• Published 21st Apr 2019
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Death March to Equestria - Toxicfox

After a long death march and his deadline closing Jason Black is finally able to sleep before his next but when he awakens he's not only on another world but a new body

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Starry Night Pt 2

Deck fort, 6:47 pm

Trixie opens her show with a grand fireworks display, blasting numerous colors and patterns into the air so bright that it could be seen from Canterlot. Groups of ponies begin to enter the compound being handed glowsticks and other party favors by the diamond dog guards. thanks to pinkie practically every pony in ponyville was invited with at most half attending.

"Mares and Gentle Colts, Prepare to be amazed by the amazing performance of the Great and Powerful Trrrrixie!!!" she says in a magically amplified voice." And her lovely assistant the Cute and Adorable Clllover!!!" Clover quickly flies on stage just making it. Starlight and the Mane six walk from the house to the front of the crowd. Blackjack decides to watch from his balcony disabling his jackets glow to not draw attention away from Trixie. " Now for my first trick" she says removing her hat and placing it upside down next to her "Clover will first ascend into the sky." as she finishes Clover flies up with great speed silhouetting in the moon light. "As you can see nothing is in the hat and there are no holes in the stage" she says tapping her hoof in the hat. "Now Clover will dive straight into the hat" without a second thought Clover dive bombs toward the stage, the audience watches intensely as she approaches the ground with great speed and enters the hat as if it were a pool with no sound or impact. the audience is in awe, some looking around to see if the dragon was hiding somewhere. "as you can see, nothing in the hat and nothing behind my cloak" Trixie says drawing their attention and showing the empty hat and barren cloak" now where could she be?" she says looking around " Oh! I see there she is" she says pointing to a random ponys cup.

The crowd directs their attention to the random pony and right as he notices their eyes Clover erupts from his cup in a splash. "Ta da!!!" Clover says joyfully as she rises from the cup. the crowd applauds in amazement as Clover flies back to the stage.

"Ok for my next trick I will need a volunteer" the crowd raises thier hooves clamoring to be picked. "You there with the real coat and blue mane" she says pointing to a random mare who hops hopes to the stage. "Pick a card" trixie says holding up a full deck of cards. The mare picks the 5 of clubs. "Ok now memorize it and don't let me see it." She says looking away. "Have you memorized it?" She asks as the mare nods and placed it back into the deck and as soon as the mares arm is clear Clover ignites the deck suprising the crowd, the deck falls to ash on the stage. "Now as you can see the cards are completely burned away." Trixie stamps onto the pile of ash and pulls out a single un burnt card." Was this your card?" She says holding up the 5 of clubs. The mare gasps and excitedly nods and the crowd applauds.

"Now my final Trick will require the aid of my adorable assistant" Trixie says as she uses her magic to spawn a large metal cylinder. many ponies were confused at the object. " first Clover will restrain me with thick iron chains." she says as clover begins tying up Trixie's arms and legs with chains and locks. "Next I will be blind folded and placed into this object." The object opens to reveal a large amount of spikes lining the walls, causing the ponies to gasp in fear as Clover Blindfolds Trixie and places her in the center of the object." Now watch as the great and powerful Trixie defies death!" right as she says that Clover slams the door closed making a loud crunch sound similar to the sound of bones breaking. The show is dead silent as all eyes lay on the metal object. Starlight is in shock worried her friend was seriously hurt or worse. But within a minute Clover knocks on the object with no response. She then tries to open it but to no avail.

"Here let me help you" Trixie says walking up from the side of the stage. The audience is dumbstruck as trixie and Clover pry open the object only to see the chains and blindfold inside." Huh where did she go?" Trixie says pretending to be confused." Oh wait here" she points to herself with a big smile and the crowd erupts in applause." Thank you, Thank you" she says as her and Clover take a bow. Soon the crowd calms down and Trixie grabs a microphone and all the lights focus on her. "Now introducing the Male of the hour, leader of the pack and Master of the deck fort" as she finishes the music begins to play in the background."Master Bllllack Jaaack!!" As she finishes the sentence BlackJack appears in a flash of Dark magic with silhouettes of skulls and spades mixed in.

"Hello Equestria!!! Are you ready for a crazy night!?" The crowd roars in excitement with pinky being the most exciting bouncing around the crowd. "Then welcome! To the Deckfort!!" He says teleporting him,Trixie and Clover to the balcony and opening the door causing a massive sonic wave of EDM ( electronic dance music) to bust out like the wind.
(Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wM_1L3d_o-E )

Before long the crowd rushed in indulging in dance, food and booze. The party was starting off great Trixie was mingling and signing autographs for a few of the fans she made, Clover was break dancing with angel in a circle of ponies all cheering for them. Rainbow and Applejack decided to have a competition taking shot after shot of fermented potato juice (Vodka).

Unfortunately spike wasn't having as much fun , unable to get Rarity's attention he sat alone at a table when suddenly a plate of meat was placed infront of him causing him to jump up in suprise.

"What's wrong runt?" BlackJack says holding a drink in hand having just placed the food infront of him."not having fun?"

"Wouldn't you like to know" Spike says pouting and looking away

"Well clearly your hungry, but what else?" BlackJack responds sitting with him.

"I'm not hungry, just a little upset" he says glancing at Rarity who was in the middle of telling ponies about her outfit. BlackJack sees this and smirks a bit.

"I see, then you should definitely eat something " he says looking at Rarity then back to spike.

"I told you I'm not hun... " he's interrupted by BlackJack shoving a drumstick in his mouth. Spike is upset at first but his eyes and pupils widen at the delicious taste of cooked flesh in his mouth." Wh...what is this!?" He says pulling the bare bone out and chewing.

"That is meat my dude" he says smiling seeing him enjoy it so much." It helps creatures grow big and strong" he says drawing spikes full attention. " and if your big and strong you may attract the attention of." He looks at Rarity. " Suitable mates." Hearing this spike begins to chow down joyfully. BlackJack walks to a diamond dog serving others food and whispers in his ear " keep feeding that dragon as much meat as he wants if he gets thirsty bring him beer" the dog nods and resumes his work.

Canterlot, Balcony, 7:15 pm

The music can be heard even from thier castle. Luna unable to focus attempts to enter the dream realm and even when she does the amount of ponies sleeping was so minimal that it was impossible to work. Celestia joined her at the balcony.

" I doubt you'll be able to get much done tonight sister, between the bustling nightlife of canterlot and the Deckfort party not many ponies are sleeping right now." Celestia says with a slight chuckle.

" Then what do you suggest Tia?" Luna asks curious.


Deckfort, minutes later

The royal sisters arrive at the party. Because of the loud music and dim lights of the party goers barely noticed.

"Heyyy you actually came" BlackJack says walking up to them with two huge drinks in his hands.

"Blackjack are you drunk?" Celestia asks

"Not yet, But you two should catch up, here have a drink and join in" he says handing each of them a drink before walking of to mingle with a few other ponies.

"Well when in pome do and the pomans" Luna says sipping her drink. " the sweet and sour taste was far beyond the flavor of her usual wines as she soon began to chug the drink." Wow that is amazing." Soon Luna makes her way to the bar "Give me a strong one" she says as the diamond dog raises his eyebrow and fixes and lemon lime martini. " Luna quickly downs the drink slamming the glass on the bar "Another!" Applejack and Rainbow dashes jaws drop seeing the princess down drink after drink like a champ.

Meanwhile with Celestia she wandered around the party seeing many familiar faces. DJ Pon3 playing her set with her Marefriend Octavia dancing with a drink in her hoof, Spike and Clover were stuffing thier faces at one of the tables, Starlight and trixie were laughing and talking, and what caught her attention was the sight of Bon Bon and Lyra talking to BlackJack, well honestly lyra was doing most of the talking. Celestia moved in closer to hear them.

" and you really only have a 4 colors of hair and skin?" Lyra asks excited.

"Yep but we do like dyeing our hair into other colors too" BlackJack responds

"Wow I can't believe I'm talking to an actual ancient! Best day ever!" Lyra says excited as Bon Bon laughs before noticing Celestia.

"Why don't you two keep talking while I grab a drink." She says excusing herself

"Grab me one too Bonnie"

" Gotcha babe" she says walking away

"So is it true that Ancients enjoy breeding with other types of creatures?" She asks curious

"Ok the funny thing is..."

Bon Bon maneuvers through the crowd of drunk and dancing ponies. She passes by fluttershy who met up with tree hugger.

"You know I'm really digging this party's vibe, it so energetic" Tree hugger says calmy

"Well I'm not into crowds but I'm feeling more comfortable thanks to this long icetea" she says taking a sip of her drink

"Right on flutters, if you want I got an even better way to mellow your harsh."

"Really? I'd love to try it" she says smiling.

"It's the best when surrounded by nature she says as she start walking to the patio "let's go hang with the trees"

"Ok" fluttershy says following.

Bon Bon continues her movement until she reaches the princess without lyra or BlackJack seeing. "Princess, I didn't expect to see you here." She whispers

"Same here" she responds "Did BlackJack invite you?"

"Yes princess, when I was captured I mentioned that my wife was obsessed with studying ancients and he invited us to let her ask her questions."

" Well, have you learned anything?"

" I learned that humans deeply enjoy filling thier after hours with indulgences like drinking, mating and something called video games" she says repeating the answers to her wife's questions " aside from that nothing important.

"I see" Celestia says with a sigh before spotting the door beneath the stairs. "what's that?" she says gesturing to the door

"I believe it's the entrance to his workshop" Bon Bon responds

"do you think you could keep blackjack distracted? while I sneak a peek"

"I believe my wife is doing that already" she says looking back at Lyra

"....and that's why it's an ever growing community of both talented artists and degenerates alike" Blackjacks finishes as Lyra looks on in fascination.

"Wow amazing, Ancients have such a rich culture" Lyra says

Back at Celestia and Bon Bon, Bon Bon nods to the princess and walks back to the two grabbing two drinks off the tray of a passing dog. As she rejoins the conversation Celestia sneaks over to the door and enters the workshop taking care to avoid being seen and gently closing the door. " Now let's see what he's hiding." Celestia uses her magic to scan through the numerous objects, All that was there were custom made jewelry, Drawings of creatures she'd never seen, and the various containers holding them. The only thing that caught her attention was a single Item on a table at the end of the room covered in a cloth. she cautiously walked to it looking back at the door every few seconds to make sure there was no one entering, pulling the tarp off she found what looked like a Japonese Katana mounted on a display rack with a decorative ribbon on it. The Blade was refined Osmium with a unique fiery pattern lining the Hamon (edge pattern) , the Habaki ( Blade collar) was platinum with a 3 leaf clover engraved onto it, with the guard being Platinum with a gold trim with smaller clovers engraved in a pattern, the handle was black with light purple wrappings and the pommel was platinum with a spade engraved on the bottom. Celestia uses her appraisal spell on the sword.

Osmium Katana
Creator: BlackJack
Durability/; 2000/2000
Enchantment: N/A
Owner: Clover

"This is...just a gift for his daughter" Celestia says sighing feeling ridiculous, she remembered Ancients being creatures of ambition and desire but with great intelligence and skills for diplomacy, but Blackjack has done nothing but build a home, raise a dragon hatchling and take in an untrained unicorn to help her reach her potential. Celestia resigns herself and sneaks back out to the party after replacing the cloth. unbenounced to her she was spotted by Blackjack as she exits the room and walks to the bar

["Well that should get her off my ass for now"] he smiles and returns to listening to Lyra

At the Bar.

Luna orders a extra large drink. The Glass was the size and shape of a fish bowl filled with Blue Liquid that thanks to the neon and darkness appeared to glow like the night sky within it were glowing ice cubes and atop it was several straws and umbrellas. "Marvelous and what is this one called" Luna asks.

"Blue Beach" the dog bartender responds before walking to the other end to serve a very drunk Rainbow and Applejack

As Luna begins to drink from the straw Celestia joins her at the bar with a grumpy look. "whats wrong sister?" Luna asks curiously

"Nothing Sister" she says gesturing to the bartender for a drink. Celestia felt both awful and disappointed at her actions only to find a simple birthday present. after the dog served her the drink she quickly chugged it and demanded another.

"Relax Tia, after all this is a party." she says sliding her fishbowl drink over" try this, I know you'll love it.

"Oh alright" she says taking a sip. The instant the sweet sensation struck her as her eyes and pupils widened. "what is this?" she asks taking another sip.

"a blue beach, apparently they come in over 7 colors" Luna responds

"Give us two of each please" Celestia calls to the bar tender who simply nods and prepares them.

As time goes on the party and the party goers get more wild, Many had already passed out on the floor from either alcohol or exhaustion. Blackjack and Clover were smug dancing on the dancefloor, Rarity was so wasted she actually began dancing on the Stripper pole.

"This may be the greatest night of my life" Spike says watching before suddenly rarity's shiny outfit flies onto his face. "This IS the greatest night of my Life!"

Pinkie was dancing with gummy who was latched onto her tail, Twilight sitting at a table watching a very Drunk Apple and Rainbow Hoof wrestle, and in the back yard Fluttershy and Treehugger communed with nature

"*deep inhale* You feel more zen yet flutters?" she asks passing the herb to her

"*Cough, Cough* I.....Think....So" she says with a zen look in her red colored eyes and she passes it to Angel who takes several puffs and Passes it back to Tree Hugger.

"Right on" Tree hugger says acknowledging the bunny's tolerance.

As they continue passing the herb in thier circle, a creature approaches from the end of the backyard. It was a unicorn mare with emerald fur, an aqua colored mane, bright green eyes and a cutie mark of a gemstone surrounded by fog. She passes by the group and walks into the house.

Inside the party is at its climax, Starlight and Trixie sit at a table drunkenly laughing at the sight of twilight passed out at the neighboring table with sausages skewered on her horn as spike eats with a joyous smile with Rarity's outfit still on his head, Celestia and Luna were still at the bar drinking thier 5th massive drink and laughing as they tell embarrassing stories from thier childhood. Rainbow and Applejack lay passed out against the massive barrel keg, BlackJack and several Ponies continue to dance to the music. The mare approaches him, brushing of any stallion bold enough to try to talk to her.

"Care to dance?" She asks tapping his shoulder.

BlackJack turns and sees her suprised by the mares height and elegance. She was taller than your average pony but slightly shorter than Celestia. "Sure thing, Can I get your name?.

"Crystal,Crystal Mist"

Author's Note:

This was another long one and I hope you like it. The end of the party and the beginning of the nex arc will follow in part 3, stay tuned for more to come soon