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Ten bucks says that Violet Rain is Jack's wife

I know this is supposed to be a revenge power fantasy thing, and it's not that I won't enjoy that, but I have to confess that the ending I really want to see is Jack on his knees worshipping that divine rod with his wife, moaning in shared pleasure and submission. That should be how you fix this kind of failing relationship.

Naw let her fear a mans wrath!

Perhaps I could add an alternate ending where Jack’s plan fails and Twilight makes them both her sub?

Naw, harmony demands Discord be king!

I think killing twilight would be too good and disfigurement would not be not enough for her Need to show the world what she did all the family she really in the power she abused and make her give them a new family say his slave for the rest of his Natural born life

Holy shit. I really didn't expect this to get that dark... I mean I figured Twilight was in for it, but not quite like this... and the foals...

My inner sociopath salute you sir.

Holy fuck its awesome and dark as hell!!!

Apologies if it went in a direction you didn’t like. All I can say is don’t upset a man with nothing left to lose. Also updated the description with a warning.

I wonder how Celestia Feels about this or even Luna that she ruined so many families that were happy

I wonder if he is going to make a last stand or surrender when he is done.

this is good stuff

Alicorn instinct? She let her goddamn student be walking around without having control over her most basic instincts!? What the actual hell Celestia. This is all on her hands(hooves, whatever) in my eyes. She even knew that because of her student's stupidity many marriages were broken and she just turned the blind eye? Sure, they are immortal and in their eyes only those that are immortal like them would have more value than any other normal pony. But... goddamnit. My wrath oh-meter is rising beyond the red zone. Can't wait for the next chapters.

Does she know that her student enjoyed ruining happy families That’s why she chose them because she knew she could destroy them easily

the more I think on it the more I believe jack needs to go after all the alicorns cause if Celestia and Luna allowed this then they probably did the same shit. So in truth, they all need to be wiped out for there crime.

Let the righteous purging commence


You went full fedora. Never go full fedora, kid.

Too tired right now

there are still two known Alicorns Cadence and flurry heart. The job is not done.

Update 7/9/18: Changed name to “Alicorn Instincts”. Thought old name was a bit cringy.

Really? What was it?

I like it it’s a good take from a different angle

Cadence and flurry don’t exist in this universe

Honestly I'd prefer a legal battle.

For once, I agree.

Dark as fuck and made me feel sick. But at least the clop was good for a quick yank. Thumbs up.

I... WILL... KILL... HIM!

For what ever reason I found this oddly satisfying please don’t take this the wrong way

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