• Published 21st Apr 2019
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Death March to Equestria - Toxicfox

After a long death march and his deadline closing Jason Black is finally able to sleep before his next but when he awakens he's not only on another world but a new body

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Occupational living hazard

Castle of Friendship, 11:24 AM

Blackjack Awakens in the Library with the sun shining in his eyes from the upper window, his status window is loaded with the numerous skills and information he gained. what caught his eye was the very last update before he passed out

-Bestiary Updated-

Entering his inventory ,he scrolled to his Key items tab and entered the bestiary. within it were detailed descriptions of mythical creatures of every shape and size ordered alphabetically by their native environments at the very end of the table of contents was a new chapter labeled Equestria.

["This is pretty useful, it not only describes the creatures it identifies their strengths, weaknesses, and valuable parts".]
he stands and begins walking while reading through the Pony sections of the bestiary, he had no intention of fighting these cute little horses but It never hurts to be prepared. reentering the map room he smiled at the sight. Twilight was still asleep in her chair, pinkie was snoring with her head shoved in her party canon, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were cuddling on the floor surrounded by the empty mugs. he exits and walks toward the front door.

"Hey dad wait up" Clover says flying down to him, " where are you going?"

"We, are going to get some food" he says walking out the door

"Great I'm Starving" she says happily flying after him

They walk through the town greeting ponies. As they pass by the restaurants and markets Clover looks at her master in confusion.

"Hey dad where are we going? we already passed the food places." Clover asks confused as she continues to follow him.

"I'm sick of eating vegetables and bread" he says complaining as they enter the Ever free forest. Blackjack looks through the area black jack scans his map for creatures. On the map he spots 3 red markers surrounding a single blue marker.

"So what are we looking for in the for...hey wait!!" Clover yells seeing her master run off and flying after him.

Blackjack closes in on the marker, upon arriving he spots a light blue unicorn with white hair wearing a starry wizard hat and cape standing atop a carriage firing weak blasts at 3 large aggressive red boars.

"Get back you beasts" the unicorn says blasting away at the boars but her attacks did little more than anger the beasts as they continued bashing the cart causing it to shake and her to lose her footing and falling to the ground, as the boars approached the girl fear begins to take hold right until BlackJack cut through each of the boars in one slash splashing blood on the pony's face.

"Are you ok?" Clover asks helping her to her feet.

"F-fine... thank you." She responds snapping out of her daze and wiping the blood off her face. "Trixie is grateful for the help, she's never seen these beasts before" she says looking at blackjack who is staring at the slain beasts

"I'm Clover and that's my dad blackjack" the dragon says pointing at her master who was staring at the freshly slain beasts.

[ "It can't be..."]

Blackjack knells down pulling out a dagger and cuts open the beasts causing Trixie to wretch and look away.

Skill Acquired: Skinning
Title Acquired: Hunter (Lesser)

Maxing out the skills Black jack disembowels and skins the boars, while Trixie turns to Clover.

"What's he doing" she asks clover with a grossed out look on her face

"I don't know" Clover says shrugging as her master continues tearing the beasts flesh.

"Clover get some wood" he commands pulling out intestines

Acquired Item: Red Bad Boar Meat x9
Acquired Item: Red Bad Boar Hide x3
Acquired Item: Red Bad Boar Tusk x6

"On it" the dragon says fling to the nearby trees grabbing branches and small logs. Trixie stands watching the two in action, showing no fear of the Ever free or the monsters in it. after a few minutes the three are now sitting in a fresh made camp.

"Ok let's get a fire going, Clover your up" he says looking at the young dragon

"Right!" the young dragon says taking a deep breath and breathing purple fire onto the wood. Black jack then passed her a stick with several pieces of meat skewered on it.

Acquired Skill: Camping
Acquired Skill: Cooking

"Hold it over the fire for a few minutes." Black jack says placing other skewers into the ground leaning near the flame. " now then, what's your name?" he says to the blue unicorn

"Trixie Lulamoon, also known as the Great and powerful Trixie!!" She says confidently smiling, Black jack raises an eyebrow looking at her.

Trixie Lulamoon {Street Magician}
HP: 310/500
MP: 100/100

"Suuuurrrre" he says sarcastically. as he takes a bite of the skewer. " so..*munch*.. why are you so bad a magic? he says with is mouthful. Trixie's eyes widen in shock at his comment and she stomps the ground.

"Excuse Me!, I am one of the top mages in Equestria....

Skill acquired: Deception
Skill acquired: Silver Tongue
Skill acquired: Lie Detection
[ "This Horse has a serious superiority complex"]

As Trixie Continues ranting blackjack maxes out his new skills and continues eating with clover

"… and then We stopped Chrysalis and saved Equestria" Trixie finished with a confident look, Clover had sparkles in her eyes from trixie's story but blackjack was unimpressed. " how can you still be unimpressed by Trixie after hearing her tale of grandeur" she pouts looking at the man.

"You still didn't answer my question." He says boredly looking at the unicorn. " why are you so bad at magic?" he says finishing his skewer.

"what would a swordsman know about magic" Trixie responds defensively

Blackjack raises an eyebrow as he throws away the skewer stick. he stands and points his hand to the right." Black Inferno!!!" he chants as a large torrent of Black Fire erupts from his hand and scorches everything in its path all the way to the end. Trixie just stared at the scorched hole in the forest " Now that's magic" he says looking back to Trixie who's eyes were wide and her jaw dropped.

Acquired Title: Trail Blazer

"Wow!!! your really powerful dad." Clover says excited at the site.

"C'mon Clover, lets get a smoothie" he says kicking dirt onto the fire and walking through the scorched hole.

"Yay!!!" she says happily following him

As they exit the Forest they hear Trixie yell out to them

"Hey!!! wait up Master!!!" Trixie yells running after them pulling her cart along with her. "please teach Trixie how to be great and powerful like you" she says bowing to him.

"I'm sorry, what?" He says looking at her confused

"Trixie wants to be a great magician and your the greatest she's seen aside from the princesses and her friend starlight, so please train trixie." She says dropping to all four of her knees.

"Uhhh" he says confused, suddenly clover tugs on his coat to call his attention.

"C'mon dad, teach her how to be awesome like you" she says looking up at him

"I don't even know if I can....." he stops realizing that both of them were looking at him like sad puppies. "* sigh* fine fine I'll train you"

"Hooray!!!!" the two girls cheer hugging each other

"but there's a catch" Black jack says holding up his finger. " in order for me to truly train you and make you stronger, you'll have to become one of my Beasts.

Your...Beasts?. Trixie says tilting her head in confusion.

"yep" Blackjack says nodding " In my world the best way to make creatures of a different race powerful we tame and train them using magic and battle experience, but since you are intelligent all I have to do is monitor your stats and properly use your experience" he explains leaving both girls confused

"I'm sorry master but It sounds like you want to enslave me " she says cautiously taking a step back

" Kinda but it's not that bad, Clover here is one of my beasts but she sees me as more of a father than a master" he says gesturing to the dragon girl who smiles at trixie

"Its true, I only hatched yesterday and I'm already flying better than older dragons" she says smiling and holding up a peace sign.

Trixie begins to ease up realizing the sad truth that if he wanted to enslave her he would have done it without asking but she asked for him to train her, and he actually agreed despite her arrogance and weakness earlier. Was being one of his so called beast really that bad?

"Master BlackJack, what freedoms would being one of your beasts cost me?" She asked sternly looking into his eyes

"Technically all of them , but since your not a wild animal I won't need to restrict you, the only things you'll lose is the ability to lie to me and the right to manage your stats."He explains

Stats master? She asks confused

"Your physical and magical attributes, as get stronger you can upgrade your abilities to be better in your chosen path" he says as he point to clover "in Clovers case I made her strong and fast to be better at flying."

"Really?" Trixie says looking at the dragon

"Uhuh" clover nods agreeing

" but when the time comes for you two to upgrade to an actual class it's your choice, I want you to choose your own destiny not follow mine." He says with a warm smile

Acquired title: Inspirational Speaker

Both of the girls looked at him in joy. Clover was happy knowing her life was hers even if BlackJack owned her, and Trixie was relieved that he was going to not only train her but help her fulfill her dream.

"Ok then master Trixie is ready to be claimed by you" she says proudly before suddenly blushing " uh I meant..um..." she jabbers realizing her error in phrasing

BlackJack laughs at her embarrassment before petting her head " it's ok I get what you mean" he says with a chuckle. "Now kneel so i can form the pact"

The spade on black Jack's face begins to glow, along with trixie's cutie mark a green dark magic circle surrounds both of them, BlackJack places his hand on trixie head and his dark magic began to flow into her.

"Ahhh!!" Trixie yelps in pain as a glowing spade symbol is formed over her cutie mark.

"Don't worry that's normal" BlackJack says continuing the spell.

Soon the spell completes, on trixie's flank now sits a large black spade with her cutie mark printed on it.

New Beast Aquired: Trixie the Unicorn

"Thank for accepting me as your student oh Great and Powerful BlackJack" trixie says joyfully hugging him.

'Just call me BlackJack" he sighs

"As you wish master BlackJack."she says still hugging.

Finally they exit the mile long scortched tunnel BlackJack had opened and walked towards ponyville,

"Now let's get those smoothies"

"Right!!" The girls say following him.

After they leave, the hole in the everfree doesn't regrow and deep within the darker area of the forest, burning red eyes star at the open path.

Author's Note:

Finally going to get some action, what did you guys think of this one? I personally enjoy involvement from characters other than the main 6, stay tuned for the next chapter :)