• Published 11th Dec 2017
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Pony-Me™ - TheMajorTechie

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.

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Relive your past.

Lisa squinted, leaning into Samantha's seat space for a better view.

"Isn't it beautiful?"

"Huh?" The girl turned to her friend, leaning back into her own seat.

Samantha smiled, gazing towards the distant skyline. "Alpine Hills. The city we grew up in." She looked back to her friend. "Don't you remember?"

Lisa shook her head.

"Oh, don't bother her, Sam." Argall muttered from the front, "Let her remember on her own. It'll come."

"Humpf." Samantha made a face, folding her arms as she play-sulked.

Lisa rolled down her window, letting the crisp autumn breeze billow past her as she took in the sight of her hometown.

The city we grew up in. Samantha's words echoed in Lisa's mind. Another thought entered her mind. The city we called home... before Equestria...

As the buildings drew closer, rising ever higher over the hills, yet another thought hit the girl.

What was my life like before Equestria?

By now, many of the shorter buildings had come into view. Houses of all shapes and sizes. Restaurants. Even the occasional recreation center had seemingly materialized just over the horizon. Lisa turned her attention to the immediate view from her still-open window. Small farms and weed-covered hills steadily gave way to a more uniform grass and concrete. Dry, yellow grasses vanished from sight, replaced by rows upon rows of young saplings shooting out of their places beside the sidewalk.

A looming shadow passed over the vehicle for a moment, startling the girl. Samantha giggled for a moment before regaining her composure, her eyes returning steadfastly to the road ahead.

"That's one of those commuter lane things the city voted to install." The Professor commented, "It's a bit annoying at times, but they're nice to have around. I guess that's why this second set was installed, right?"

Professor Argall's question went unanswered, the only response being a startled grunt from Andrew as Samantha elbowed him again.

"Hey sleepyhead." She teased, giving the man another jab in the side. "You said you wanted to explore, right?"

"Uh... yeah?"

Samantha grinned, pointing to Andrew's window. "Well," She continued, "You'd better be well-rested, now, or you'll miss the whole thing."

Andrew focused on the view from his window, watching as the all-too-familiar suburban landscape replaced the dry grass and rolling hills in the distance. A police car whizzed past in the opposite direction, its sirens turned off.


The man turned to Lisa, leaning past Samantha in the center. "Yeah?" Andrew responded.

Lisa shot a quick glance back, eyeing the police vehicle as it turned off onto a parking lot. She looked back at Andrew. "Didn't you say you were a police officer in the simulations?" She began, "Officer..."

"...Jones." Andrew finished for the girl. "Yeah, why'd you bring it up all of a sudden?"

Lisa returned her gaze to the window, cradling her head on the seatbelt again. "I was just wondering what life was like, that's all."

Another shadow passed overhead as they drove beneath another commuter lane bridge.

"Well," Andrew began, "I was more just the typical traffic cop than anything all that exciting. I mean, sure, there were a few high-speed chases every now and then, but usually, I just end up directing traffic or something of the sort."

The car rolled to a halt. "Speaking of traffic..." Professor Argall began, pointing at the line of cars before them. "We've got some rush hour traffic right here."

Lisa sighed, staring out the window as usual while Andrew and Argall carried on with conversation. A few words, however, strangely stood out to her.

"...Head-on collision..."

"...Some drunkard..."

"...Couldn't stop in time..."

"...It was a horrible wreck." Andrew finished, folding his arms as he leaned back in his seat. "There were pieces of both vehicles littered all over the road..."

Argall nodded, pulling forward by another few feet. He glanced back to Andrew in the mirror. "Yeah, it certainly sounds familiar. I've driven past my fair share of crashes myself over the years." The Professor's eyes darted towards Lisa for a moment, wavering before refocusing on Andrew. "Horrible sights, I tell you."

Lisa turned to her friend. Samantha remained completely still, intently listening to the conversation.

"It really takes guts to shine that flashlight into a heap of metal, y'know?"

"I'd sure think so." The Professor continued, "Even with those fancy self-driving cars, there's always gonna be something that goes wrong. I should know so, considering how I grew up alongside the first generation of those sorta vehicles."

Andrew winced at the sudden squeal of tires from behind. In response, the car inched further forward. "Anyhow," Argall huffed, "I'd have to say that as far as roads go, they've been just about as dangerous as they've been for the past few decades now."

Lisa jerked at the touch of Samantha's elbow hitting her arm. "Lisa," The girl whispered, pointing to the windshield. "Look up ahead."

In the distance, bright orange flames rose into the air, surrounded by spiraling smoke and the flashing lights of emergency vehicles.

"Hrm." Andrew grumbled, "I wonder if that police car that passed us earlier is there?"

The Professor didn't respond, instead staring at the faraway collision with fearful eyes.


No response.

Andrew tapped on Argall's shoulder. "Professor?" He asked again, "Sir, pull up your vehicle. The cars behind us are waiting."

"Two dead... two in critical condition... Garnet family..." The Professor mumbled in a daze, leaning closer to the windshield. The wail of a siren grew louder as a firetruck rumbled past to the left of the vehicle.

"Professor Argall!" Samantha shouted, "Snap out of it!"

"...Huh?" Argall blurted, emerging from his daze as he turned his attention back to the road. "Oh. Uh, yeah. Sorry."

Once again, the vehicle rolled forwards.

"Professor." Samantha began sternly, glancing to her friend beside her before turning back. "What the heck was that back there?"

The Professor shook his head. "Nothing, Samantha. Just an ill-timed memory, that's all."

Lisa raised a brow, noticing another side-glance from Argall. Sighing, the girl turned once more to the view of the city. From the corner of her eyes, however, she kept watch on the blazing wreckage up ahead.

It felt... familiar.

A flash of color raced before her eyes. The screech of tires, followed by a sickening crunch of metal-on-metal. In an instant, the world turned on its head. Lisa found herself dangling helplessly in the overturned vehicle, clutching fearfully to her seatbelt as her brother cried in his baby seat.



She heard her own voice again; A high-pitched cry into the flames.


From the shattered remains of her window, the girl caught sight of heavy boots stumbling across the gravelly asphalt. The owner of the boots took a couple more wobbly steps forward, before collapsing onto the road, a pockmarked beer can still in their grasp.

"Mom!" She heard herself scream again, her younger self sweating from both the heat of the spreading flames and the adrenaline rush. "Mom! Are you okay?!"

No response, save for the crackle of flames.

Lisa grunted, squirming in her booster seat as she struggled to unbuckle herself. A trickle of red ran down her arm.

Shouts echoed in from beyond. The clatter of footsteps raced closer to the girl. Hands emerged from the remnants of the windows, reaching deep into the car.

"HELP!" Lisa yelled, still bound tightly to her seat. "I don't want to die..."

"We've got a survivor!" One voice shouted from beyond. "Anyone got a way to pry the door open?"

The collective wail from multiple sirens drew near as more voices began to shout, flashes of blue and red filling the little that Lisa could see of the outside world.

"Hand me that jack!"

"Leave the drunk dude to the police."

A face appeared behind the girl's crushed window, disappearing again seconds later.

"We've got two!" Another voice shouted, "One's passed out already from the smoke, focus on him first!"

Lisa glanced towards her brother. No more crying, no more flailing of his little limbs. Only silence.

"TIMMY!" Lisa's voice echoed into the flames.

Author's Note:

And so, the plot thickens...

More flashbacks to come in the future.

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