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Pony-Me™ - TheMajorTechie

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.

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Split lives,

Author's Note:

I welcome myself back into the fanfic world with yet another lore/characterbuilding chapter. ^_^

Have a ton of dialogue involving Lisa talking to herself. Er, I mean to Twilight. And then... well, the cliffhanger's there for a reason...

End of part 2 is coming soon...


Lisa awoke to the sound of her own voice. Or at least, of Twilight's voice.

"Good. You're awake."

Lisa yawned, rubbing her eyes as she sat up on the bed, Twilight's disembodied voice still echoing through her mind. "Yeah, what about it?" she began with a whisper, "Couldn't you just show up in another dream or something?"

"Nope." Twilight's voice replied. "We need to talk. And besides, I personally feel more comfortable speaking out loud. It's nighttime anyways, so nobody else will hear us."

"Great," the girl folded her arms, staring to the bookshelf across from her. "I guess I'll just talk to myself then."

"No, no. It's not like that." Twilight's voice once again spoke. "Lisa, have you been noticing anything lately? Anything in relation to your memories?"

Lisa shook her head, knowing well how futile the action would be anyways.

"Anything?" Twilight pressed on.

"No." Lisa answered.

"Well, what if I told you that the more you remember of yourself, the more I'll be covered up, buried away in your thoughts."


"Not yet. I'm still talking..." Twilight cut in, "What I mean is, remember back when we were still one mind?"


"Well, based on what I know from your memories, as well as my own experience, I'm pretty sure that after we split into our own selves, it's become somewhat of a competition for control over our body. I mean, just take a look at what happened to Pinkie."

Lisa raised a brow. "You mean Samantha? She seems perfectly fine now."

"Seems." Twilight asserted, a hint of irritation seeping into her disembodied voice. "You can't say that she is for sure. You might not remember right now, but she... she knows things. Same with Argall. I won't tell you what it is though. You might use it on me."

"Use what?"

"Not telling you. I'll only let them do it if your life is on the line."

"You're not making any sense, Twilight."

"Neither do your buried memories about your friend."

"Well, what do you want me to do, run out and ask her in the middle of the night?"

"No, are you crazy?" Twilight's voice snapped, surprising Lisa. "I'd very much like to take the time to study that mare... er, girl? ...Um... as I was saying, I'd much prefer to study her my way. Okay?"

Yeah, whatever. Lisa rolled her eyes, reaching for the diary on the edge of the desk beside her. I'd personally prefer some sleep right now.

"No! That's what sets you and me apart, Lisa. From what I can dig up, you designed me to be like yourself, but with certain aspects tweaked." Twilight paused to let Lisa take a breath. "For example, right now, you'd rather sleep, but I'd rather read some more diary entries."

Lisa glanced down at her diary that she now held, before flinging it back at the desk, a heavy thud hitting the floor as the diary bounced off of something.

"Twilight, what's gotten into you?!" she shouted as the book hit the floor moments later, "Before I went to bed, I asked you if you were going to be fine outside of Equestria. You said that it depends on me."

"Yeah, and just because I'm not in Equestria doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to do what I want in the meantime!"

Lisa groaned, falling back onto her pillow. "And I should've ramped up whatever value it is that you've got controlling your social skills."

Twilight's voice went silent for a moment, the mare at a loss for words.

The click of the doorknob startled both mare and girl as a weary-eyed Argall stuck his head in, a blazing flashlight in hand. "Lisa, you alright?" he began, sweeping the light across Lisa's bed, "I heard you shouting. Have you been talking to yourself again?"

"...Yes," Twilight's voice replied for Lisa, "we've been talking."

Argall stifled a yawn, returning his gaze to the girl.



"Meet me tomorrow, after I bring Timothy over."

The Professor left without another word.

Lisa sighed, leaning over the side of her bed. She picked up her diary, leaning back and tracing over its worn cover with her other hand.

"Y'know," she began again, "how about we put all of this aside, and deal with it tomorrow?"

Lisa felt herself shrug as Twilight responded. "Fine..." the mare replied, "though, I'd still rather stay up all night and read those books of yours."

ERROR. Twilight's voice screamed through Lisa's mind, WAKE UP. NEED. HELP.

Lisa groaned, rubbing her eyes as she turned to the side.

"LISA." Twilight screamed again, this time out loud. "HELP. SO--THING...'S. WRONG."

This time, the girl jerked awake, her hand flying up to cover her mouth.

"CA-N...'T E...RR--" Twilight's muffled voice continued.

Frantically, Lisa leaped from her bed, her body out of her own control as Twilight took a stumbling step towards the door.

"FI...-D... PIN...K-E," the mare's voice droned on in monotone, "N-EED... HELP..."

Lisa gasped as control over her body returned, sending her tumbling to the floor with a thud. She clawed her way back to her feet, and threw open the door.

"Oh hey, Twilight." Timothy greeted from the stairs as he ascended, "Argall just brought me--"

"GE-T P-NK...E!" Twilight's monotone voice screeched from Lisa's body, "TEL. --OFESS... ARG-LL... OR... BRI...NG... SA-ANTH!"

Timothy frowned, frozen in place mid-step as Lisa rushed past him down the stairs. He turned, following after her to the bottom of the stairs. "Twilight," he began, reaching out for the girl, "what did you--"

Lisa spun around, this time replying for the rapidly-deteriorating Twilight Sparkle. Her eyes met Timothy's. "Find Argall and tell him to bring Samantha here, now."


"NO-W." Twilight's voice screamed again, before returning control to her host. Lisa turned back around, grabbing the doorknob. "Something's wrong with Twilight, and I'm pretty sure Argall and Samantha are the only two that can help her. I don't know what she knows about them, but she needs something only they can do."

"Got it," Timothy nodded, following after her.

Lisa paused mid-step as they exited the house. "Wait..." she began, "Where is he, anywa--"

"DO...SN'T... MAT-TER." Twilight's voice cut off Lisa, "SPIK- K...OWS."

"Do you?" Lisa turned to Timothy. "Where's the Professor?"

Timothy shrugged in response. "He left after dropping me off here. He said to just stick with you while he went to get some groceries."

"NOT. GO...OD..." Twilight shouted through Lisa, "F...I-- PIN-K--"

Lisa's eyes rolled back as she suddenly collapsed to the ground.

"Wake up!"

"Please wake up, Twi... er, Lisa. Snap out of it!"

Lisa groaned, rubbing her head as she opened her eyes, squinting in the morning sun. Timothy sighed a breath of relief, holding out a hand for the girl. "Okay, c'mon," he began, pulling her from the ground, "Let's go find Samantha."

She froze for a moment, shuddering as one final word from Twilight left her lips. "H...UR-RY..."

Timothy nodded, glancing about. "Don't worry, Twilight," he assured as Lisa regained control, "we'll find her... uh..." he turned back to her. "Do you have any idea where she lives?"

Lisa shook her head. "When we got here, the only thing she had on her mind was home, and I highly doubt that I remember where she lives."

"But then how will we save Twilight?" Timothy wailed, "If we wait any longer, she might be gone forever!"

"Wait." Lisa suddenly began, "So, y'know how Argall had that phone he kept checking when it was almost time to go back to Equestria?"

Timothy nodded slowly, confusion spread across his face.

"I'm betting that somewhere in my room, I've got one of my own that I could maybe use to communicate with Samantha."

"Are you serious?!" Timothy yelled, "Twilight sounds like she's about to die. Are you sure that you still have the time to look for it?"

Lisa nodded. "I'm pretty sure I know exactly where it is, too."

Timothy stood in the doorway as Lisa once again stepped into her room, her eyes scanning the carpeted floor beneath her feet as she neared her bed. Crouching down to the floor, she stuck a hand underneath the bottom shelf of the desk beside her bed, feeling around until her fingers came across a flat, glassy screen.

Lisa smiled, pulling the phone from underneath the desk. "Bingo."

"How did--"

"I..." Lisa murmured, "I was arguing with Twilight last night, and threw my diary. I remembered hearing it knock something down, and from there I just forgot about it until now. I didn't even realize that it was my old phone."

Timothy rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah," he grumbled, pointing at the device. "does that thing even turn on anymore?"

Lisa didn't respond.


A light click sound emanated from the phone as Lisa pressed the power button. The two watched in silence as the device came to life.

"It... it still works?" Timothy mumbled, staring at the screen in Lisa's hands.

Lisa looked to her desk for a moment, catching sight of the cable dangling off the side. Timothy followed her movements, also catching sight of the charger.

He... he even left my phone charged for me... Lisa thought, turning back to her phone... of which had already locked itself again.

Timothy folded his arms. "Okay, enough with the staring now!" He exclaimed, "We still need to save Twilight, remember?"

Lisa nodded. "Yeah. Um... I'll see what I can do."

The phone slipped from her hands as she wavered on her feet, before collapsing once again to the floor.

"Samantha!" a voice called from behind the girl's door, "Breakfast is on the table, I'll be going to work, okay?"

Samantha glanced up from her laptop. "'Kay, mom!" She shouted back, shutting the screen.

A faint buzz went off in her pocket. She sighed, pushing her laptop aside as she pulled out her phone. Her eyes grew wide as she saw who messaged her.

Message from: Lisa

Pinkie, there's something wrong with Twilight. She just fainted in the middle of the room, and Argall's not here right now. Please come quickly.


Samantha stuffed her phone back in her pocket, and rushed from her room. Barrelling down the hall, she grabbed the small handbag hanging in the kitchen before making a beeline for the front door.

"Is she okay?" Timothy asked, watching as Samantha helped her friend up.

Samantha nodded, grunting as she guided Lisa to her bed. She pointed to her handbag on the floor. "Hey, hand me my stuff, would ya?"

Timothy set the bag beside Samantha, who began rummaging in it before pulling out a small scalpel. She turned to the boy. "Um," she began, "you might want to turn away for a bit if you don't want to watch."

"But what about Twilight?" Timothy wailed.

"She'll be fine. With what's happening right now, she'll hardly even know she's here."


"I'll explain later. Just stop talking, and lemme concentrate."

"Oh... okay." Timothy murmured, turning away.

Samantha turned for a moment, checking on the boy for a moment before turning back to Lisa. She glanced down at the technical paper propped up against her bag, then back at Lisa. With a sigh, she set down the scalpel and rolled her friend over onto a pillow.

"Is it over yet?"

"No. Stop talking."

She climbed onto the bed beside Samantha, scalpel once again in hand as she leaned over the back of Lisa's neck. With an unshaking hand, she made her first cut; a small, vertical incision just below her friend's hairline.

Lisa groaned, lifting a hand to her neck as she woke.

"Hey, Lis."

Lisa opened her eyes, staring up at her friend.

Timothy wandered up behind Samantha, his eyes trembling as they turned to Lisa. "...Twilight?" he stammered, "You're okay now, aren't you? Pin... Samantha fixed you. I watched her do it after you fainted again."

Lisa frowned, a brow raised as she sat up in her bed. "Tim," she began, "Who the heck are you talking to? Who's Twilight?"

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