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The Elements of Chaos have been encased in stone for thousands of years. After Daring Do discovers them and puts them in the Ponyville museum, they awake when the Elements of Harmony visit to see this new exhibit. Now the Elements of Harmony meet their polar opposites. Insanity meets Magic, Greed meets Generosity, Hatred meets Kindness, Treachery meets Loyalty, Deceit meets Honesty, and Depression meets Laughter. How will they adjust to this new time and how will they react when their master has become friends with the Elements of Harmony?

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Comments ( 8 )

Wow this is interesting! Finally time someone started writing about this topic!

Cool. 😄

I created a 7th ego element in my story called the Element Of Peace And Patience, which is so unstable and dangerous, not even the 6 Elements of Harmony or Elements of Chaos can be around it, without it lashing out. Only one powerful enough and dedicated enough can wield and wear Peace And Patience.

For some odd reason I picture insanity being voiced by segagorath

I imagine him sounding like Ryan Reynolds

I wish Ryan Reynolds could be a voice in the show or the second movie. 😀

You're right. Nobody ever did a bizarro Element fic before.

Honesty meets deception cruelty meets kindness betrayal meets loyalty greed meets generosity hatred meets laughter and Insanity meets magic

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