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Discord and Fluttershy, having just discovered their feelings for one another, are caught in a war as old enemies resurface and attempt to take over Equestria. The Mane Six, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Shining Armor tries to fend off the enemies but are in for a surprise as not only are there three enemies on three fronts, there's also an amulet held by one which surpases the power of the Elements of Harmony.

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You have a really intriguing story so far, I hope that you're able to continue and I hope to see where it goes.

Hmm, so far it seems pretty good, but I think it'd be a good idea to read over your chapters before publishing them. To make sure there aren't any spelling or grammar errors. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice! I kinda have a bad habit of writing and reading it over only once though. I also decided to pass the chapters to another friend of mine to proofread for me. Here's chapter 2 btw. Hope it's satisfactory.

Word of advice: if you want more readers, you should craft a better set of descriptions. Right now you're just dumping raw concepts.

Also, after reading the first chapter, I think you should go back and revise it for better tone.

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