• Published 21st Apr 2019
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Death March to Equestria - Toxicfox

After a long death march and his deadline closing Jason Black is finally able to sleep before his next but when he awakens he's not only on another world but a new body

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Canterlot Castle, March 24th, 12:08 p.m.

Princess Celestia walks down the halls of Canterlot Castle escorted by four solar guards clad in full golden battle armor. They are more heavily armored due to the uncertainty surrounding the ancient. His race is capable of many great feats yet like any other being, these traits can also be used for more sinister purposes. It’s her duty as a princess to ensure her little ponies' safety. ”Has it awoken yet?” she asks as they entering the isolation room.

”Not yet, your majesty, ” responds the guard on her front right, ”this ancient was suffering from mental exhaustion when Princess Twilight brought it here.”

The isolation chamber is a pure white marble room, it can act as an interrogation room and separates their ’guest’ from any areas with a high pony concentration. Jason is laying on a solitary bed placed in the center of the room. Iron shackles are on his arms attaching him to the bed frame, he is no longer wearing his black coat since it has been confiscated by the guards.
”What of its items?” asks Celestia as she looks through a one-way mirror at the sleeping being. Her expression’s tenser than her usual calm demeanor, she is genuinely worried about how this creature will act.

”On the table, your highness, ” the same guard responds pointing his hoof to a nearby table on the right, ”those were all found attached to his unconscious form by Princess Twilight and her dragon, Spike. She reported feeling slight magical energy from the clothing item in question.”

”How peculiar...” she states while walking to the table intent on taking a closer look at his belongings. On the table is his spade black coat, five glass potions bottles filled with a red liquid, a Coltnese (Chinese) style iron sword with a polished platinum guard that has a black leather hilt holding it together, and finally, a basket-sized metal container with strange glowing green runes adorning both ends.

Princess Celestia notices when she casts some light from her horn that the coat is made of tightly woven dragon scales. This warrants further investigation so she prepares an appraisal spell to get it. Once she starts using it, she senses an unusual magic signature attached to each object. Her magic displays only their stats while an unseen ’magic’ gives short descriptions of each item.

Coat of the Shadow Dragon
~A rare item dropped upon defeating a rather gluttonous boss who has been terrorizing a village’s sheep population. It’s made from tightly packed black dragon scales fused together with shadow dragon hide. Remnants of the Shadow Dragon’s malicious intentions still remain in its materials, due to a careful craftsman's work the remanent magic can be learned safely if the wearer’s will is strong enough. The white fur coat is just an artistic choice that ironically keeps the user warm.
Strength and Agility: +10
Fire Immunity: +20
Dark Magic Affinity: +20

Maximum Healing Potion ×5
~One of the strongest healing potions in the Beast Quest world, although some criticize it for only healing health. Made from only the freshest herbs it takes a master level Potion Maker to produce.
Completely restores a person’s HP.

Nemesis Raid
~A blade forged by a dwarf blacksmith’s hands, originally flame element minerals were added to create the metal. Platinum protects the blade’s weak point whilst Coal Crocodile leather binds the sword together. When the other blacksmiths discovered black magic flames were used to forget the weapon, it was sealed away in an enchanted dungeon out of fear. It was found during a dungeon challenge that revealed... the blade is perfectly harmless to use it only requires a disciplined master to wield it.
Dark Damage: +30
Fire Damage: +10
Required Level: 100

As her attention goes to the mysterious container, she is about to appraise it when one of her solar guards interrupts her. “Princess!! He’s finally waking up, “ the guard shouts, shifting the alicorn’s attention back to their previously slumbering guest.

Jason slowly leans up still dazed from his exhaustion-induced rest, “*yawn* damn, how long was I oouuuu...” The sudden brightness of the pure white room and the noise as his chains shifted cause him to him freeze. He rubs his eyes barely believing the situation he’s in, including a peculiar something he sees. After rubbing his eyes, the apparent reality of his situation sets in. “What the actual fuck?!” he yells in confusion, his eyes dart around at the white surroundings until he notices the display on the borders of his vision.

It’s a full HUD, only it is formatted to stay in place as his eyes look in any direction.

Top Left
LVL: 350
HP: 2000/2000
MP: 800/800

Top Right
A mini-map is in a circle, it shows the layout of Canterlot Castle with the place’s name under it in black letters.

Lower HUD
On the left are a status window listing what he has gained and his status effects. Most recently is his test with the Black Dragon Boss. In the center is an easy access Hotbar with ten empty item slots.

”The hell? This is the same HUD as Beast Quest, ” he says grabbing his chin, ”I wonder if...” As soon as he thinks about it, his character's skill tree pops into his vision.

He skims over the several branches observing how they’re working. ”Woah, that is huge. Guess those extra hours paid off if the skill tree branches are actually working, ” he says cheerfully while being surprised by how many Blackjack has unlocked, ”Looks just like the game. But, when’d we get a budget for VR gameplay? And... how did I get roped into testing it out after a three-day shift?”

After five minutes of testing out his UI, the door to the isolation room opens as four armored guards enter. They surround Jason on both sides while Princess Celestia immediately enters. His eyes widen at the sight of multicolored equine's wearing armor. Like himself, their statuses appear in the simple text in plain sight above their heads.

Princess Celestia {Co-Ruler of Equestria}
LVL: 150
HP: 1000/1000
MP: 1000/1000

Solar Guard Prism Edge
Lvl: 80
HP: 500/500
MP: 300/300

Solar Guard Milkie Way
Lvl: 82
HP: 550/550
MP: 300/300

Solar Guard Lake Stream
Lvl: 81
HP: 550/550
MP: 300/300

Solar Guard Silver Bell
HP: 500/500
MP: 300/300

[Hmmm, pretty high levels.] His eyes focus on the tallest equine, who has a longhorn protruding from her head with spirals going along it. As her royal title suggests a golden crown adorns her head. She wears a thick horse collar-like item which he guesses is more like a thick necklace since she’s royalty. Her coat’s pure white save for the sun symbol adorning her flanks. What catches his attention the most is how her hair and tail move as though there’s invisible wind blowing. Jason snaps out of his daze when it looks like the white alicorn is about to speak.

”Greetings, I am Princess Celestia, one of Equestria’s two rulers, ” she says in a kind yet professional tone, unfortunately, all Jason hears is neighs and whinnies coming from her mouth. Before he can respond, guessing she’s introducing herself as any leader will, an update pops into his status bar.

Acquired Skill: Ponish, Equestrian Language.
”Oh, thank God, ” he says quickly maxing out his newly acquired skill. Due to the EXP distribution glitching, he has skill points to spare. Able to understand the talking equine royal he responds to her introduction with his own.

”Hello, I’m Ja...” he pauses mid-introduction while looking at the ponies' names again. Realizing his own name will sound pretty odd he decides to use his character’s, ”Blackjack, my name is Blackjack.”

While a little surprised by how much tension he puts on saying his name, Princess Celestia chalks it up to him still being tired. ”It’s very nice to meet you, Blackjack, ” she replies kindly, ”I have many questions for you about the state you were found in.” Jason looks at her confused until a loud rumble sounds from his stomach, he smiles a bit embarrassed by this. ”Hehe, you must be quite hungry after your long slumber, let us get you something to eat, ” she comments while using her magic to unlock his shackled arms.

Acquired Skill: Lockpicking.
Acquired Skill: Telekinetic Magic.

He decides to leave those skills alone, for the time being, Jason slowly gets up from the bed stretching his arms. Princess Celestia begins walking out of the isolation to which he follows behind her. Two guards walk on both their sides, one pair to guard the princess and the other to watch Jason. As they walk into the viewing area he notices his equipment on the table. He eagerly walks over to retrieve his character's things while the guards watch him cautiously. Upon reaching the table, the metal container begins to brightly glow causing the guards to take defensive positions.

”What’re you doing to that thing?!” a guard yells pointing his spear at Jason with his fellow guards joining in.

He throws his hands up. ”N-Nothing I swear!” answers Jason while leaning away from the sharp spearheads.

”Then, what’s that thing?!” asks another guard motioning toward the glowing object with his eyes.

”It’s just an Incubator, ” Jason fearfully responds, turning his attention toward the glowing item. Princess Celestia signals for her guards to stand down while the item’s owner quickly walks over to it. He places his hands on the incubator and its middle section opens revealing a shaking black egg.

”A Dragon egg?” Celestia asks curiously while approaching Jason. Before he could explain why he has a dragon egg, it begins to crack indicating it is starting to hatch. He carefully extracts it from the incubator and places it on the table. The eggshell breaks apart shortly afterward revealing the newly born dragon. Its scales are a light shade of greyish-black, pale purple scales adorned its chest. On its head are some small nubs where horns will grow from and a few strands of silver hair.

Jason looks closely over the dragon, as a status window appears next to it.

Black Dragon Wyrmling (F)
LVL: 1
Stage: 1/5
HP: 10/10
MP: 10/10

”A female dragon, huh?” he says calming down. He takes this opportunity to put on his coat to which the little lady climbs up it to reach his face. Light nuzzling follows as he simply allows her to do, Princess Celestia giggles at the sight that reminds her of a younger Twilight and Spike.

”She thinks you’re her father, ” she says with light humor, ”what is her name going to be?”

Jason pets the little dragons head causing her to let out a sound similar to purring only it sounds closer to hissing. ”A name, huh?”He looks back at his character’s name and an idea pops into his mind, Jason selects her name box using his mental cursor. Quickly he deletes the previous name, then he types in her new one. ”How’s the name Clover sound?” he asks while looking at the dragon. She squeals, albeit more like hisses, in excitement at her new name as a status update appears.

Title Earned: Dragon Breeder (Lesser)
CLOVER♧ has joined your party.

Below her newly changed name is her stats and an owner slot with Blackjack filling it.

”Come, let’s get you both fed and then I hope you will answer my questions, ” Princess Celestia says walking toward the exit.

”Sure thing, I see no problems with that, ” he says shrugging while following behind her Clover in tow.

Private Dining Hall, Canterlot Castle, 1:25 p.m.

Princess Celestia sits at the head of the table observing the scene before her, Blackjack and Clover are devouring plate after plate. Salads, fruits, bread, soup, water, fruit juice and in Clover’s case gemstones; no plate is safe from their relentless appetites.

After both have their fifteenth plate, they lean back in their chairs sharing content grins. He lets out a content sigh as his dragon party member lets out a content sounding hiss. “Ahem, “ coughs out the Princess calling for Blackjack’s attention. “If you’re finished with your meal, there are a few things I would like to discuss.”
“Oh, right!” he says as he sits up, “ask away.”

“I would like to know how you arrived here. What is your most recent memory before passing out?“ she asks.

“I’m not entirely sure, Princess. Things are a bit fuzzy, but I’ll tell you what I can... I remember defeating a dragon that was terrorizing a village. Putting Clover’s egg into the incubator after finding it, and I think I walked over to a tree. After that I passed out and woke up in your kinda creepy white room, “ he calmly answers recounting his character’s test boss battle. Clover is munching on some rubies in a plastic bowl. “Do you think it’s possible that someone summoned me here?”

”It’s possible given enough magic and knowing how to use it. But, no pony comes to mind at the moment, ” responds the alicorn while sipping her tea, ”for now, it might be best to get you and young Clover accustomed to life in Equestria.”

”That sounds just lovely, Princess, ” Blackjack accepts with optimism as they get up from their seats. The group walks down the castle halls, Clover is sitting on her master’s head as he walks. He decides to test something and selects an item from his inventory, he makes it look like he has had the item in his coat pocket the whole time. The item is a crystal oddly shaped like an hourglass which is transparent. Blackjack offers the item to Clover who eats it in one bite, her size slowly begins to grow.

Party Member, Clover used up a Time Shift Stone.

She has started rapidly growing through the dragon infant stage.

[So, all my items work, even the old cash shop items from a previous patch.] A scheming smirk appears on his face as Clover spreads her wings in an attempt to fly. She’s wobbly at first yet manager to regain her balance and flies back to her master.
”Amazing, she’s growing at a faster pace than other dragons I have seen, ” admits Celestia impressed by the dragon’s movements, ”Pray tell... how were you able to make her develop so fast in under an hour since she hatched?”

”Hehe, well I that’s because–”

”Because Daddy Blackjack is the best!” yells Clover as she lands next to his leg, this is followed up by a tender hug on his leg. ”Daddy, can I have another gem?” she pleads with her version of puppy dog eyes, her green eyes sparkling and a wide smile adorning her face.

”Maybe later, but for now I’ll let you have this, ” he says giving her a small potion bottle.

EXP Enhancer Removed

”Yay!!!” Clover exclaims taking the bottle and chugging it down. Once the last drop is gone, Blackjack receives a notification on his HUD.

Clover♧ has reached Level 10
Skill Tree is now Unlocked.

[Wow, I guess these items really were broken for level farming, I owe Caroline five bucks.] Blackjack sighs as they reach the throne room.

”Now then, Blackjack, we will aid you in getting accustomed to many different races living in Equestria. I have the perfect way to do it, ” she says gracefully sitting in her throne.

”A national tour?” he guesses slight excitement in his voice. Clover holds onto his pant leg not really understanding what was going on.

”You will see a few different races all the same, but not quite, ” she says with a slight giggle.

School of Friendship, Ponyville, 2:00 p.m.

Blackjack’s face embodies disappointment as he stands hunched over while looking at the large brightly colored building. Clover flies next to him still confused.

"School....she sent me.....to a School."

Author's Note:

This one was a little difficult to write, I wanted to keep the consistency with the Incubator and quickly push through the basic introductions of The characters abilities and tools. I aim to improve from this and bring more exciting chapters in the future