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My real name is Tyler M. Terry. I'm an amateur writer trying to go pro who likes to write fanfiction when I have nothing better to do.


The last episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann turned into a humanized MPL parody of poth shows, referencing MLP as a TV Show within itself. The Brony Races are fighting the hate filled Anti-Bronies lead by Queen Chrysalis.

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don't believe in me believe in the me that believes in you

The last part made the story xD
Although Discord's sacrifice was pretty great.(I still liked Lordgenome's more :p)

Ok. That. Was. TOTALLY BADASS:pinkiehappy:

This story is extraordinarily silly. As is what I'm about to say.


How I didn't see this a month ago, I'll never know. That is the best comment I've ever read. Ever.

1704643 I said what needed to be said. No more and no less.

But yeah, quoting hotblooded anime characters always makes for a fun comment.

Rainbow put on a pair of large, triangular sunglasses. "Just who the buck do you think I am?"

Epic! love this story!! GL is one of my All time top 5 animes!!

this is how the bronies roll! :flutterrage:

I'm writing a full adaptation of the two series. I will give you the credit you deserve when it is finished.

The holes you dug will not go to waste spiral brother!


Thanks! Can't wait to read it. :rainbowkiss:


Thanks. Surprised you even found it, really. I figured this would have been buried a long time ago. :twilightblush:

4468489 I loved how you kept in spirit with Gurren Laggan. Actually I was thinking of doing my own crossover:twilightsheepish:

I would like to suggest to you to do a variant of this but based around the second Gurren Lagann movie ending. If you never seen either movie I recommend them as even though they kinda redo the anime they have changes and additions that make them just as good if not better.

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