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I’m a die-hard brony who has the body of a pony and the brains of a griffon.


Exactly one year after becoming the ruler of all Equestria, Twilight Sparkle pays a visit to Ponyville and the School Of Friendship, and is shocked to discover that an old friend has done something with Starlight Glimmer, and assumed the position of headmare to get what she wants, and she isn’t exactly eager to let Twilight run and tell anypony.

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I thought that tempest was good. Why is she trying to take over the school of friendship

Trauma...A possible MK Ultra program used prior to the Storm Kings demise...It's also implied that being replaced is a thing so the Fallen Three may have at some point escaped imprisonment so their actions may have had an effect on things...Grogar looking at what discord did and saying I can top that easy...A potential prank...Witchweed.

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