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"Cute, adorable, naive, and easily mislead by human nature" Sound like all good reasons to visit Equestria!


Twilight Sparkle has been sent to New York City by Princess Celestia. Her mission is to convince Humanity to accept the 'Magic Of Harmony'. But does Twilight Sparkle know humans as well as she thinks? And will meeting a young man one snowy night change her perspective?

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You know what? Humans aren't the thing that killed this story. For once. It's the atrocious punctuation.

Though interesting, I'm a little confused as to whether or not the story is finished or meant to be open-ended with it listing as incomplete but it ending with Fin.

While it could also do with a bit of clean up and polish, that is something which will come with practice, time and even more writing.

Try not to be discouraged. Keep writing.

It's incomplete. I have ideas for following chapters, but no timetable on when they'd be posted.

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