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Twilight learns an untold truth about reality surrounding her, but nobody listens. Try, as Twilight may, she cannot get any of her friends to listen her out! What's more, she gets frustrated with every failed attempt!

Desperate for somepony's attentive ear, Twilight takes a grip on a busy Applejack. Nothing will stop her from telling AJ about her great discovery!.. Applejack, however, may be hiding something even more shocking upon revelation... What? No, she won't tell Twilight, for Twilight behaved naughtily! Bad Twilight, you shouldn't have been distracting AJ from her work! And Twilight is left with no other choice, than to use her newly acquired knowledge...

What comes next is... um-m-m, well, this is insane, isn't it? This is all not real! It's all just an illusion, intended to drive the curious away! But not Twilight! She's determined to discover what Applejack truly hides! So she delves deeper, even as reality itself is falling apart! And...

Well, that was... enlightening... sort of.

Enter Princess Luna, who is... amused, to say the least. Celestia forbid she not die of laughter!

Also: Pinkie. This tale may not come out as expected! EXTREME RANDOMNESS AHOY!

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