• Published 16th Dec 2011
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All right, this is my first posted poem. I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I myself did writing it. If you guess whom the character is in the story and post a comment, you may send me a message and request a short poem from me about maybe an O.C. of yours. You must have an account for this though.
Due to restrictions I'm going to have to edit the characters each time a new poem is uploaded. So, Twilight Sparkle is the speaker in this poem as the tags now suggest.

The day had started just as any other.
Ponies trotted, animals scurried, and simple birds fluttered.
The air was just right,
Like a simple autumn’s night.

Not too warm, but not too cold,
But just chilly enough, to have somepony hold.
But even with these days, I dwell upon the past,
But this event is too important to cast.

I’ll tell the story, from my point of view,
And pass my feelings, on through you.
Please listen to my heartfelt plea,
I appreciate you listening to me.

‘Twas a cool and timid summer’s night.
We’d bask in its receding light.
The warmth never really went away,
Just hid away for the very next day.

Upon this simple summer’s night,
Upon the horizon was a most magnificent sight.
But that’s not the highlight of this day.
But an eruption of colors array.

A rainbow flash drove over the world,
And the world around seemed to slowly unfurl.
A large booming is what we hear,
But we instead find joy, other than fear.

This spectrum made us crack a smile,
And look up to the skies a while.
The colors were bright and vivid too,
The colors painting the world anew.

Nothing could taint this colored stream,
It was even implanted into our dreams.
And when the light started to fade away,
I could nary find a thing to say.

But this spectrum and its prismatic hue,
Showered us in colors true,
Showed us the true key to joy,
And gave us something no event could destroy.

A new found interest sparked in me,
Was it true this thing that I have seen?
The question lingered in my mind,
Even after the longest time.

But even as the colors fade,
I still remember the beautiful shades.
That blessed themselves upon the skies,
And showered us with its lovely light.

But I didn’t see a whole lot through,
When this rainbow up and blew.
I was doing something very important,
But much power the eruption sported.

This spectrum seemed to startle me so,
To where my true potential showed.
It saved my hide I’ll say that much,
Even though it was a crutch.

It showed my powers nonetheless,
I could’ve done better I must confess.
But it gave me a purpose and reasons to go.
I gave me a way to truly show,
I had a heart inside my chest,
And that you all are my very best friends.