• Published 21st Apr 2019
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Death March to Equestria - Toxicfox

After a long death march and his deadline closing Jason Black is finally able to sleep before his next but when he awakens he's not only on another world but a new body

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Canterlot ,Throne room 5:35 pm ( 1 hour before the end of previous chapter)

Twilight and Co teleport into the throne room. Princess Celestia is surprised not at the sudden visit But By the presence of Bob Bon amongst them. Bon Bon steps forward and bows to her princess

"I have returned with an urgent update"

"Speak" Celestia responds

"Black Jack has finished construction of his home, a fortified compound
that he's named: The Deck Fort"

Deck Fort? Celestia comments confused

"Yes princess, He's also recruited a pack of diamond dogs into his service."

Diamond dogs?, how's this possible?

"I'm not sure, I lost track of him in mines but upon returning to the Deck fort, he'd subjugated 3 diamond alphas and established a mine beneath the fort."

"Well diamond dogs are obsessed with gems and metal so that's no real concern." Celesta responds

"What concerns me princess Is Blackjacks desire for Platinum and Osmium" she says instantly grabbing Celestias attention."He has his dogs actively looking for it and every bit they find he brings to a private room in the fort ."

"For what purpose?" Celestia asks sternly

"From what I've seen it seems he's using it to craft magical items, for what purpose I can't say.

"Are you certain?" Celestia asks stoically

"It's true princess" Twilight adds " Trixie was wearing an outfit made entirely of magic equipment.

"And a beautiful one at that" rarity adds

Celestia sits on her throne assessing the situation before suddenly rainbow dash chimes in.

"No offense princess but aren't you being a little paranoid?". She asks as every pony looks at her. " I mean BlackJack may be weird but he doesn't strike me as a bad guy."

"Y-yeah he was very kind to angel and even agreed to play with my animal friends tommorrow." Fluttershy adds

"I understand your grievances girls but you must understand that he's as unpredictable as Discord and as dangerous as Tirek." Celestia explains " a creature like that could endanger all of Equestria."

"Ay don't think you need to worry princess" applejack adds " after all he did release Bon Bon after he caught her spying on him"

"You were captured?" Celestia says to Bon Bon with surprised concern

"Unfortunately yes, I was caught yesterday after trying to sneak into the private room through the mine." She explains

"Are you ok?"Celestia asks concerned

" yes princess, but after seeing me he figured out what I was doing and who sent me." she says causing Celestias eyes to widen.

"What happened afterwards?"

"After that I was locked in one of the rooms in the fort. Given food and drinks and even a private bathroom, for my captor he was very hospitable."Bon Bon said scratching the back of her head "He even allowed me to watch trixie's magic show."

"How was it?" Pinkie asks curiously

"Amazing actually, she has an entirely new set of tricks." Bon Bon responds smiling " and Clover is Just the cutest little assistant"

"Ahem, what happened next?" Celestia says trying to keep on topic

"He asked us to bring her back to you" Twilight answers.

"So if he knew you were spying on him why would he just let you go and leave it at that?" Celestia asks.

"Maybe he's got nothing to hide. " Applejack implies " he seemed like an honest feller to me"

"Maybe he's just so kind hearted that he forgave and forgot" Fluttershy says smiling

"Or maybe he just doesn't care" rainbow exclaims with a chuckle.

The tension of the room began to subside as the ponies began to jokingly theorized about Black Jacks intentions.

"Maybe he's just a simple creature who wants a roof over his head and food in his belly." Aj suggests

"I think he's a reformed monster who's out to fight other monsters" Rainbow adds acting out her description

"Or maybe he's a creature that cares for other creatures." Fluttershy says with angel nodding in agreement.

Seeing the bearers of harmony talk so fondly of Black jack brings a smile to Celestias face, knowing that he wasn't an immediate threat was a relief. Even so she was still wary of the human, the fact that he was able to not only gain the loyalty of Diamond dogs but he was also mining the only metals that can resist Alicorn Magic.

Celestia wanted to confiscate the materials before they can be used but heeding the words of her sister she knew that would only antagonize him and after hearing the opinions of the bearers of harmony it seemed he truly wasn't interested in attacking anyone so rather than act on her fear she decided to approach the situation diplomatically.

"Girls I have a favor to ask." Celestia says calling the ponies attention." I would like you to learn more about BlackJack.

" you want us to spy on him?" twilight asks with confused suspicion

" No, I simply want you to get to know him better so that we can narrow our guesses as to what he wants from his new life in Equestria." Celesta says with a smile. " That way we can put my concerns to bed and get to know our new friend."

The girls happily nod accepting their diplomatic mission and teleport back to ponyville eager for the next day. leaving celestia and Bon Bon alone in the throne room

"What now Princess ?" Bon Bon asks as she follows Celestia to the balcony.

"We wait and see for now return home to your wife and accept this as compensation for your troubles" Celestia says handing her a large bag of Bits

"Thank you for your generosity Princess" Bon Bon says bowing before Celestia teleports her home.

"*Sigh* I guess it's up to elements after all" Celestia says lowering the sun " If we're lucky that's all we'll need"

Deck Fort, March 30th, 9:25 AM

Blackjack bitterly awakens to bright lights of the morning sun and a fresh line of status updates.

Skill Acquired: Slash
Skill Acquired: Slash Resistance
Skill Acquired: Pillow Talk
Skill Acquired: Knot Tying
Skill Acquired: Seduction
Skill Acquired: Sexual Techniques
Skill Acquired: Wrestling

< Endurance Increased >

Fiend Trait Gained: Intimidating Howl
Title Acquired: Alpha Dog

<Milly has been conquered>
<Ginger has been conquered>

Title Acquired: Playboy

"Ugh what did I do last night?" Blackjack says holding his head before spotting the 2 naked Diamond dog girls laying with him on what used to be his bed, The sheets had claw marks and stains, while the head board had a huge dent and claw marks as well." Oh, that's what" he says getting up from the wrecked bed "*yawn* man it's been a while but at least I still got it hehe...hmm" his chuckle ends as he narrows his eyes and maxes out his Sexual Techniques Skill. "ahem anyway" his self monologue ends as he enters the bathroom. Blackjack begins to splash water in his face as he reaches for the towel is head instinctually shakes side to side and before he even grabbed the towel his face was already dry.

"Dear Celestia!!!" Trixie yells from behind Blackjack who turns to her " Master!? is that you?" she asks confused as she stares at him. Blackjack's features were an odd mix of his usual human appearance and his black diamond dog form. his nails were sharp, his legs matched the shape of a canines and he was sporting the signature flail tail and ears of the Diamond dogs.

Upon looking in the mirror Blackjack matched his disciples reaction "What the hell!" he says staring at his altered body.
"how did I get like this?"

"Really, Master? You have no idea how this could've happened?" she says sarcastically as Blackjack glares at her.


"Dad! Trixie! Stop Hogging the bathroom!" Clover yells banging on the door only to have black jack open it. "AH! Kill it with Fire!!!" Clover yells before igniting Blackjack with her fire breath.

Skill Acquired: Fire breath.
Skill Acquired: Fire resistance.

After maxing out his resistance and putting out the flames Blackjack makes his way downstairs and sits in his chair to think on how to fix his appearance. Scrolling through his Stats he spots the new bright red icon placed below the base of his skill tree mimicking the skill source icon of the white tree. Upon selecting it, the description opens along with a single jagged branch of red skills spreading like cracks.

Fiend Skill Tree

Indulging in the Flesh and Blood of your enemies, You make thier strength yours at the cost of your morality and humanity.

< Grants Assimilation Skill >
< Grants Monster Transfomation>
< Lowers Moral Alignment >

Below the icon was a sub-icon of a lion goat and snake's heads lined together.

You are the ultimate beast of the wild, commanding the power of all creatures, monster and beast alike.
<Grants all Primary Fiend perks simultaneously>
< Grants Custom Beast Transformation>
<+ 20 to all Fiend based abilities >
<Chimera mode: Active>

[Huh that explains it ]

BlackJack continues looking through the Fiend tree skills, Only the diamond dog tree is fully shown while the rest is blank or only shows a single icon with a question mark.

[ I guess I gained access to the tree by indulging in my diamond dog desires, that explains last night. I guess the more I use it the more control I have over it. But what about the cost of morality and humanity?]

BlackJack continues to think on this new skill tree. he was very interested in the possibility of having moster powers while the only parts that concerned him were the costs.

["I guess the humanity thing makes me look and act like the creatures I absorb, but morality? No game system can tell me what my morals are"]

BlackJack shrugs at the costs and disables the Chimera mode, within seconds his body returned to normal. " ok, that works." BlackJack says leaning back in his chair with a relieved sigh.

"Oh good you figured it out." Trixie says walking up to BlackJack. "No offense master but you look strange enough as it is, no need to copy discord" she says with a chuckle.

"Fair enough." He says joining in the laugh.

"So what do we have planned today Master." Trixie asks

Me and Clover are going to see fluttershy and her animals. I need you to pick up some things from town.

"Leaving me behind again master?" Trixie says pouting.

"Well I'd send Clover but we both know how that turned out." He says recalling twilights threatening letter. " and if I send the stooges they'll scare the store ponies."

"Hmm true" trixie says seeing his point but still upset.

"I promise we'll spend some master student time after the party,Ok?" He say looking in her eyes.

" Ok, but I'm gonna hold you to it master." She says smiling.

"Of course, but for now take these" he says handing her a scroll and a huge bag of bits. " anything left over you can use on yourself.

"Ok master" she says taking the items and leaving.

" now then *whistles*." Within seconds Rover and his stooges arrive front and center.

" Yes master?"

" Trixie is out shopping and Clover and I are going to Fluttershy's, I'm leaving you three in charge while I'm gone."

"We won't let you down master."Rover says bowing his head.

"Good boy" BlackJack says petting the dog as he walks toward the exit."Clover! c'mon or I'm leaving you!" BlackJack yells as he opens the door.

" Coming!" The dragon yells as she flies down the stairs and lands on his shoulder.

As they walk to the gate the diamond dogs bow thier heads as he passes them.

Ponyville, 10:12 am

Trixie walks down the market area. " Ok let's see what master needs this time"

1.Power tools
2. 10 Bags of Sand
3. An Atlas
4. A sketchbook
5. A bag of rubber bands
6. a pack of colored pencils
7. 5 packs of screws

"What the buck?!" Trixie says twitching her eye at the random list. " what in Celestias name does he plan to do with these?" she says to herself as she rerolls the list. " *sigh* master really is eccentric I guess" she says resigning herself as she enters the hardware shop.

Fluttershy's home, 10:45

BlackJack and Clover are enjoying a picnic with fluttershy,angel and their other animal friends. It took BlackJack some time to get used to the grizzly bear on the opposite side of the blanket but after a few cups of tea and teddy bear jokes it was a pleasant time. Clover was having a blast playing with Angel and the small critters having a mini larping session with angel riding on clovers back pretending to be a dragon knight. while Black Jack and Fluttershy sit and watch like parents at a park.

" That's so cute I've never seen angel have this much fun" Fluttershy says with a joyed smile.

"yep its not everyday a bunny gets to be a dragon knight" Blackjack adds with a chuckle

"So tell me what kind of animals do they have in your world?" She asks pouring him another cup of tea.

"Mostly the same, but they aren't this smart" Blackjack says sipping the tea and watching as Clover pretend battles harry the bear in a fight reminiscent of an old Godzilla movie, causing Blackjack to smile with a nostalgic calm and moving Fluttershy to giggle. "what?" he says looking in her direction.

"Oh nothing, you just have a very soothing smile on your face" she says giggling "It's cute, like a sleepy bear"

Acquired Title: Gentle Giant

"*yawn * That so? Well then may as well play... the.... part "He says drifting into sleep with a gentle smile.

Deck fort entrance,1:45 pm

Trixie enters the compound hauling a cart of the supplies from blackjacks list "*sigh* I don't know what master could want with this but I got it" she says carrying a cart full of the various item of her masters list " I hope master black jack appreciates my efforts" Trixie says entering the fort and handing her cart over to one of the diamond dog guards. "well since I have time to spare." she says entering the large home and setting down her hat and cloak. " may as well practice my magic." Trixie enters the backyard to the training area. Trixie powers up her horn focusing her new powers her magic turns from the usual blue into a dark purple as she conjures her spell soon enough a mass of darkness begins to form in front of her and soon takes the shape of Trixie." I..I did it" she says amazed at her spell.

Of course you did, you the great and powerful Trrixie!!" the clone says pridefully as she high hoofs the original. Trixie begins to spar with her clone throwing combat spells and illusion magic all while taking evasive maneuvers dodging her clones attacks with the skill and grace of an acrobat. " wow I really am great and powerful" she says excitedly strutting as her clone applauds. " I can't wait to show Starlight." Trixie powers up her fireworks spell in celebration but instead of her usual fireworks sye fires a massive dark beam into the sky clearing the clouds in the area. Trixie and her clone stare into the sky shocked at her sudden magic attack. " Um..maybe Trixie should dial it back a bit" she says with her clone nodding in agreement.

Canterlot, throne room

Princess Celestia was holding court discussing the plans for this years grand galloping gala. All of the noble ponies were in attendance. Fancy pants was in the midst of explaining his idea for a gold plated chocolate fountain. Although she loves everything to do with sweets Celestia's mind wandered thinking about yesterdays events with Bon Bons Intel on BlackJacks. Why was he mining the ore? How did he take the diamond dogs? And what's Going on in that "Deck Fort " of his.

"...And that's why I say we should have gold instead of silverware. Fancy says taking a bow, with many of the nobles giving a light applause.

"Grand as always Fancy" Celestia says rejoining the conversation. " Well u believe that concludes today's Gala meeting." As the nobles exit the throne room Celestia waves them out with her trademark motherly smile. After they exit Celestia returns to her throne with a deep sigh " I thought they'd never leave" she says pulling a piece of cake from behind her throne. Celestia had always snuck her sweets into her daily activities usually stashing them in various rooms around the castle. After taking a bite all her stress just melted away in chocolatey bliss. For the first time in these past few days she felt at ease before suddenly a massive tower of darkness rose in the distance almost causing her to choke. The clouds cleared around it and the skys usual blue was omitted by the dark purple aura of the beam before vanishing seconds later.

"Princess! Are you alright" a guard says bursting in with his squad.

"I'm fine" she responds rehiding her cake behind the throne. " what of that dark energy?"

We've tracked the energy to and it's confirmed the source is coming from...

"The Deckfort " Celestia finishes with a determined look in her eyes

Author's Note:

Wow this one was odd yo write and rewrite. Hope you guys enjoy it and as always there's more to come soon