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Sequel to The Long Road Home

After finally finding happiness and a home in Stable 12, Chance is tasked with finding answers to what happened to the world outside after the bombs fell. Against his own wishes, he is sent into the Equestrian Wasteland to uncover valuable data for the now defunct OIA. His thoughts soon turn towards the sky and the fact that the cloud cover had yet to recede but his prying questions and unwanted presence would soon lead to trouble. With a his small team in tow, he searches the wasteland for answers to the questions that plague his thoughts.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 4 )

And so the adventure begins (well it begun last chapter, but you get the idea). I'm looking forward to see what will happen from now on. I like the build up you did with these two chapters, How many do you plan on doing for this story? Same as the prequel or perhaps more?

Sorry for no commenting on the first chapter I kinda forgot about it :derpytongue2:

I do plan to do more chapters this go around. There is just simply so much to explain! Between the massive amount of typing it would take to keep it down to 12 chapters or even 13 chapters, and the massive world worth of exploring that they will have to do would lead to Chapters being nearly 20K long. Where I don't mind writing long chapters I feel as though without the correct backdrop you run into a situation where things start to get watered down. I really don't want that to happen with this story. As with everything I write I become emotionally attached to the characters and I feel it would be a disservice to them if I did. Also no need to apologize LOL I'm just grateful that you're enjoying the story so far!

I don't mind more chapters I was just asking out of curiosity :pinkiecrazy:
I also wanted to ask, did Lyra survived? Rose was in her house during the explosion after all.

Also I wanted to message you on Discord but couldn't add you for some reason, so here is my tag Chifle#4053 just in case :trollestia:

Sorry about the discord thing, for some reason discord hates me lol. I sent you a request tho.

As far as Lyra goes... personally i love her as a character quite a bit and as much as i would love to write her in, i honestly have few plans to outside of bg work. BUTT. Would she have survived? More than likely yes. Ponyville was spared in the blast for the most part (if you can call it that) and was not bombed directly.
As such, most of the ponies who were not killed in the initial blast, fled the city towards Hope. Some were evac'd to Stable 2 on the Apple family farm, most notably show cannon ponies. Though digging would be needed to say for sure, it's kind of a 'up to the reader' kind of thing.

Personally, i would like to think my favorite hoodie wearing mare survived.

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