• Published 11th Dec 2017
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Pony-Me™ - TheMajorTechie

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.

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There's new people to meet,

Night had since fallen over the city, and the streets had come alight with flashlights handed out by the so-called "Sustenance Sector". Many, however, continued to blindly stumble along the dark streets into their respective houses and shelters.

Lisa stood alone at the steps of the city hall, watching the people pass.

"Hey!" A rather familiar, and loud, voice chimed, "Why aren't you going home?"

"Huh?" Lisa mumbled, turning to the direction of the voice. It was the same man she had run into earlier.

Andrew, she recalled, watching the tall man near her.

"C'mon," Andrew repeated, "Why aren't you going home? It's gettin' pretty late out, y'know."

The girl nodded. "I know," she replied as she stood, "it's just that... well, where I live is kinda..."

Andrew's eyes turned in the direction of Lisa's gaze. Silently mouthing an "Oh", he turned back to the girl.

Lisa shrugged in response.

"I guess... you could stay at my place?" Andrew suggested, pointing a finger towards an apartment nearby, "I mean, I don't mean for it to be awkward, and--"

"Yeah, I guess..." Lisa cut in to avoid the awkwardness, "Do you have any books?"

Andrew raised a brow. "Books? When all anybody here has are cots? Nope."

The girl sighed as she looked towards Andrew's apartment.

"So this is your room." Lisa deadpanned tiredly as she glanced about yet another barren room.

"Well, what do you expect? We all have the same rooms." Andrew returned as he lounged on his cot, the tubing and headset since shoved into the corner beside the machine.

"Fair enough," the girl sighed, sitting herself on the floor, "I assume you'll be taking the cot?"

Andrew nodded. "Yup. Sorry 'bout that."

The girl dismissed him with a gesture. "No no, it's fine. I've slept on the floor a few times before back in..." she paused for a moment, remembering where she was now. "well, y'know."

"Alright." Andrew waved from the cot, "G'night then."

Lisa yawned, and lay down on the cold floor, the sheets still wrapped around her body.

It was the beginning of a new day. Lisa, along with a vast majority of the population, seemed to move in unison as the sun blindingly shone through onto their cots.

"Good morning... Lisa, was it?" Andrew yawned, stretching lazily on his cot.

Lisa groaned from the hard floor.

"...I take that you weren't a morning person back in your other life, huh?"

Lisa shook her head. "No, I was." she groaned, "I just normally sleep on an actual bed."

Andrew paused for a moment to stare down at his wristband, then Lisa. "Heh," he chuckled, "feels weird talking about our lives like this, isn't it?"

Lisa nodded. It did still feel strange. She wanted to believe that it was all real, both her old and new lives, and yet, at the same time, she knew that one would prove to be nothing but an illusion. What was troubling though, was that she now had no idea which reality to believe.

After taking a few minutes to thank the only person she knew for letting her stay the night, Lisa set off once again into the center of the city. It was hardly as bustling with activity as it was the day before, but that was likely due to the majority of the populace still being indoors for the most part.

"Whoops. 'Scuse me!" A lanky teenage boy yelped as he slipped past Lisa, slinking off into the distance.

Lisa continued walking, the boy's voice repeating inside her head as she watched for anything interesting happening around.

Wait... she paused, turning to watch the boy that was now stacking cobblestones, I know that voice.

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