Pony Poems

by PoemPony

Upon a Whim (RD Poem #1)

Spot the reference you must, you should be able to find it I trust...
This is meant to be a silly thing, Rainbow Dash got forced into a fling. Trust me, it's very hard to write like that, but Rainbow Dash isn't exactly prepared to bat...

I’m Rainbow Dash as you should know.
Everypony knows me around here.
But apparently I lack a creative flow.
So now I have to write these poems till the end is near…

It wasn’t my choice, not a single bit…
Apparently these things help to clear one’s mind.
It was really Twi’s idea come to think of it…
But I’m unsure of just what I’ll find!

If I don’t rhyme on a pair of lines or any other,
I get chewed out by and enraged purple mare,
And she makes me throw it out, and start upon another!
After that, not even what I said could clear the tension in the air.

I’m surprised I’ve even gotten this far.
I’m not a poet or anything,
But here I sit, writing as if I’m a rising star!
But once I read back over again, the realizations really sting…

I don’t know poetry in the slightest sense,
I find it hard for myself to think,
I’m surrounded by confusion immense,
And realize that my poems stink…

If I had a choice, I’d quit right now,
Pack it all up then fly on home.
But the mare behind me would have a cow,
And most likely seal me in some ancient tome.

Interpret this all as you please,
I don’t care what you say at all,
But Celestia I suck at writing these!
And that will be my ultimate downfall.

I’ve been writing this for days on end,
I don’t know how much more I can take!
I’ll be writing these till we all ascend!
I’m not sure how much more of these I can even make!

Ideas are rushing here and there,
Making me want to keep on writing.
Oh how I find this extremely unfair,
But as long as Twi’ is here I’ll keep on fighting…

I’m getting really bored in writing this.
But I’ll keep going ‘cause Twi’s gone nuts…
Flying around without a care is something that I’ll truly miss.
But for now I’m stuck in a major rut.

I’m really running out of things to say here…
So I think I’ll get friends and we’ll go down by the bay,
And we’ll all lay on some hay,
We just may!

…That was really lame, I already know.
But that’s what boredom does to you.
But I don’t want to let my boredom show,
Or I’m afraid she’ll make me do something else that’s new.

I really am running out of things to say,
But I’m trying to keep on moving.
But I find it’s really hard this way,
But maybe after a while I’ll start improving.

I’m really getting bored right now,
I wrote this all with a bored expressive brow.
I was hesitant to write anymore,
I feel like passing out on the floor…

But there are many things I learned from this,
A very big realization did this experience bring.
Besides all of the time I missed…
Whilst writing this on a raggedy shelf,
It made me learn something about myself,
I just really suck at writing these things…

Author's Notes: There will be more where this comes from, more from Dashie's dumb. The ideas are laid out for Dash's inexperience, and complete and utter lack of patience. I hope you like what I wrote, and thanks for not discarding this note.