• Published 15th Jan 2019
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Songs of Love and Harmony - Israel Yabuki

A clopfic between you and the singing sensation: Songbird Serenade

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Amazing. I really noticed an increase in quality! Good work!

outstanding my friend who next is it princess skystar?

Yeah who is up next? I say either Lightning Dust or Spitfire. Or, yeah, maybe Skystar.

Another amazing job. Keep up the good work

As a recommendation to one of our other readers, up next is Mayor Mare

A beautiful fic, like the others. Can't wait for Mayor Mare to have her a nice romance. Though Cpt. Spitfire would be hot too (pun much intended).

Is Coco Pommel Next?

Alright I know where to get the best pics derpibooru just look up busty mayor mare

Yep and you’re welcome

That was cute.

As a massive music lover myself, I can't help but be jealous of this guy. Sia/Songbird has a gorgeous voice, and she's gorgeous. The innocence until the moment of the first kiss was sweet, and kept me excited for the revelation of feelings. The way these are not only erotic, but also have a good, solid, consistent story with them is a good thing. I also like how you have the couple's meet up with each other. Reminds everyone that this is all in the same universe. 10/10 keep up the good work!

I cannot help but feel this song fits this story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smCUYqApkfc

Baritone's friends being named Charlie and Anne Marie

Was that intentional?

Very nice! Incidentally, that is one of my favorite movies that I saw growing up.

“Anyways, where do you plan on going now that you finished you’re finished in Canterlot?” Platinum asked.

why is this repeated? This should be "Anyways, where do you plan on going now that you're finished in Canterlot?

not pass out because A. I still would have little to no understanding about the world I'm in and would be more worried about that than a famous pop star

B. Wouldn't even go OUTSIDE because reason A.

well, some people don't have the same mentality you do.

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