• Published 11th Dec 2017
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Pony-Me™ - TheMajorTechie

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.

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Wake up.

Twilight awoke with a content yawn. It was the beginning of her usual weekend book re-organizing, and surely nopony else could handle such excitement.

"Spike?" she yawned again, rubbing an eye with her hoof, "You up yet?"

"Yup!" Spike cheerily replied, "Also, breakfast is on the taaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaa...aaaaa--"

Twilight rose a curious brow at Spike, who was currently frozen mid-step, still stuck saying the word "table".


An ear-meltingly loud sound suddenly echoed throughout the room, speaking in a strangely monotone voice.


Twilight wanted to move, but quickly found that she was now frozen in place, just as her assistant currently was. She tried to speak. Nothing. She tried casting a teleportation spell. Nothing.

And just like that, the world went black.

Lisa Garnet jerked awake with a heavy gasp, her vision blotted by an unwieldy object resting on her face. Frantically swatting at it, she continually yelled the same word, over, and over again.


Eventually, the girl finally managed to tear the object from her face with a resounding grunt of pain. Now, she sat silent on the cot, staring down at the strange device that had formerly been strapped to her. She looked up, taking in the barren room around her, then down, back to the device. Then, to her surprise-- her hands, complete with a small name tag around her wrist.

Given her previous experience with hands in the human world, the surprise hardly lasted more than a minute. Quickly, her mind set into high-gear as she began to really take in her surroundings. Though mostly barren as she had observed before, she now noticed the light, albeit somewhat dingy, furniture that lined the walls surrounding the cot. Turning around revealed a large machine with wiring feeding into the device that was mounted on her face before.

As for the aforementioned device, a closer examination revealed worn, but readable text imprinted along the sides.

Pony-MeTM virtual reality device. Pat. Pending. Manufactured 12/03. Prototype model 5M-23.

With a frown, Lisa placed the headset back over her face. Immediately, she was plunged back into the darkness, and she could no longer feel the majority of her limbs. She took them off. Once again, the world was suddenly nothing but a sparsely decorated room, with gentle sunlight filtering through a single window.

On again. Darkness. Off. Room. On. Dark. Off. Light. On. Black. Off. White.

She turned once again to face the machine, the headset still in her hands. As she slowly rose to closer inspect the contraption, she felt a painful yank on her side. Gazing down worryingly, she soon saw the mess of tubes and cables running from her body, over the cot, and back into the machine. Groaning slightly, the girl climbed over the cot, and stepped towards the machine, the wiring and tubes held tightly in her side.

Up close, the machine appeared to be nothing like anything that she had seen before. Rather than a dashboard of dials, buttons, and meters, the machine instead had a single panel, dimly lit as lines of text scrolled down at a brisk pace.

Though she was unable to read most of the text as it passed her eyes, she did, however, catch a few key lines.

User_ID: Twilight Sparkle

Simulation_Name: Equestria_04

Fatal error: No network connection.

Lisa Garnet-- Twilight Sparkle, took a step back, her eyes wide in shock.

"Sp-Spike?" She stuttered, looking towards the heavy door opposite of the window, "Anypony?"

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