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Death March to Equestria - Toxicfox

After a long death march and his deadline closing Jason Black is finally able to sleep before his next but when he awakens he's not only on another world but a new body

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The DeckFort, 9:25 am

Clover awakens to the smell of breakfast, she quickly flies down to the main room only to see Trixie cooking at the stove.

"Good Morning Clover, Trixie is almost done with breakfast" she says greeting the excited dragon.

"You're cooking Breakfast?" Clover asks curious, she had no idea that her new friend could do anything besides card tricks and magic but she was pleased by the smell.

"Yep, Master Black Jack left Trixie a list of things todo while he's out all morning." she says smiling as she serves the dragon a plate of ham and sapphires and herself some Oat pancakes. she still had a hard time tolerating the smell but thanks to her teacher she at least gained a resistance to it.

"Where is dad anyway?"clover asks curious.

"Upstairs sleeping." Trixie responds taking a bite of her meal, clover looks at her confused until Trixie explains " apparently his species Sleeps later than ponies or young dragons.so we probably won't see him until noon.

"Ohhhh ok, so what are we going to do?" Clover asks excited as she scarfs down her meal.

"Trixie Is going to Practice her spell craft, master has something for you to do too." she says floating a scroll to the young dragon. while continuing to eat. " we can play after we're done" she says smiling

"Aw man..." she says slouching as she takes the scroll and flies out house. soaring through the sky. she see's all of ponyville from the sky. " ok what's on this list?"

Clover Chores

1. Go to twilight's castle and borrow magic books

2. Get measurements from rarity

3. Return for Lunch

"huh seems easy enough I don't know why Trixie made it sound like I was going to be all day." she rolls up the list and lands in front of Twilight's door. Clover knocks on the castle door and spike answers the door

"Oh hi clover, what can I do for you? he asks standing in the door. without another word clover flies in and goes to the library. Hey! you can't just fly into peoples castles! he says flying after her

"Why not? Dragons always invades castles" she says flying toward the library.

Twilight was in the middle of her third reorganizing of the month. she was just finishing her last row of shelves until suddenly the dragons burst through the door. twilight in her shock shoots the book she was holding up into the air and thanks to clover's increased luck, hits spike in the wing causing him to shift his course and collide right into a book case. causing it to fall over into another then another and like dominos all the shelves quickly fell over with the last one falling toward twilight but the alicorn quickly teleported away from the shelf.

"Oh my Celestia!" she yells quickly going to spike and began moving the fallen bookcases. Meanwhile Clover landed on the "M" shelf and grabbed 6 books from the top shelf.

"I'm just borrowing these" she says cheerfully smiling.

Twilight glares at the dragon but her focus shifts to spike after he emerges from the collapsed shelf. "spike are you alright?"

"*cough cough* yeah, but.....there's something wrong with that girl" he says glaring at Clover who is continuing to grab books with her tail and add them to the stack.

"Spike she's just a hatchling, she doesn't know any better" she says trying to mediate

"And I don't think he's teaching her better" spike says scowling at her as gets to his feet. upon seeing their glares clover just smiles and waves completely unaware of their frustration. " we got to do something twilight, before she makes things worse"

"I don't see how she can make it worse, and this might be a great opportunity to teach her about responsibility and consideration" she says smiling, trying to keep a cool head despite the fact that 2 days of organization was ruined in seconds. "Hey Clover" she calls to the dragon

"Yes?" the dragon responds with an innocent smile as she places another book on her stack.

"You've made quite the mess, you have to take responsibility for your actions like a big dragon" twilight says with a lecturing tone as Clover nods agreeing with her words " now come help us clean this up, im sure with all three of us it'll be done in no time."

"Yeah let's do it" she says happily flying up and placing the books on the window. "Let's clean this place up"

"See spike all she needs is some proper guidance and..." twilight is cut off by the sudden flash of light, upon turning around she sees Clover breathing purple fire on the collapsed book cases across from her. "Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Twilight shrieks before using her magic to quell the flames. After putting out the fire twilight begins to hyperventilate as she inspects the charred shelves.

"Why in tartarus would you do that." Spike yells at the confused dragon girl as twilight continues to hyperventilate and retrieve the damaged books.

"You said clean up and that was the fastest way to get rid of all that mess. " clover says as if pointing out the obvious

Title Acquired: Arsonist

"What about the books?" The dragon yells

"They're safe." she says pointing to the stack she had made to bring back to her master. "See?"

"What about the other 308?". Spike says as twilight looks at him both suprised and impressed. " Twilight I've helped you organize this place for years, I've got the numbers memorized" he says smug before returning thier attention to clover.

"Well they can't be that important if Daddy BlackJack didn't want them." She says with slight sass. Both twilight and spike became irritated by the dragons careless behavior and seeing this Clover quickly grabbed the stack of books and flew out the window.

"Spike...Send a letter to BlackJack and use the dead ink!" Twilight says on the verge of snapping.

"Don't you mean red ink?" Spike asks with parchment in hand

"YES!!!" She yells in a slight amplified voice.

Back at the Deckfort, 10:15 am.

Trixie is stirring boiling water in a cauldron. The couldren is ebony with golden fire designs etched in it lower area and with its magical properties it can boil with a fire and maintain a controlled temperature via the dial on its front.

Skill Acquired: Brewing

" ok the water is at a good temperature, now let's get those ingredients." She says grabbing the ingredients list. " ok next Trixie must grind the black beans into powder." She says placing the list down and grabbing the mortar and pestle and begins grinding the beans into powder and adding them to the water. After several bowls the water is now an almost pitch black color with a very strong scent. "All done" trixie smiles proud of herself. As BlackJack begins descending the stairs.
"Oh good morning mastuhhhhh" trixie's words are stopped by the sight of BlackJack wearing nothing but shorts with something poking from under the surface. "M..m..master!!!" She says covering her eyes with her hat.

"*yawn* morning trixie" BlackJack says casually ignoring her embarrassment and grabbing a goblet from a cabinet. " is it ready?" he asks looking at her

"Y..yes master, I followed your recipe exactly. She says blushing as she uncovers her eyes only to see BlackJack scoop the liquid with the goblet and drinks.

"Ahhhhhhhh, fresh black coffee" he says rejuvenated as he walks to the door scratching his ass.

"Wait...coffee!? You had Trixie make coffee?" She says upset at her master Deception." Why have trixie make when could just buy it?" She asks.

" because like everything else in this town, it's too sweet." BlackJack states taking another swig of his coffee. Suddenly a not drops from green fire onto his head "what the hell"

Acquired skill: messager breath <Dragon>

[ "well that's new, guess I can even gain skill that come from this world"]
BlackJack opens and reads the letter in bold red ink



Signed Twilight Sparkle

PS. The due date on those books is 2 months, I'll give you your library card at your house warming party.

"Well shit." BlackJack says facepalming.

"What is it master?" Trixie asks.

"Clover almost burned down twilights library." He says with an annoyed sigh.

"Ooooh, that's bad, twilight is a fiend when it comes to her books" trixie adds. " you really should teach Clover how to properly act with ponies master."

"Yeah you should " BlackJack says bypassing trixie and equipping his clothes.

"Wait why me?" Trixie complains as BlackJack grabs another goblet full of coffee.

"Because my common sense isn't the same as the ponys and your the only pony I can think of who won't sugarcoat it too much." BlackJack says as he finishes his second cup and grabbing his sword and pickaxe " I'm going to mine some materials in the gem caves."

"But master, what about my magic lessons?" Trixie asks slightly upset.

" I already boosted your magic and unlocked your skills, it's your choice on how you want to use it's" BlackJack says walking out the door. Trixie is left confused by her master yet again but this time she feel at ease, if he said she's stronger she believes him and decides to practice her card tricks.

Carousel Boutique

Clover is standing on a platform wrapped in several measuring tapes. "uh can I move now?"

"Not yet Darling, your father told you to get your measurements" she says continuing to measure and write down every measurement that could be measured." that means he plans to get you some clothes."

"Really?" clover asks excited

"Of course, why else would he send you for measurements?" she answers removing the measuring tape and writing the measurements on a spare paper. "Clover dear, may I trouble you for a small favor?" She asks sweetly.

"Sure, what is it?" Clover asks

"Could I possibly, use you as the model for my new dragon line" she says sweetly with a smile.

"What's a model?" clover asks innocently tilting her head. As she collects her pile of books.

"It's a grand role of inspiring creatures with your beauty and elegance." Rarity says in a grandiose manner. Clovers eyes begin to widen in excitement at the white ponys offer.

"Really? You think I'm beautiful?" Clover asks smiling.

"Of course darling, the sheen on your scales glistens like obsidian, your horns are smooth and graceful like onyx and your mane is a majestic sliver, there's no dragon I've seen that's as radiant as you." Rarity says holding a large mirror infront of the young dragon. Clover began to really look at herself for the first time, taking in Rarity's compliments her tail begins to wag

"Yes I wanna be a model, but...." she hangs her head " what if daddy BlackJack won't let me?" She says saddened.

"Nonsense!, Any good father would encourage his daughter in what she wants to be" rarity say putting her hoof on the dragons shoulder " and if he doesn't we'll just have to convince him." She adds with a hoof pump.

Clover leaves Rarity's shop carrying a large bag holding the books and 2 scrolls in her mouth.

The Deckfort , 12:21 PM

Trixie is preparing lunch all the while complaining. " I can't that Trixie is stuck preparing food again, this is a massive waste of my talents" she says crafting sandwiches with her magic. " master BlackJack should be using my talents for something other than labor." Soon enough BlackJack Returns opening the door.

"Trixie, I'm back" he says carrying 2 large bags and with 3 creatures behind him.

"Welcome back maaaaaAaaaaa!!!" She screams shocked at the sight of 3 diamond dogs also carrying large bags.

"Why're you yelling?"BlackJack asks

" those are diamond dogs master! They're dangerous!" She says charging up her horn

" dangerous? please." He says putting the bags down and scratching on of the diamond dogs ears. Within seconds the dogs tail was wagging and and he began kicking his leg."who's a good boy?, who's a good boy." The dog drops the bag and kneels allowing BlackJack to further scratch his ears.

"Me good boy" the dog responds smiling with his tongue out. While the other 2 nuzzle his arm also wanting attention.

Trixie's mouth was hung open as she watched her master treat these scary diamond dogs like they were actual dogs.

"This is Rover, Fido, and Spot, I found them in the mines looking for gems." He says still petting them. "Turns out thier mine was running dry and after thier encounter with Rarity they refuse to go anywhere near pony territory." He says still petting rover while the other two move the bags to his workshop. " then I told them about the forest and the unmined grounds it has, so I told them they can mine here if they help me out.

"And they didn't try to enslave or hurt you?" She asks confused as she witnesses BlackJack grabbing 3 bowls out the cabinet.

"Why would they? I solved thier crisis." He says putting the bowls on the floor. The 3 dogs immediately start eating as the bows are placed. Trixie couldn't believe her eyes 3 full grown diamond dogs we acting like domesticated animals. Her concern increased once she saw a spade tag on thier collars as they ate. Her eyes widened at the realization of the true power of the beast pact . He fear intensified as she watch her master treat casually grab a sandwich and sit in his chair while the dogs ate from thier bowls just next to him.

"Mm this is good, trixie." He says complimenting her.

"Oh..thank you master" she says nervously.

Soon enough Clover arrives home flying through the door with her bag of books." I'm home and I'm hun...." BlackJack cuts her off mid sentence by raising his hand. And points down gesturing her to come to him. Clover gets nervous but obediently walks to her master.

" you got some explaining to do young lady" he says with a stern tone. Clover is confused as to what she did wrong as she nervously clutches the 2 scrolls from rarity behind her back. BlackJack holds out his hand and without delay she hands him the scrolls. Without opening them he places them on his lap and looks at Clover. " I got a message from Twilight saying you almost burned down her library" he says looking at her, Clover gulps realizing her error. " I understand your still very young but that's no excuse to destroy other people's things.

"But I thought the other books weren't important and it would be a faster clean up to burn them." She says nervously

That's no excuse! BlackJack yells causing all the creatures to wince in fear. "You can't burn things willy Billy, peop... ahem creatures can get hurt, and then sunburnt will have you caged or worse." Clover hangs her head ashamed after realizing how dangerous her fire is. " learn to think before you act, understand?" He asks

"Yes,..I'm sorry daddy" she says sad.

" it's ok little one, I'm not mad" he says in a calmer voice

"Y-your not?" She says looking up

" no, because it's my fault for not teaching you how to behave around ponies" he says leaning back in his chair and patting his leg. Clover smiles and flies over to him and sit on his right leg. " we'll have trixie teach you more about ponies before the party next week." He says petting her. BlackJack gestures his hand to the dogs telling them to leave him. They obey and exit the house. " now let's see what you brought me" he says raising his hand toward the bag Clover had brought, his hand and the bag glow a glistening mixture of black and purple as he opens the bag and brings the books to him using only magic. The books were mostly basic spell books and books on ancient legends. " here ,this will help you improve on your MP usage" he says floating one of the books to trixie.

"Thank you master" trixie says taking the book with her magic.

BlackJack then grabs the scrolls off his lap. " I know one of these is your measurements but what's the other for?" he asks.

"Open it" clover says with a slight giggle.

"Heh ok then" he says unraveling the note.

Dear Mr.BlackJack

I have asked Sweet Little Clover to be the model for my new line of clothes for dragons, she is a beautiful creature that must be adored by all. If you allow her to do so I am more than willing to tailor new outfits for you as well and share the profits of this new line. Please respond as soon as possible

Your Truly,Rarity

[Wow and I though I was pushy about design.]
BlackJack smiles in his nostalgia as he flashes back to his pre equestria days, arguing with his co workers over the creature and item concepts, constantly demanding to be the designer of one creature or another. He understood the artists passion.

" Clover, is this something you really want to do?" He asks looking her

"Uh huh" she says nodding confidently

" Ok, but we're going to wait till after the party to tell rarity." He says smiling

"Master, can I also ask something of you?" Trixie chimes as she approaches his chair.

"May trixie perform her magic tricks as the party's opening act." She asks with hopeful eyes

" I though that was a given" BlackJack says petting the unicorn " after all I wanna see your amazing new magic skills. Trixie's eyes brighten like never before as she ran up to her room to practice her tricks. BlackJack then open his messager board and began to type pinkie pie, he wasn't sure it would work until he sent the message and immediately got a response

Pinkie pie: I thought that was a given?(^w^)

BlackJack didn't know whether to be suprised or scared at that pony but he was relieved that she wasn't hostile.

The rest of the day went as normally as possible and when night fell and the girls went to sleep BlackJack entered his workshop. Inside the three diamond dogs kneeled to him.

"It's ready Master "Rover says as he and the other dogs stand aside showing a newly installed cellar door. BlackJack entered and climbed down the makeshift ladder. Upon reaching the bottom. He saw an already hollowed out cavern, and several more diamond dogs mining and digging.

"How many are there?" BlackJack asks

"13 master, but more will come later." Rover reports.

" good, and how long befor the smeltery is up? He asks

"2 weeks, we're still moving tools and supplies here." Fido responds.

"Perfect, keep up the good work boys" BlackJack climbs back up the ladder Returning to his workshop. He places his hand on the bags and transfers the contents into his inventory

Acquired Item: Iron ore ×30
Acquired Item: Coal × 100
Acquired item: Platinum ore × 20
Acquired item: Crystal x 50

After the items are transferred he walks to his crafting tables. " Let's get building"

Author's Note:

Hope you guys like this more Clover focused chapter. The next one is going to cover BlackJacks perspective of that day. Feel free to comment, I love reading them. Next one coming soon :)