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I'm just someone who likes to share several ideas I've thought of.


Barb spends most of her time around boys. Because of this, she’s considered more of a tomboy than a lady. Some ponies don’t like this kind of behavior from her, which upsets the baby dragon. After seeing the majestic dragons in the dragon migration, Barb sets out on a question to see what it’s like to be a true dragoness. Little does she know, she getting more than she bargained for.

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One of these days I hope someone will be original, and put Barb with Twilight, as we know her, instead of sticking her with a bunch of dudes.

This was pretty interesting.

A good premise and could expand into something more if given the chance.

Good to know. Maybe I could do Gauntlet of Fire sometime.

That be interesting. For Embers r63, you could use name like kindle. That's the one I am going to use in one of my stories.

I heard her rule 63 name would be Ash

I think there is a dragon named named as h already but ok

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