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Death March to Equestria - Toxicfox

After a long death march and his deadline closing Jason Black is finally able to sleep before his next but when he awakens he's not only on another world but a new body

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Crystal Faire Pt 3

Quarts flow Bar, 9:57 pm

After the thrilling events of signing autographs, taking photos and the occasional kisses on the cheek, the meet and greet have finally winded down to where the only creatures in the bar were the usual patrons. "Gulp, gulp ah finally, I can relax" Shining slammed his empty mug on the bar prompting the tender to reload it.

Spike sat next to him still clad in his ceremonial armor with both their helmets placed on the bar beside them, his cheeks were stamped with numerous kiss marks."This worked out better than last time, no horde or sudden grabs" he cheerfully toasts his mug.

"No riot control." Shining chuckled clacking his mug to his brothers as they both let out a relaxed sigh.

"Well, look who it is." a voice called from the entrance of the bar.

It was Blackjack, Having spent 30 minutes watching Fluttershy faun over the Ewe and being swarmed by the cute multicolored fluffballs which attempted to make his Jacket their dinner, however, they couldn't chew through Dragonhide. Flutter begged the question but lucky he passed it off like an extra layer for the cold, not wanting the animal lover to know of the true reason. Then using it as an excuse to leave he wandered about the city before discovering the bar at the end of the central district.

"Room for one more?" he gestured to the seat next to spike.

"Go for it" the man sits as spike took the final swig of his drink burping up a small flame. The bartender immediately reloads the mug while sliding another to Blackjack.

The man eyed this oddly sparkling drink curious at to what it was. "That's Amore Ale, the empires national drink. Named after our first Queen" The bartender spoke in a gruff tone as he polished a mug with his magic. "Made from fermented Crystal berries and Sugar crystals."

After taking a swing his eyes shot wide as the sugary sensation jolted through his body. "Woah that's sweet" he pauses before taking another sip. "I like it" [This is gonna hurt tommorrow] taking another few gulps he placed the mug down and began listening tho the brother's conversation.

"Really appreciate the assistance with Flurry, I was worried we'd lose those guards."

"No prob shiny, an upset alicorn is hard to handle unless you know what they're after," The dragon takes another swig of his drink. "hehe, you should see twilight when her sortings off." Both burst into laughter while Blackjack raised his eyebrows confused at their inside joke.

"Heh sorry Blackjack, we're talking about my daughter Flurry heart. She's an Alicorn like her mother and can't control her magic as much as we'd like."

"I feel ya, Mines a little troublemaker too." Blackjack chuckled

"Tell me about it, she set Twilights books on fire" Spikes comment caused Shining to spit his drink in shock

"cough, cough, for real!? " he asks wiping the ale from the mouth.

"A full shelf," Spike responded as he took another swig.

"Did steam come out her nose?" Shining asked with a snicker.

"Like a tea kettle" the dragon responded just before all 3 of them broke into laughter.

"Then she sent me an angry letter," Blackjack added to the story with a chuckle.

"Red Ink?" Shining points with a wide grin.

"Crimson." Blackjack Points back as they continued to laugh. This was the first time in a while Blackjack actually had a real bar experience, the dogs would only report, and Trixie would blabber about her own adventures, but talking with these two made it feel like his old days of bar-hopping with his team after a long week of work, sharing stories and laughing.

Crystal Palace, Same time

The rest of the group was sitting in the royal suite enjoying glasses of the apple families' hard cider. "Whoowee, that hits the spot." Applejack states raising her empty mug to the ceiling.

" You said it AJ." Rainbow agrees right before chugging hers. "Where's Blackjack? I wanted to go round two on our contest"

"As funny as that would be, you'd never win" Twilight chuckles.

"Never say never Twi," Aj responds pouring herself another flask. " but where did he run off too?"

" After the petting zoo he said he was going to look around" Fluttershy responds sipping her drink.

"You can hardly blame him, the city is gorgeous" rarity comments from the balcony gazing at the luminous crystal city, the lights of the fair shining like the stars and the full moon adding a perfect glow." he's the type of male who can appreciate the simple beauty of things."

"Hehe you falling for him rares??" rainbow teased

"Just artists intuition darling," she took another look at chromes drawing as she stirred the cider in her glass."Nothing more."

Northern caverns, 11:06 pm

The Yeti are hard at work sharpening and training eagerly awaiting the word from their Lord and Dark King, while the snow wolves chewed on bones and black crystals unknowingly sharpening their fangs. The king and his yeti lord stroll through the now decorated halls of their fortress flanked on both sides by fully armored guards. "It's coming along well," Sombra says admiring the sight of hung pelts, fire pits, and fortifications the Yeti has made. "catapults, spiked walls, and sealable entrances. A grand fortress indeed"

"Stone fangs always build, the rest fight" Frost Maim comments watching the hordes newest additions work.

"A Kingdom always needs builders like an army needs a commander." the king grins looking back at his champion." How long before the army is ready?

"Should be ready by sunrise." The lord answers before entering the throne room. They're greeted by the sight of two dozen armored yeti lined up forming a small procession to the throne.

"Excellent Frost Maim" the king makes his way to the throne "Now, have a seat." Sombra gestures to the throne causing confusion to strike all around him. "Tomorrow I will reclaim my throne while this one' is yours." Frost Maims eyes widen before slowly approaching, upon sitting a single clanking sound began from one of the yeti guards repeatedly slamming the bottom of his spear in cheer with the rest slowly following. Sombra makes a shadowy exit rising to the cliffside of the mountain to gaze at the city in the distance eyeing his prize.

12:18 am, Crystal palace
The guys enter the palace gates chuckling and slightly swaying." Hehe, that was a great meet and greet" the young dragon chuckles while air quoting.

"I'll say and Blackjack you better invite me to the next party" Shining drunkenly pointed at the man

"Wouldn't that piss your wife off?" blackjack grinned

"Pfft only if I don't bring her" Shining responded with confidence.

"So what now?" Spike asked as they entered the royal suites.

"I could keep going, but it's past your bedtime" Blackjack joked patting the dragons head which caused him to stick his tongue at the human.

"C'mon guys we'll have plenty of meets and greets tomorrow," Shining adds "besides I'm sure the girls are wondering where we are." as they reached the first door they heard a commotion coming from the other side. They peek in to see Rainbow and Applejack hoof wrestling with their friends cheering them on while Starlight and Trixie play cards on the nearby table.

"Go! rainbow!" Pinkie cheers waving 5 differently colored flags

"You've got this Applejack" Twilight adds

The multiple empty cider barrels told the whole story and caused the guys to chuckle.

"Excuse me, sir," a random guard says causing the crystal prince to jump in surprise.

"Oh, its just you corporal" Shining whispers calming down.

"The Princess requests your presence immediately." he salutes before gesturing him to follow.

"Heh, Night guys" shining walks off with the guard. Blackjack and spike decide to end their snooping and enter the room attracting the attention of all, and leading rainbow to slam Aj's hoof on the table.

"Ha!" she yells claiming ill-gotten victory.

"Dagnabit!" the farm pony complains.

"Where've you two been?" Twilight asks slightly annoyed.

"Taking in the sights *hic*" Blackjack responds with a buzzed grin as he sits.

"Uh-huh" the purple alicorn raises an eyebrow unconvinced

"Well now that you're back" Rainbow grins holding up two mugs. " Round 2, plothole."

"Bring it skittles," Blackjack gestured his hands before grabbing a mug.

"Count me in" AJ joined wanting revenge against rainbows cheap shot.

While the 3 began their contest, Twilight humorously rolled her eyes and exited the room followed by the others. "Don't go overboard you three."

"We promise nothing!!!" They jokingly yelled raising their mugs as the door shuts.

Crystal Faire, 8:33 am

The Morning fairgrounds are teeming with crystal ponies. families and friends enjoy the menagerie of games and attractions. The crystal guards patrol the main grounds in groups of three cheerfully waving at the smiling masses and eager children as they march through the streets, their steel diamantine armor glistened in the light of Celestia's morning sun.

"Such a grand morning isn't it?" Sergeant Cobalt calmly says as they move down the main road

"Yes sir, the fair is far more lively than last year."

"Well, the empire has gone through a big expansion and having all 4 princesses here definitely boosts popularity," Cobalt adds as they continue their patrol.

Outer wall

The crystal guards stand just outside the barrier. unlike those inside their armor is lined internally with Ewe cotton with goggles covering their eyes. "Sigh how much longer until the shift change?" the left guard complains leaning against the wall with his spear resting on his shoulder.

"Two more hours man, suck it up."

"ugh" he complains leaning his head back.

As he rolls his eyes he spots a gathering of dark clouds and heavy snowfall approaching the empire" Great, looks like another blizzard." he casually rolls his eyes before adjusting his scarf.

The great blizzard rushes through the tundra slowly but surely approaching the city a normal occurrence in this land but within the storm was the yeti army marching in a narrow formation perfectly hidden within the storms unnaturally large eye. The Snow wolves walked at the head with the infantry directly behind them, in the middle of the march was the stone tooth clan pulling wooden catapults. behind them, a large wheeled platform made from Stone wood and Black crystals. atop it sat Sombra on a pelted stone and wood throne With frost Maim standing beside him with his battle-ax held high, emanating frosted winds.

"Well done, Lord Frost maim." The king compliments his creation, the yeti was taking to the magic of the ax extremely well, its cold and dark power suited the newly appointed Lord of Yeti.

Once the army reached the hills they halted their march. The Stone teeth moved the catapults across the area positioning them just beyond the cities view. and began loading them with rocks barbed with their king's dark crystals.

"What now?" the yeti asks with eager bloodlust as his king stands and walks to the hilltop taking in the view of the gilded city. wit a smile he looks back to his followers with a calm and pleasing demeanor as his yeti snarl and grips their weapons.

"Bring the storm." With those three words, all the lord could do was smile as he swung his ax launching the blizzard towards the city.

the winds rush to the gates knocking both guards back with its chilling winds. " W-what the Buck!?" the now shivering guard states clasping his scarf.

"It's never this cold in spring." the other stats shakingly holding his spear before spotting something in the distance, a single purple gleam in the clouded sky with more joining it arrange in a wavy line. his eyes widen as they get closer.

"Oh Shit!" he yells jumping to the side as the spiked boulder slam across the gate and walls, most shattering while some lodged themselves in the wall. The garrison ponies responded immediately, shifting their troops into defensive positions. while the gate guard dragged his injured partner inside. The commander, an earth pony stallion by the name of Brick Breaker looked through his binoculars to identify their enemy.

Across the blizzard stricken area, he spotted a single figure atop the hill, the wind flowing to his icy blue fur.

"Just one?" he asks just before the creature begins to roar signaling an entire horde to charge over the hill running towards the city. Bricks' eyes shoot open as he drops the binoculars. "We're under attack, launch the signal!" Immediately the garrison moves to their stations, a guard lights a fuse for a large red firework pointed right at the castle.

Crystal Palace, same time

The royals were having a grand breakfast feast. the table was filled to capacity minus one empty chair.

"huh, where's Blackjack?" Cadence asked noticing the man's empty seat between Clover and Trixie.

"Why don't you ask these two" Twilight chuckles pointing to Aj and rainbow who were each on their 4th mug of coffee.

"We almost had him." Rainbow raises a hoof in frustration before taking another swig of the java.

"He's one stubborn varmint." the Cowgirl shakes her head.

"He'll be out till noon, maybe 2 tops," Trixie responded as she cuts Clover's pancakes.

"Where does he put it all?" Pinky asks right before eating her 3rd stack of pancakes. The whole table laughs enjoying the humorous irony, but it's short-lived as a sudden explosion is heard. A bright crimson firework in the shape of snowflake hung in the air in front of the palace.

Recognizing the sound, Cadence, and Shining immediately spring from their seats and move towards the door. The rest confusingly stare as a pair of guards enter the dining hall.

"Your majesties! The main gate is under attack!" the unicorn guard speaks holding up shinings helmet with his magic. his announcement was like a shockwave across the room, the majority expressions being shock and concern while the royal sisters maintained their composure.

" Have all outer city residents evacuated to the mid and central districts, move all patrolling guards to the outer section and set up choke points." Shining commands donning his Helmet. "I'll head to the gate and command the defense."

"I'll set up the shield around the midsection to protect the citizens" Cadence announces to her husband's agreement.

"What should we do?" Twilight steps forward with her friends behind her.

"Our priority is protecting the people, help with the evacuations for now. I'll signal if we need back up." After a nod of confirmation, Shining teleports away.

Back at the gate

The full wall garrison of the empire has taken a position on the battlements, The unicorns prepared their attack spells while the Pegasai and earth ponies loaded their crossbows. The yeti horde was closing on the wall roaring in unison striking fear in the younger ranks of the guard.

"Fire!" A rain of magic and arrows descended on the yeti but due to the blizzards, heavy winds and snowfall may of their shots missed striking a few but hardly slowing the armored horde.

Still, atop the hill, Lord Frost Maim watched as his troops charged slightly enraged at his king for the order to remain at the rear, his grip firmly on his ax eager to enter the battle.

"Patience" Sombra's cold voice echoed in his ear. " You must test their resistance before unleashing your full might." Sighing in acceptance the yeti lord raised his hand pointing toward the city signaling the catapults for another barrage. The stone teeth pushed the catapults further up and fired. With the dark clouds and snow masking their launch the barrage reaches peak height before descending.

"Incoming!" Brick yells spotting the same purple glimmer in the clouds. The unicorns began blasting as the falling boulders as they approached, destroying several but many remained and were on a direct course for the battlements. as many of the guards prepared for their doom, the boulders suddenly shattered in the air.

"Whew, just made it."Shining approaches the commander with his horn powered up creating the massive barrier that now engulfs the gate and the surrounding area.

"My prince." Brick salutes with the guards following suit "We appreciate the assist."

"What's the situation." Shining. asks approaching the front battlement.

"Yeti." Brick responds before looking at one of the lodged spiked boulders "Heavily armed Yeti."

The horde reaches the dome and begins striking at it with blade, hammer and claw alike with no sign of fracturing. their roars echoing in the blizzard winds.

"I believe they have catapults planted just beyond the hills and are using the blizzard as cover." Brick reports.

"Have you identified the leader?" shinings question was met with a pair of binoculars

"12 o clock," Brick points as shining peers through, instantly spotting the Yeti lord in the distance oddly enough looking in his exact direction almost as if he was staring right into his soul.

"Get me the second and third mage squads and inform the princesses." a pegasus guard salutes and flies off toward the city center. " In the meantime. Barricade the gate, wood, rocks and anything else heavy enough to hold it shut." the garrison mobilizes.

Back at the Center

The Evacuations were well underway, most of the citizens of the outer city districts had been moved to the stadium in the rear of the central area while the rest were moved to other public building in the mid and central districts. Fluttershy and rainbow accompanied some pegasi guard to ensure there were no stragglers both pony and animal alike, While Aj, Rarity, and Pinky guided the lines of evacuees to avoid panic. The Princesses and the Crystal Captians were coordinating routes as well as possible rendezvous points for mass Teleportation if the situation became dire.

"We've received reports that the attackers are a horde of Yeti, heavily armed at that." Captain Flare Blast reports marking the map with crystal pieces. " If the gate falls we'll be ready to bottleneck them in surrounding blocks"

"Let's hope so" Cadance responded looking to the gate worried for her husband and troops.

The Wall

The 2nd and 3rd mage squad arrives, each quad held 5 unicorns all clad in their lightweight golden armor accented in arcane blue accents and wrapping around their front and rear legs. " Prince Shining Armor, how can we aid this battle?" the squad leaders ask in unison.

"I need the glass cannons on each side" shining points to the two towers at the opposing ends of the gate. immediately the unicorn squads divide and run to the peaks of the towers. One opens his bag and pulls out a crystal glass disc as another peer out the window and kneels down. the disc is perfectly fastened to his helmet and his 3 squadmates align behind him with the commander standing next to him sporting a pair of goggles.

"Glass cannon A ready," he yells

"B, ready" can be heard from the neighboring tower.

With the signal shining shrunk the top of the barrier to allow the towers out of the shield while still keeping the Yeti out. "Fire!" he ordered

The unicorns fired their magic into the glass creating a solidified beam that was carefully guided by the commanders using their magic. The yeti at the barrier were burned by the concentrated beam on contact forcing the others to back away from the barrier some even running back to the hills, only to be stopped by the echoing sound of Frost Maims Ax slamming the ground. Seeing that Shining armor knew there was no forcing their retreat.

"Secondary target!" Shining gestured toward the hill commanding the cannons to attack the Yeti lord directly. The Glass bearing unicorns pointed their horns forward and fire a narrow beam at the Yeti lord, there was no damage but the beams remained synched at his center no matter where he moved. "Fire!"

Simultaneously the beams fired meeting midway, combining into a single focused beam. Frost maims eyes Widen in surprise at the size of the attack but nonetheless, he remained calm.

"Now, show them your power" the cold voice of his king echoed in his mind. As the beam approached rapidly a sinister smile formed on his face. the beam hit its mark forming a multicolored sphere of magical energy, the unicorns ceased firing their horns smoking with burning afterglow.

Shining looked through the binoculars waiting for the winds of the storm to clear the smoke. An ere Silence fills the air, as the dust cleared to reveal a large pillar of jagged black crystalline ice, Frostmaim stood behind the pillar, his ax firmly planted in the ground as he raised his head staring plainly at the wall that housed his enemies."My turn." The yeti raised his ax and swung with the finesse of a professional golfer and strength of a beast, sending half of the shard flying to the wall,

"Brace!" Shining Screamed as the barrier raised to its original height the shard collided with the barrier, the impact shook the ground stirring the winds, many ponies were knocked off balance. Shining dropped to a sitting position but maintained the barrier with only a few cracks formed at the strike zone.

"Sir the Yeti are pulling back!" a pegasi guard points out to show the yeti army shifting their positions back to the foot of the hills. Shining looked out to the field to confirm but notice how coordinated their moving was almost like they were...changing formation. Shining's eyes went wide as he shifted his vision back to the Yeti Lord who was now walking towards the wall down a clear path his army left between them, as he walked through the ranks the yeti began banging their weapons on their shields or the ground. the volume increased as Frost Maim reached the front lines.

many of the guards were shaking in their armor as they could feel it getting colder as the Yeti approached, Even Shining was starting to feel the cold as the beast approached, his ax gripped in his armored clutch. "Reinforce the barrier, Pegesai I want you in the Air in a crescent formation, Earth ponies get down to the rear and reinforce the barricades." The whole garrison sprang into action, the Unicorn lined up alongside their prince feeding their magic to his shield further solidifying the construct as the pegasi guards flew over the rear end of the wall crossbows at the ready as the earth ponies rallied with the other ground forces and set up a 2 block long perimeter surrounding the wall, the ponies were ready for the Yeti's assault.

"He.he.he...HAHAHAHAHA!" Frost maim broke into laughter as he raised his ax to the sky, the blizzard winds converged to it coating it in a small dark cyclone. a dark purple light began to emanate from the miniature storm and grew to highlight the ax beneath the dark winds. The ponies were So fixated on the spectacle that they didn't notice the scattered crystals from the catapult shots also began to glow as well. He looked right toward the crystal prince with a grin as he brought the ax down.

Crystal Palace

"Evacuations complete, and teleport spells on standby." Captain Bright Quartz reports marking the shelters on the map at the opposing side of the city far from the gate.

"Excellent, now all we have to do is wait for news from-"

The light of the explosion appeared across the city Followed by the echos of magical energy. A colossal mass of dark clouds and blistering winds enshrouded a portion of the city through the tear the blast had made in both the wall and the magical aura over the Empire. Those in the distance only stared in shock as the light dimmed leaving only smoke.

"Shiny!" Cadence cried terrified for her husbands' safety.

The gate sat in a mass of rubble, dark crystals can be seen spread across the area along with the guard ponies who lay scattered across the blast zone, most unconscious, many dead. The princes' amethyst and gold trim helmet lay before the gaping hole of the once-proud crystal gate before being crushed beneath the foot of the yeti lord as he stepped inside, he took a deep breath of the lush warm air, he held an almost blissful smile as his horde of armored wolves and yeti charged in past him, running past or stepping on any guard unfortunate enough to be in their path.

"Excellent work, their defenses are broken." Sombra's cold voice exits the yeti's mind as his shadowy mass rose from the ground and slithered over his shoulder. "Now, retrieve the heart."

Author's Note:

Hey, folks sorry bout the long absence a lot has happened, recent events included but I'm still here and kicking, I'm hoping to improve my quality of writing as we go further along and thanks for the faves and interest in the story it means a lot.

Stay safe, wash your hands/hoofs and as always there will be more soon.

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"Excellent work, their defenses are broken." Sombra's cold voice exits the yeti's mind as his shadowy mass rose from the ground and slithered over his shoulder. "Now, retrieve the heart."

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