• Published 11th Dec 2017
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Pony-Me™ - TheMajorTechie

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.

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Bonus #3: Can't scare me

Author's Note:

What did I say? Here's another bonus chapter on Pinkie/Samantha! This chapter isn't tied specifically to a single chapter, but instead takes place chronologically sometime shortly after the previous chapter.

"Hey, Glitch." Samantha leered through the darkness, "You enjoying my body out in the real world?"

The girl's eyes turned upwards as once again, the familiar pink glow of Pinkie fizzled into view. The softly pulsating light settled into a hovering position before Samantha's eyes. Further materializing into a more natural pony form, Pinkie's hooves set upon the void of Samantha's mind with a hollow thump.

Samantha scoffed, rolling her eyes. "So, I see you still prefer your given body then."

Pinkie nodded. "Yeah, but you don't have to be so mean about it!"

"You stole my body from me!" The girl pointed an accusing finger at the mare. "All this time, I just wanted my freedom. I just wanted to live my life, Glitch. But you never let me."

"I don't let you because you're always such a meanie to everyone!"

Samantha folded her arms. "So what." She countered, glaring at her creation. "You don't know me. You can't scare me. Don't you forget that everything you know and remember amounts only to a few scraps of code. I'm the real deal."

"No, you're wrong!" Pinkie shouted back. "You're wrong... I-I'm just as alive as you are, Samantha. I know that my memories are fake. I know that my life is a lie. But you know what, I know that I'm just as real as you are. I've got emotions, I've got personality." She threw a shaky hoof towards the girl. "And you know what, that's more than everything I've seen you show when I let you take control. All you do is get angry!"

"Psh." The girl snorted, "You'd probably be mad all the time too if you were in my place. Have you ever thought about what it's like to be me? To be forced day through night to stay back and watch as my life is lived by someone else?"

Pinkie froze, her eyes wavering as they set upon the girl. "I..." She began slowly, "I never actually thought about that before..."

"Exactly. You don't know what I've been through, Pinkie." Samantha began, "When I was told to... uh, contain you, I never knew whether or not I'd ever live normally again. I remember back when Lisa and I were no more and no less than just a pair of friends, working on a little hobby project. I still remember the musty smell of that dingy little office space in the backroom that we worked in... the place where you were brought to life." She paused for a moment, a sad smile crossing her face as her scowl softened. "Somehow, through all of the plans and designs we made for Equestria, we forgot to make a way out. When I finally realized that, long after I connected to the simulation, I grew afraid. I was afraid that I'd never be able to live outside the simulations again, that I'd just managed to seal my fate as nothing but a container to weigh you down."

"I'm sorry," Pinkie responded, "I really am. You've told your part now, but before you go all mad at me again about me messing with physics or something, could you at least listen to me? Just this once, at least."

Samantha said nothing, replying with a single nod.

Pinkie sighed a breath of relief. "Okay then. First off, I wanna say sorry again for last time, when we first got disconnected. I think I was a little mad about suddenly losing everything I knew. I really don't know what I was thinking when I started being mean back to you."

The girl shuddered at the memory of the blood-red blip of light, but nevertheless signaled to continue.

"So, y'know how I'm pretty much the most super-duper-fun pony in Equestria and how I wanted to be friends with everybody?"

"Yeah..." Samantha replied, raising a brow. "Why do you ask? I did program you to be what I knew I could never be myself."

Pinkie paused, her mouth mid-way open before she could continue speaking. "You... you what?"

"I wanted to be like you." The girl continued, "I probably don't make it very obvious, especially when I'm grumpy, which is most of the time, but I made you the way you are because I knew that out here in real life, I could never manage to pull off what you can. Out here, my only friend is Lisa, or Twilight, as you know her."

"...O-oh." Pinkie mumbled as her gaze shifted downwards. "I really didn't think about you very much, did I?"

Samantha smiled at the mare. "It's okay, Pinkie." The girl said, "After all, you're me. Or at least, everything I'd wanted to be..." She held out a hand. "Maybe it's time for us to set aside our differences once and for all. Let's forget about the simulations, forget everything that's brought us down. I want to start this over from the beginning." The girl's smile grew wider as she stared into Pinkie's eyes. "I'm tired of wasting away my life sulking. And if there was any time I'd choose to change that, I'd say that now would be a pretty good time."

"Forget... forget the simulation?" Pinkie gasped, shrinking away from the girl. "I don't want to forget Equestria or my friends!"

Samantha shook her head, her smile beginning to fade at the edges. "No, Pinkie. I mean I want to forget about the simulation. Unlike Lisa, I never wanted to set foot in Equestria when we finished the project. I wanted to move on to bigger things beyond that... beyond Equestria. Lisa, unlike myself, decided to stay in the simulation for an extended period of time, probably even indefinitely if she could... though, I certainly understand her reasons to."

"What were the reasons?"

"I... I don't think that I should be talking about them if she doesn't remember them herself yet." Samantha replied, "Anyways, as I was saying, I want to move on from this fiasco. I don't think I'd be able to stand letting myself reconnect to Equestria, not when I've been given a second chance at life after the disconnect."

Pinkie's mane began to fade to a dull pink. "Does that mean I can't go back either?"

Samantha nodded slowly. "I'm sorry, Pinkie." She whispered, "It's for the best."

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