• Published 11th Dec 2017
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Pony-Me™ - TheMajorTechie

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.

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"TechSIG." Lisa mumbled, echoing her thoughts, "Sounds familiar, but I... I just can't put my finger on it."

Samantha smirked in return as she turned to her friend. "Y'know, TechSIG, the place we learned how to make Equestria. Don't you remember?"

Lisa shook her head, yelping quietly as she flinched away from Andrew's shoulder.

"Well," Samantha began, "Just putting it simply, the branch that we went to was this little corner-office with a few book-scented rooms. That spark any memories for you?"

Once again, Lisa shook her head, paying mind to avoid leaning on Andrew beside her.

"Aw, don't fuss over it, you two." Professor Argall chimed in from the front, "Samantha, leave your friend alone for a bit. She's still recovering her memory after being connected for so long."

Andrew leaned back in his seat, groaning slightly as he valiantly attempted to stretch his legs. "Man." He grumbled, rubbing a thigh, "How long do we have 'till the next stop?"

Argall glanced towards his lit phone screen for a moment before returning his gaze to the road. "Oh, I suppose a couple hours at the least."

"Y'know, if I were still a police officer, I could've cited you right then and there for distracted driving."

"Ha." The Professor snorted, "Says the guy who's hitchhiking."

Andrew leaned forwards, lightly punching Argall in the shoulder with a chuckle. "Says the old geezer who just picked up two chicks in a clunker."

"Hey!" Argall exclaimed, slapping blindly at the man, "What happened to whatever it was that you said about distracted driving?"

"Were a police officer." Andrew snarked, "Not am." He rolled down his window. "And besides, what's to say that an off-duty officer can't poke fun every now and then?"

Lisa glanced to her friend. Samantha had since returned to napping, her head cradled by the seatbelt as the wind coming through Andrew's open window fluttered over the vehicle's occupants. She wrinkled her nose as a pungent smell overtook her nostrils.

"Hey Lisa," The Professor chimed from the front as he rolled down his own window, "Say hi to the cows for me, wouldya?"

The girl stared through Andrew's open window as the dry pastures gave way to a cattle ranch. "Ick." Lisa flinched as the smell hit full-force. "Could you put the window back up?"

For a moment, the car fell into silence.

"Idunno." Argall began slowly, "Can I?"

"Please don't make another joke right now..." Andrew groaned, rubbing his temples, "The smell alone is already giving me a headache."

"Eh. Fine, fine." Professor Argall complained as he rolled the windows back up. "I was just trying to perhaps spark a memory or two in Lisa... Hey lookie there, horses!"

Once again, Lisa turned her attention to the windows. "There's a lot of them." She mumbled, leaning this time over Samantha's slumbering form. "What are they doing?"

The car slowed to a stop, rumbling for a moment over the gravel lining the road. "Migrating, I suppose." Argall began, "Not exactly a zoologist myself, but I know that there's a few wild herds running around this place still."

The girl's attention turned to a lone horse standing at the roadside, grazing on the weeds.

"May I--"

"Go ahead." The Professor nodded, unlocking the doors. "Though, you might have to climb over Miss Sleepyhead next to you."

Andrew massaged his head again. "Aw, shucks." The man yawned, "I'd might as well get some fresh air anyways. C'mon, Lisa. Let your friend sleep." He climbed out of the car with a grunt, holding the door open for Lisa.

The girl neared the horse slowly, a hand outstretched towards the wild animal. The horse paid no mind to Lisa, continuing its focus on grazing at the shrubbery lining the road. Lisa looked back at Argall and Andrew, the former of whom gave a thumbs-up in return, flashing a smile.

Lisa's hand touched the horse's matted mane. "It's..." She stuttered, slowly stroking the horse, "It's real, isn't it?"

"As real as you and I." Argall confirmed as he wandered beside his former student. "Would you like for me to wake Samantha as well?"

Lisa nodded, her eyes continuing to be transfixed on the animal. This is real. Her mind repeated, This is the world I came from.

The thud of the car door slamming brought the girl back to her senses as she whirled around to see her friend.

"Hiya, Lizzy!" Samantha chirped, waving a friendly hand as she yawned. "So, you wanted me to see something?"

"Yeah. Pinkie--"

Samantha's cheerful demeanor vanished, replaced with a glare directed at her friend. She shook her head slowly, her frown softening. "It's alright, Lisa. You can call me either one now."

Lisa raised a brow, but otherwise remained silent, gesturing towards the still-grazing horse.

A much more Pinkie-esque expression suddenly flooded across Samantha's face. "Ooh!" The strange girl cheered, rushing towards the animal. "It's like a pony, but it's bigger! I betcha that it's taller than Celestia herself! Twilight--" Samantha paused, blinking for a few moments. "Erm... Lisa," She continued, "What I was saying is, our characters are tiny compared to real-life horses."

"Samantha." Lisa said sternly, "Is something bothering you?"

The strange girl shook her head. "No, no, no. I'm fine." She replied, "Let's just say that Pinkie and I have been working towards making amends."

Lisa stared at her friend, brow still raised as she folded her arms.

"C'mon!" Argall called, halfway back to the car, "Are you two gonna stand there and wait for the next guy to pick you up, or are you gonna come back in?"

"Wait a sec!" Lisa shouted back as she turned back to the horse. "Just a few more moments..."

"She's a beautiful mare, isn't she?"

Lisa glanced towards her friend. Samantha ran her fingers through the horse's stringy, matted mane. "Just musing." The strange girl replied, focusing on the animal. "Y'know, when I was little, I used to live near several farms. One step out the door during the summer, and wham, the smell of horsecrap hits you right in the face."

Lisa giggled, turning her head back to the direction of the car. "Well, I think we should probably get back in the car now." She mumbled, stepping away from the horse. "C'mon, Sam!"

Samantha nodded, trailing behind her friend as the two dashed back to the Professor's car.

Professor Argall turned in his seat upon hearing the doors slam shut, a cocky grin on his face. "Alrighty, girls." He began, "No more petting zoo breaks from here on out, 'kay?" The vehicle rumbled back to life as the Professor turned the key. "Though, it'll definitely still smell like one for the next few miles."

The low hum of rubber on asphalt filled the air, accompanied by the occasional snore from Andrew. Samantha idly stared from the middle seat through the windshield, her unwavering stare fixed upon the road ahead. Having since switched seats with her friend, Lisa once again found herself leaning her head against the window, watching the world pass by in a giant blur of color.

Home. The thought hit the girl, After so many years in Equestria, would I even know my own home anymore? She sighed, shifting along the glass to a cooler spot. I wonder how my parents are doing...

Author's Note:

What else has Samantha never told her friend?
Just where in the world does Pony-Me take place in?
Will Lisa ever see her family again?
Does she even have a family?

Find out in the next chapter!

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