• Published 21st Apr 2019
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Death March to Equestria - Toxicfox

After a long death march and his deadline closing Jason Black is finally able to sleep before his next but when he awakens he's not only on another world but a new body

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Party Prep

Deck Fort, March 29, 3:45 pm (3 days after previous chapter)

Twilight and friends are on their way to the deck fort to check up on Blackjack and the progress of his home, even bringing early housewarming gifts for their unusual friends.

"Ah sure can't wait to see what kinda place he's building" Applejack says as she pulls her cart full of apples and bottles of cider.

"I know right? I bet it's gonna be huge" Rainbow Dash replies

"Given his clear eye for fashion, I believe it'll be an elegant abode, with dazzling d├ęcor" Rarity adds

"Come on girls it's only been three days, I'm sure it's going to be simple and humble." Twilight says smiling as they reach the Ever free forest. next to the entrance was a simple black mailbox with a white spade on its side, taking full advantage Pinkie Pie stuffs the box full of party invites as her friends stare confused.

"Just sending invites in advance" Pinkie says with a wide smile.

As the ponies enter the path they notice that not only has blackjack fenced off the sides he also installed a proper stone path all the way to his home.

( basically like this but wider and with fences on both sides)

Their surprise increased once they reached the end of the path and were face to face with the tall wood palisades and the gate matching the height of the trees and sporting two knockers with the shape of human skull with rings in their mouths. The ponys stood in amazement, they've only seen walls this high in Canterlot and Yakyakistan. Twilight uses her magic to hit the knockers against the door. after a few minutes the door opens and to the girl's surprise it was a female diamond dog with light brown fur and drooped ears wearing a black vest with a silver spade hanging from her collar.

"Yes?" she says standing in the door.

"uh...is Black Jack here?" Twilight asks nervously.

"Follow me." the dog says opening the door allowing the ponies to enter. their mouths dropped at the sight of the place; Open Area, a Garden, and various other amenities surrounding the massive estate at the rear of the compound. The dog girl lead the way while the ponies followed, around the area diamond dogs were walking back and forth hauling rocks and tools, entering and exiting from two large stair ways at opposite ends of the compound with railings reminiscent of a subway entrance.

"What are Diamond dogs doing here?" rainbow whispers in twilights ear

"I don't know." twilight responds as they reach the front door.

Upon entering they are greeted by the sight of the large open interior featuring qualities that are usually seen at mountain cabins and hotel lobbies Thier amazement ceased after spotting Trixie who was in the kitchen area practicing her potion brewing. " Hey girls!" she says walking to them. "what brings you here? And where's Starlight?"

"She's Visiting her family in Sire's Hollow but she said she'll be back before the party starts" Twilight answers

"Enough about that, tell me where you got that enchanting outfit" Rarity says stepping forward admiring Trixie's new black velvet top with a silver silk dress and silver bracelets on the upper and lower parts of each of her legs with dark purple gems embedded in them, new Black wizard's hat with white spade on the front and black cloak with a silver trim.

"Oh this? Master blackjack made it for me, he said it's enchanted to boost my magical affinity and lessen my energy cost." she says glamorously posing as rarity admires the material.

"Magnifique, I can feel the magic flowing through the thread." she says feeling Trixie's cloak.

"Thank you Milly, I'll take it from here" she says to the diamond dog who simply nods her head and leaves them.

"Speaking of Darling we've been wondering..".

"Why the heck are diamond dogs here?!" rainbow yells

"Master Blackjack said that their mine was running dry, so he allowed them to build a new one under the compound, in exchange they help with chores and give us gems and materials whenever we need them." she says smiling and gesturing out a window, there the dogs were seen doing various work, from tending the garden to chopping wood and guarding the other gates, despite the labor the diamond dogs had fulfilled looks in their eyes something that was absent when the ponys last dealt with them.

"Wow, that's impressive." twilight says as she observes the dogs efficient work.

"so anyway, what brings you here?" Trixie says trying to get back on topic.

"Oh well there's two reasons, the first was to help Blackjack plan for his housewarming party, and the other....Twilight says

"The other, is to help Fluttershy" Apple jack says pointing her hoof at nothing before twilight released her camouflage spell revealing Fluttershy in a full suit of armor, accompanied by angel who was also sporting tiny armor.

"Eep!!" she says hiding behind AJ

"she's been terrified of Blackjack ever since the boar thing. we get why but we know that he's not that bad" Rainbow says

"So we convinced her to come along" Pinkie says smiling.

"But she'd only come if we took precautions" Twilight says rolling her eyes. Where is Blackjack anyway?

"In the Backyard playing with clover, come on I'll show you" Trixie says walking to the rear of the house and to the patio door. the back yard is a half acre large and secured by more palisades with many of the tree's trimmed to allow more sunlight. Trixie leads the girls into the yard following the sound of wood clacking and yells, they reach a clearing where another Diamond dog girl is standing holding blackjacks jacket in her arms and in the center of the clearing Blackjack and Clover spar with wooden practice swords. Clover hacks at blackjack as he continues to move and block her attacks.

This is Playing? Twilight asks watching as blackjack retaliates putting clover on defense

"It looks awesome" Rainbow says excited as Clover breaths balls of fire at black jack only for him to knock each one away.
" I wish we did stuff like this in the wonder bolts"

Clover continues her barrage until she spots an opening and dives in for a hard slash, only for blackjack to step to the side causing her to crash and upon turning to face him found his wooden blade pointing in her face.

"you over committed" Black jack comments moving his sword and offering his hand.

"I'll get you next time dad" clover pouts as she gets to her feet.

"Of course you will" he says patronizing as he retrieves his coat and petting the dog who was holding it. " Thank you Ginger"

The Dog girl blushes and bows her head as Blackjack walks to the ponies.

"Showing off as always master." Trixie says

"Your one to talk" Blackjack retorts and the two stare at each other scowling before bursting out into casual laughter. The group returns to the patio and sits at a large picnic table with Blackjack and Twilight sitting at the opposing heads and the rest in between. Pinkie has already drawn a fully detailed map of Blackjacks compound in crayon, much to blackjacks surprise and slight concern.

"Alright Party planners let's make this the best Housewarming party that Equestrias ever Partied" Pinkie says Slamming her hooves on the table in excitement.

"We should get DJ Pon3 to play, do you like Dubstep Blackjack?" Twilight asks with a smile.

"Wait, you ponies have Dubstep?" Blackjack asks legitimately surprised leaning forward and his eyes wide. with the others staring in surprised from his outburst.

"Y-yeah...." Twilight responds.

"I.. love Dubstep" Blackjack says calming his tone after reading the room.

"Great!!, Now lets talk about the theme." Pinky adds getting Taking out a large book titles: Big Book of Party Themes by Pinkameana Diane Pie. " I personally like the Super Birthday Party Experience but what about you? she asks Black Jack sliding the book to him.

"hmmm...." Blackjack flips through the pages skimming through the various themes, some exciting others very strange. a few catch his eye, like the Fantasy Tavern theme and the Sci fi Cantina theme but then he finds one that really speaks to him. " I like the club experience" he adds to many of the ponies confusion except for pinkie and surprisingly applejack.

Club experience? whats that? Rainbow adds curious.

"Oh it's one of those parties in a dark room with loud heavy bass music and Neon lights with..."

"With occasionally Mares dancing on poles dressed in scandalous outfits..." applejack adds

Rainbow dash's eyes widen before suddenly bursting out. "How am I just hearing about this!?" she yells before crossing her hooves in spite

"And how do you know about that Applejack?" Rarity adds curious.

"There's.... a lot of things to do in the Manehatten" she says looking away.

"And you didn't tell me? Rainbow yells at applejack who is avoiding eye contact with the Pegasus

While the two ponies discuss the scandalous activities of Applejack, Angel bunny leaves Fluttershy's arms and marches across the table to blackjack

"No Angel come back." Fluttershy says sheepishly as her bunny continues to march at the Blackjack who is grinning as he listens to the mares discussion.

Angel tugs on blackjacks shirt and upon gaining his attention began to threaten him with violence using charades. Blackjack couldn't help but smile at the rabbits adorable threat and as Angel was finishing his threat blackjack began to scratch under his chin causing the creature to melt in his hand. doing a complete 180 the bunny went from brave and threatening to sweet and docile as he removed his armor to allow Blackjack to pet his belly. Blackjack always found small animals soothing but could never afford them in his old life but petting this bunny right now gave him a sense of bliss as he continued soon realizing that every pony was staring at him.

"Awwwwww" they say as angel nuzzles blackjacks hand eager for more scratching and petting. After seeing both Angel's reactions and Blackjacks gentle handling of her pet, Fluttershy begins to ease up realizing that blackjack wasn't the brutal monster she feared, but a creature who was rough but kind when he wanted to be. Taking a deep breath she removes her helmet and smiles at blackjack.

"I guess you're not so scary after all" she says as angel returns to her and whispers into her ear " And Angel say's you give the best tummy rubs" she says before giggling at the sight of Clover nodding in agreement.

Afterwards the group resumed their party planning. they all agreed not to hire mare to dance on poles but Blackjack insisted on having them installed anyway just incase. Applejack and Rainbow dash agreed that stronger Drinks were a must so Blackjack wouldn't be the last creature standing...again. Twilight, Trixie and Rarity set up the stage for both Trixie's Magic Show and Dj Pon3's Setup. and with the assistance of the diamond dogs and pinkies party cannons the set up was finished in a relatively short time. Soon the Main Room of Blackjacks home changed from hotel lobby to a manehatten night club complete with neon LED lights, large and small base speakers, fog machine's, stripper poles, lasers and a Bar stocked with hard apple cider and other drinks blackjack managed to acquire from the diamond dogs.

"I'll be back tomorrow with the good stuff" Applejack says to blackjack as he stocks the bar.

"Sweet make sure it's got more kick" blackjack says with a chuckle

"Buck yeah" Apple says hoof bumping blackjack before heading to the door. " Well I got apples to buck so I'll see y'all tomorrow."

"Wait up AJ, you still have some explaining to do" Rainbow says flying after her.

"My Card, We should defiantly meet up and talk shop you have a great eye for design". Rarity says floating her business card into the mans pocket.

Acquired Item: Carousel Boutique business card

"Revoir Blackjack" She says exiting.

"Well I got sweets to bake, so I'll be seeing you" pinkie says hoping out.

"Bye Blackjack, see you at the party." Twilight says as she leaves as well leaving only Fluttershy and Angel.

Um...I.. If is not too much trouble would you like to come see the rest of my animals? she says looking up at blackjack. who could only smile at the timid Pegasus.

"Of course, I love animals" he says with a warm smile.

"Great, I'll see you tomorrow then" she says leaving to catch up with her friends.

As the girls exit the Ever free they hear Blackjack call them.

"Hey girls! can you do me a favor!?" He says snapping his fingers and immediately a tied up Bon Bon appears in front of them. " Take her back to Sun butt for me, won't you?

The Ponies are shocked and confused at the sudden change of events before twilight calms herself and simply responds " Sure thing Blackjack" she unties the mare with her magic and helps her up.

"Thank you!" Black Jack says before walking back to the Deck Fort.

Castle of Friendship, Map room

Twilight and Bon Bon to explain to the rest about Celestia's orders to monitor Blackjack and his group.

"Wait so you knew about this and you didn't tell us?" rainbow asks upset at her friend

"I couldn't tell any pony....I'm sorry girls."

"Please don't be mad at Princess Twilight" Bon Bon asks the group "Princess Celestia sent me to spy on and report any information regarding Black Jack and his group. She only casted the camouflage spell on me to help Infiltrate his house unnoticed, but yesterday I was captured by the diamond dogs after trying to enter Blackjacks workshop."

"What's so scary about a workshop?" Rainbow asks

"Nothing much, It's the materials he's mining that I'm concerned about" Bon Bon responds.

"What's he mining? Iron? Gold?" Rarity asks curious.

"Platinum and Osmium" Bon bon says causing twilights eyes to widen and the other's concern to rise.

What's wrong twilight? AJ asks placing her hoof on the mares shoulder

"Platinum and Osmium, They're the most durable metals in the land and are able to resist and even negate strong magic." twilight says still shocked.

"Exactly, I need to report this to the Princess immediately" Bon bon exclaims before bowing to twilight "Princess Twilight can you please take me to Canterlot with your magic, I'm sure the princess would want to speak to you as well."

Twilight Nods and look's to her friends " we should all go that we'll all be in the loop" The Mane Six all agree and Teleport to Canterlot.

Deck Fort, 6:39 pm

The sun is at it's lowest point just before the moon rise. the diamond dogs are off duty and enjoying the freshly built club environment, drinking tankards of Liquid wheat that their master had them producing for days. Sitting at the tables and watching the Stage as Trixie Performs her magic show with Clover assisting her. Blackjack watches from his elevated reclining chair with Milly and Ginger Sitting on his lap enjoying their reward of authorized snuggles. Black Jack is truly entranced by Trixie's use of dark magic to add flare to her card tricks resembling that of an old comic book character.

[ I wonder if it was a good idea to let that pony go? I guess there's no harm, all I'm doing is mining ore and growing crops just like any settler.]

the Dog girls continued embracing him and unlike other times they began to lick his neck causing Blackjack to feel warmer and more tense ashe noticed their bodies clinging even more than before as they gave off more heat.

[ Since when do I feel attracted to Diamond dogs? When I first rewarded them It was a Master pet thing, like with Clover and Trixie. But this time...I don't know]

As the Magic show draws to an end Trixie does her finale which involves tying her self up inside a box and having Clover ignite the box. the dogs are at the edge of their seats. while blackjack's tension continues to rise

[I guess when I absorbed that diamond dog it adjusted my body and mind. making me behave like a Diamond dog the more time I spend with them. which means...]

Blackjack snapped out of his thought after hearing light yelp from Ginger " oh sorry did I hurt you?" he says concerned

"N-no master....that's just...a sensitive area" she says blushing before licking his nose.

"O-oh..I...see" Black jack stammers as he looks down to see his hands well below the girls tail and quickly retracts it

[ Oh God! I'm actually tempted to fuck this dog girl. what am I going to do?]

While blackjack ponders the issue, Clover has now turned the box to ash and Trixie is nowhere to be seen until rising from the pile of ash completely clean. The dogs howl and clap in applause. Blackjack's stress continues to increase from the temptation of the diamond dog and the heat of his own fiend afflicted body.

[Ok Ok, deep breaths you can bring this down. you can fight this side effect until it wears off.] *Deep inhale*

Just as Blackjack was about to calm his mind and urges he's beckoned by Milly. "Master...If you want... we can go upstairs together." The dog girls look up at him with desire burning in their bright yellow eyes and with that his decision was made.

"Fuck It"

Author's Note:

Definatly my oddest chapter, but i enjoyed writing it. what do you think?. feel free to comment. Next one coming soon