• Published 11th Dec 2017
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Pony-Me™ - TheMajorTechie

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.

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It's your choice.

Initially, Lisa had been pleasantly surprised by the orderly fashion that the current plans were delivered in. They were brief, yet detailed, and yet were still as enticing as any good book that she'd find.

As for the actual progression of the aforementioned plans... there was practically nothing. Even with volunteers, it was clear that there was still a vast number of open positions. At the moment, the ever-common topic of feeding the disconnected populace had come under discussion. The two other Societal Management Officers besides the girl had been brought in as well, their eyes drooping from a lack of sleep.

The rest of the room, however, was bursting with activity. The girl had soon found herself participating in the broader discussion, of which, at the time, had then turned to the handling of local issues such as refurbishing the housing of the populace.

As the night grew into morning, the lights of that single room served as a beacon, shining throughout the slumbering city.

The sky was aglow with bright hues of red and orange as another day began. Save for the City Hall, everybody lay silent, asleep in their cots. The secretive operations within the facility had slowed to a crawl hours prior as the majority of the volunteers, one by one, retreated back to their rooms for the night.

A single girl now sat alone at a dimly-lit desk, her briefcase now being her only accompaniment. Scattered across the desk were half-read books and sloppily hand-sketched diagrams of various contraptions and equations. Lisa Garnet let out a snore.

Twilight lay alone in her castle library, jolting to consciousness. Slowly, she rose, mentally noticing that she was once again a pony.

"Girls?" Twilight Sparkle asked in confusion, "Spike?"

Spike hurriedly rushed to her side, an unwieldy stack of books obscuring his face.

"What is it, Twilight?" he asked, struggling to retain his balance, "You fell asleep organizing books again, so I've been trying... urk... to get it finished for you."

Twilight looked down to her hooves. There was no wristband, no dingy hospital gown or freshly-pressed uniform. Her eyes turned to the messy shelving, and the book-scattered floor around her. No briefcase.

She turned back to her assistant. No freezing, either. Just smooth, fluid motion.

Finally, the mare sighed. "Alright then. Thanks. Could you go get the girls for me, please?"

Spike nodded, and turned for the door, exiting the library with the squeak of the door hinges.

Twilight sat alone in her library.

Out of curiosity, she reached for a book. It wasn't anything absurdly long, nor was it too short. She flipped to the first page.

Make a choice.

It was the only thing on the page. She flipped to the next page.

Make a choice.

The mare frowned, and flipped to the following pages. To her dismay, each and every one repeated the same sentence.

Make a choice.

She tossed the book aside, and floated a second book to her hooves.

"Snowbush" read the title of the tome. She picked up a second book.


Make a choice.

Make a choice.

Make a choice.

"Wha--" Twilight stammered, dropping the books, "What's going on?"

The door slammed open, letting a freezing wind pass into the room. Page by page, each book was torn away from the mare in a flurry of paper. The mare backed herself against a bookcase in fear, lighting her horn to cast a shield. Before she did, however, a briefcase landed at her hooves, bursting open as the bookcase behind her dramatically shifted to the form of the looming machine she had remembered being tethered to.

And then it all came crashing down.

Lisa Garnet awoke with a groan, the imprint of a pencil outlined on her cheek.

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