• Published 21st Apr 2019
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Death March to Equestria - Toxicfox

After a long death march and his deadline closing Jason Black is finally able to sleep before his next but when he awakens he's not only on another world but a new body

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Sugar cube Corner, Mid afternoon

Blackjack and his beasts sat at one of the outside tables enjoying smoothies. Trixie is having an orange, banana and raspberry smoothie, Clover is having a strawberry and chocolate smoothie with black cherry and blackjack was enjoying a mocha latte after finding out that equestria had coffee like drinks he just couldn't resist.

While the girls enjoyed their smoothies BlackJack was looking through Trixie's stats

Trixie Lulamoon {street magician}
lvl 30
Owner: BlackJack
HP: 300/ 300
MP: 100/100
STR: 15
VIT: 20

Her build was better built for a rouge not a mage. After trixie told him more about her he realized that she was literally a magician not a mage, her entire magic skill list could be found in a childs magic kit back on earth. He sat there thinking of what to do with her until she noticed her gesturing to him.

"Master are you ok? You're staring into space really hard" Trixie says waving her hoof in his face.

"He does that alot" clover responds slurping her smoothie.

"What are you thinking about." Trixie asks curious

"How odd your stats are" blackjack responds. " you say you want to do magic right?"

Trixie nods in agreement as he continues

"But your act doesn't require much magic, just speed and slight of hand watch" black Jack mockingly does the removing your thumb stick but the girls are in aw at his magical abilities.

"That's amazing master you can even do stage magic like a pro" trixie says clapping her hooves.

"Oh Lord" BlackJack says facepalming. BlackJack decides to update trixie's stats with what she needed.

Trixie Lulamoon

STR: 15 -> 30
VIT: 20 -> 30
INT:15-> 30

With the boost to her INT and DEX BlackJack unlocked Illusion branch on her skill tree as well as the dark magic tree.

"Ok perfect" BlackJack says confidently closing the menu only to see the girls with confused looks on thier face. "Oh right, I used our pact to boost your magical power and agility."

Trixie's eyes lit up like a hearts warming tree " really? I'm already more powerful?" She says with a bright smile.

"Yep, you already had a good amount of unused strength so I just put it where it was needed." He says taking another sip of his mocha.

"Hey what about me?" Clover asks standing in her chair.

"I already increased your stats, you need to level up more before you get anything good." He says leaning back in his seat.

Castle of Friendship, same time

The mane 6 have long been awake but with complications.

"Uaagggggjhhhh" rainbow groans with an Ice pack on her head and sunglasses on

" Ay need a raw egg....2 shots of chilisauce, salt, pepper and a unicorn to shoot me. apple jack adds with her face planted on the table.

" that's what you get for competing with a creature from another world" Twilight says lecturing as she puts glasses of water and medicine on the tray.

Rainbow rolls her eyes and looks down at the map of friendship "Uh Twilight, why is there a hole in the Ever
free forest?

"What do you meEEEEEAAAAAAAAAANNN!!!!" she screams as she spots the large split in the Ever free.

Within the hour the Mane 6 had gathered to the large hole.

"Ok girls I've already sent a letter to princess Celestia she'll send reinforcements" Twilight says leading the group through the hole. rarity and twilight light the way with their magic. the path is straight forward and covered in ashes and charred vines.

"Ew what's that smell?" rainbow says covering her muzzle

"It's absolutely repulsive" rarity adds wrapping a velvet scarf around her muzzle

"What could make such a horrible....AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Fluttershy screams upon spotting the bones and tossed guts of 3 creature before puking behind a tree. "what kind of monster would do this?

Snorts and squeals are heard from the bushes catching the girls attention. suddenly 6 blue boars come running toward the ponies, twilight blasts the ground with magic causing the boars to lose traction and slip. Fluttershy immediately goes to largest of them and pets it.

"Are you ok Mr.Boar? she asks helping the boar stand. the boar responds with snorts and shrieks." *gasp* how far?" she asks concerned. The boar answers before running off to the forest.

"What did he say?" twilight asks

"He said that a red Alpha is chasing them"

Well how far is it? Apple jack asks before 3 seconds later a massive crimson boar busts through the trees with blazing red eyes.

"Not far" Fluttershy answers shaking.

The boar charges at them, twilight puts up a barrier around them right as the boar strikes. The barrier cracks but still repels the boar. The Alpha is pushed back but recovers and bashes against it again. the shield was faltering with each bash. rarity reinforces the barrier with her own magic but it still cracked from the boars strikes

"What do we do Twilight?" Applejack asks distressed as the barrier continues cracking.

After a few moments, twilight formulates her plan.

"Pinkie I need you to distract him, apple jack you get behind him and lasso his hind leg, Rainbow you and applejack will pull as soon as rarity and I break his balance then Fluttershy will use her stare to pacify him" Twilight says commanding.

"Right!" the girls acknowledge as they prepare to move. Twilight Drops the shield as soon as the boar charges, all but pinkie move around its charge, Pinkie jumps and blasts her party cannon blinding it with cake batter. Without his sight the boar began flailing about as he kicks his legs AJ lassos his leg and with rainbows help looped the rope over a tree branch at the same time twilight and rarity use their magic to blast his side, as soon as he lost his footing RD, AJ and Pinkie all pull hoisting the boar off the ground. Fluttershy flies up to the Boar and activates her stare, but instead of incapacitating the boar it enrages it further causing it to frail about and break the rope and upon landing it runs through the hole in the forest.

"Oh No, After him" Twilight yells running after the boar with the others close behind. After exiting the hole the boar is blaster by a stream of golden magic knocking it to the ground. as twilight and the gang exit they see Princess Celestia and her guard restraining the boar." Thank you Princess Celestia" twilight says grateful.

"Your very Welcome Twilight" she says with a regal tone as her guards move the boar into one of the cages they had brought to trap the wild beasts of the Everfree. " did you find out what made this hole through the ever free?" she asks looking at the opening.

"Unfortunately no, at the end of the path there was only bones and entrails,, and then we ran into that " she says pointing at the boar.

"It's definitely an odd creature, I've never seen a boar like this one" Celestia say looking at the crimson boar.

" The weird thing was it's ability to resist fluttershy's stare" twilight adds.

" that is concerning, but we'll figure that out later for now we must secure this entrance and relocate this creature far from it." she says gesturing to the guards who wheel the cage away. " Anyway how's our guest doing?"

"Ehhehehe, there was a few issues but after a pinkie party everything was fine" she says a little embarrassed.

"Well that good, where is he now?" Celestia asks curious

"well umm...." twilight answers nervous

"At sugar cube corner with clover and Trixie" pinkie adds

"Yeah he's there with...wait TRIXE!!!!" Twilight says surprised, even though Trixie was reformed and Starlights best friend she still gets nervous when she gets involved in things given her arrogance and lack of skill twilight was worried she was going to annoy or worse aggravate Blackjack, leading to some pony getting hurt. " Pinkie do you Know where he is now?"

"Right there" she says point ahead to the three walking towards them.

As Blackjacks group pass by the guards wheeling away the boar's cage, the boar goes berserk and attempts to attack him bashing against the cage. Both Clover and Trixie jump in surprise but blackjack just turns to stare at it.

["So I was right, Monsters an Bosses are here too"]

"Be careful blackjack " Celestia says walking to him with twilight and the others close behind her. "we don't know what that creature is" she says warning.

I do...Blackjack says as he draws his sword and stabs between the bars of the cage into the boars neck. every pony stares shocked at the boar squealing and flailing in pain while blackjack stares at it with a casual and uncaring stare eventually the boars glowing eyes fad as it collapses in the cage." Dead" he says pulling out the sword and flicking the blood off his sword.

XP gained
Acquired Title: Beast Hunter (Medium)
Acquired Title: Ninja Looter
- notoriety gained: Dangerous, the people fear your violent actions and are unsure of your moral alignment-

Fluttershy Screams at the boars sudden death while the other ponies stare at blackjack with concern and distrust

"Why did you do that? It was already trapped and was going to be relocated deeper in the forest." Celestia asks

"That would've been a waste of time and effort, there's hundreds of beasts just like it and all of them are Hostile" he explains." I figured the glowing red eyes would make that obvious." he says gesturing to the beast while looking at the ponies like it's their first day on the job. while the main 6 comfort Fluttershy, Celestia walks closer to the blackjack while her guards begin to slowly surround him.

"you seem to know an awful lot about that creature" she says narrowing her gaze

[ "of course I do I designed it" ]

"It's called a Bad Boar, a beast from my world, common in wild wooded Areas" Blackjack explains "They're usually found in groups of 7 to 10 and lead by a single alpha per group, and come in 6 different colors" he continues reading straight from the bestiary in his menu." It seems I wasn't the only thing summoned here Princess" Blackjack says hoping to lighten the ponies opinion of him.

"It seems so" she says still suspicious of him but accepting of his explanation. she had an odd feeling that he was keeping something secret but she couldn't guess what. the only thing she could do was get as much information from him as she can and keep him on steady watch. suddenly 2 guards walk out from the hole in the forest.

"Princess Celestia, It's as princess Twilight said, the entire path is burnt and coated in ash and the 3 piles of bones and entrails appear to be from the same creatures." the guard reports saluting his princess

"Hmm, Blackjack would you happen to know a creature that could do this?" she says pointing to the hole

"Oh that was master blackjack" Trixie says grabbing the attention of every pony " I was travelling back to ponyville from my show tour and took a shortcut through the outer parts of the Everfree forest, but then those beasts attacked me" she continues acting out the scene as she tells it, " Then right as Trixie thought it was curtains but then, the Grrreat and Powerful Blackjack appeared and slayed those beasts with a single swipe of his sword." the ponies are surprised by the tale while Clover nods and reenacts it with her. "Then while treating my injuries he displayed his awesome power by burning a clear path to town and after seeing Trixie's great potential he agreed to take her under his wing" she smiles confidently flicking her cape.

"Bullshit, you chased after us and begged me to teach you magic" black jack comments leaning against the cage and snacking on bad boar jerky he made from the remaining meat, while clover stood next to him copying his leaning pose.

"You don't have to be so blunt master" Trixie says pouting and crossing her arms.

" And you don't have to over hype things" he responds pointing to his student.

During the exchange rainbow and rarity had left with fluttershy to get her sight away from the dead boar. the other three were left confused after hearing Trixie's story, It wasn't like Trixie to call anyone great and powerful except herself and even odder how she seems so close to him despite having just met him today.

One thing doesn't add up, what were you doin in the Everfree Forest Blackjack" Applejack says pointing her hoof at the man. "seem awfully convenient that you happened to be there" her words brought up a point as the other ponies began looking at blackjack eager for an answer.

"Food" he says with a calm face. " went to the forest to get some food for me and clover" he explains with no hesitation.

"Why did you come here when there are all kinds of yummy sweets, fruits and gems in ponyville" Pinkie adds tilting her head curious

Before he could speak twilight steps forward " you were hunting for meat weren't you?" she asks with a serious expression. the other pones except Celestia were surprised by thequestion and even more shocked by blackjacks response

"Yep, I'm an Omnivore even though I can survive off of veggies and bread doesn't mean I want to, and since I want Clover to grow up big and strong I can't feed her only gems, other wise she'll never grow." he answers plainly as he pets the dragon girl.

Celestia wanted to reprimand him for his actions but realized that he was technically in the right. although she knew of his species eating habits she made no effort to assist in it hoping that he could subside on pony food alone. So allowing him to hunt the beasts of the forest seemed like the best way to resolve things. Even better this could be a golden opportunity to wipe out the Everfree forest, thereby saving her little ponies of it's danger and opening up more territory for expansion.

"Blackjack you will have to take responsibility for your actions, as you can see this hole is a clear path for dangerous creatures to enter and attack ponyville." she says kindly pushing the blame to him."

"True, this is a huge gape in the woods and its literally a path in and out of the deeper area of the forest" black jack says rubbing his chin and looking at the hole.

"I'm sure you've already thought of a way to handle the situation" she says calmly.

" I sure have, but I'm going to need all you ponies to give me some space"

"Agreed, twilight please go inform zecora that we will reimburse her for anything lost during the forests destruction" she smiles confidently addressing her pupil until being suddenly interrupted.

"What the hell are you talking about? Blackjack says looking back at her confused " I'm not going to destroy these woods"

Acquired title: Tree Hugger

"what? but I thought..."Celestia responds confused. the other ponies were shocked as well but AJ Pinkie and Twilight were relieved that not only was blackjack willing to take responsibility for what he did but also offered a solution that wouldn't involve more death and destruction.

"T-Then what are you Planning to do?" she asks trying not to lose her composure

"simple, I'm going to move in and protect the town from any creature that would try to attack." he says walking to the entrance he made. " that way I can feed myself and clover, the ponies don't have to deal with the blood and guts and you can save precious horse power on defending the area." he says walking back to Celestia and extending his hand " sound good?"

Celestia was stuck, she looked around to see her elements of harmony and even her own guards agreeing with this plan. It's strange how this creature can kill without hesitation but still offer reasonably peaceful options when it suits him. she will definitely need to keep a close eye on him but for now. "Sounds good" she says shaking his hand.

Acquired Title: Sentry
Acquired Title: Negotiator
-Property Acquired: Ever Free Clearing-

Celestia and her guards fly back to Canterlot, leaving blackjack and the others standing at the entrance of the ever free.

"wow partner you sure are an odd one" Applejack says" not many creatures would choose to live in the Everfree forest"

"yeah, it's super creepy and dangerous with only monster and weird plants but it also has our friend Zecora and now..*huge gasp* WE HAVE TWO FRIENDS IN THE EVERFREE FOREST DO I HEAR EVERFREE PARTY!!!, wait we're friends right, right" she says way in Blackjacks face

Friend request: Pinkamena Diane Pie {Party Master}

Are you going to accept?, I know I sent it, it should be In your notifications right here" she says pointing to the exact spot where the invite showed up.

[what the hell?]

Blackjack looks at her stats with Wide eyes

Pinkamena Diane Pie {Party Master}
Lvl: 400

He was surprised to see someone actually out Level him and even more surprised that she knew about his UI, this Pony had to be glitched. but he figured he might as well go along with it and clicked the accept on the request.

"Yahooooo!!! now if you'll excuse me I have a house warming party to plan, but before I do I have a few questions for you" she says staring into Blackjacks face. " how old are you, when's your birthday, what kind of cake do you like, what's your favorite color, do you like mares, colts, or both, and finally are you allergic to confetti." she asks all at once. Black jack is caught off guard by the ponys speed but after a moment to process. he responded

"mm 27, June 9th, chocolate with vanilla frosting, Dark purple. I prefer females so mares I guess? and no but I find it annoying to clean up." He finishes and see's pinkie pie writing his answers on her note pad with her hair.

"got it" she says before speeding away back to ponyville.

"Anyway.... it's good to know that you'll be watchin our flanks partner" applejack says appreciative. " an I look forward to our next Drinking Contest, see ya round" She says tipping her hat and walking off leaving only twilight.

"that was real nice of you Blackjack, I actually thought you were going to burn down the everfree forest" she says with a chuckle

"My worlds destroyed enough forests, I don't want to do the same" he says shrugging

"well anyway I'm going to head back to the Castle would you like to crash there while you build your home? twilight offers

"Nah, think we'll camp here to get used to it" he says smiling

"ok then, Good luck Blackjack" she says as she flies off to the castle.

As soon as they're alone black jack turns to Trixie and Clover who were standing next to the cage and chatting

"Ok Girls let's get started."

Author's Note:

Holy Crap this was a long one but i'm happy with it, I hope i showed off Blackjacks and the other ponies personalites better. I know I've been lacking in Clovers Dialouge but she'll have larger parts in the coming chapter, Thanks for reading :)