonderful, another great collection in the Poetry group.
Thou is fine with thy poetic rhymes
Good sir/mam I applaud you.
To meet some poets from our time
Is the best that I can do...:rainbowwild:

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