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Well this was a fun read between the two of them, I wonder his Shy will keep helping him in his training with that same approach.

Thanks! I wrote this as a prequel to the Twilight's Seven episode, so if there was a sequel to this it would most likely be about what happened after he failed at guarding the secret entrance. :raritywink:

Seems Fluttershy's assertiveness training has paid off!


The critique I left on your other entry applies almost exactly here.

The ball busting is at the forefront, incest is a distant background consideration. The writing is pretty good, the dialogue is good. The characterization of Shy felt a bit more lacking than your portrayals of Twi, Shining and Zeph, but I can look past it because I quite liked Zeph's characterization in this. He's simpering, lazy and pathetic; pretty much perfect.

Just a shame that as an incest fic it feels a bit lacking to me, and ultimately this is an entry in an incest-themed contest.

Still, worthy of an upvote at the very least. Thanks for writing it.

great story ^^

This was really good. I don't normally like incest stories, but you definitely made it work.

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