• Published 11th Dec 2017
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Pony-Me™ - TheMajorTechie

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.

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The road is never smooth,

Lisa lay her head on the frigid glass window with a heavy sigh. The bus was silent, save for the low rumble of tires on cobblestone. There were no engine noises save for a light whine every now and then-- it was electric, as the driver had told her.

Timothy had since fallen asleep on her shoulder, and was snoring lightly. The boy had been through just as much as Lisa had in the past few days, if not more. There was only so much one could handle in such a short period of time.

Staring out the window, Lisa watched as the little city of Snowbush faded into nothing but shapes on the horizon of the setting sun. It felt strange, having already come to call the place her home when she knew, deep down in the back of her mind, that she hadn't even known of its existence until recently. She turned her attention to the scenery before her. Miles upon miles of nothingness as far as the eye could see. She couldn't tell whether it was due to some unforeseen consequence of society, or if Snowbush simply had been that remote of a city.

A chilling shudder ran down her spine as the thought of societal annihilation passed through her mind. How could any society come to doom itself in such a way, or devise such a weapon of mass destruction as to wipe out entire civilizations?

Timothy unconsciously groaned in annoyance from the movement, and shifted his head off of the girl's shoulder.

Lisa felt a jolt as the bus slowed to a stop. With a grunt, the driver rose from his seat and opened the door, leaving the vehicle. She could hear shouting from outside, before the man once again entered the bus, muttering something angrily about deer.

The bus heaved again as it continued the journey to yet another unknown.

Lisa assumed that she had fallen asleep at some point of the trip. The sky had long since darkened, and the only comforting sights now were the soft lights above the seats, illuminating the slumbering occupants. It wasn't very long until the girl felt her eyes droop again as the low rumble of the wheels against the worn road lulled her into a state of half-consciousness.

She could still feel the world moving around her, but she couldn't see, nor hear, a thing. She was alone in her mind as even the sensation of movement faded into obscurity in her subconscious. Now, there was nothing but herself occupying the empty plane of the dream.

The girl gazed down towards her hands yet again. Lisa Garnet's hands, not hers. Slowly but surely, the darkness around her began to fade into a sea of colors, before further morphing into the familiar library of her previous dream; her previous reality. Lisa stared back to her hands again, finding this time that they were once again hooves.

Lisa glanced back to the scene presented before her. The library was now a mess from the aftermath of the previous dream. Paper and books were strewn all about, shelves lay wrecked, and the same monolith of a machine still sat silent behind her, whirring along as if she was still tethered to it the entire time.

"Twilight?" she heard Spike's voice call from behind the closed doors, "Are you okay? I got the girls for you, but I heard a loud crash from inside."

Lisa stared nervously at the door. To her surprise, it had already become much harder to remember her friends names. There was Rainbow, of course. The pegasus was quite memorable simply from her mane colors. There was also Rarity, Flutter...shy? The apple mare she couldn't quite remember anymore. Ponk...Pink...cake?

The girl, now Twilight Sparkle yet again, frowned. Had she really remembered so little of her friends? Or was she already beginning to forget?

"Twilight?" Spike called again, more anxiously this time, "Come on, answer! The door's locked!"

Twilight shook herself from her thoughts with a grimace, and made her way towards the door. How did she do it again?

The mare lit her horn, a wavering, unstable light grasping fruitlessly at the handle of the door. Nothing but rattles. She sighed, and instead used her hoof.

"...Twilight?" Spike asked quietly, standing in front of five nearly-unfamiliar mares, "W-what's going on?"

"Howdy howdy. Y'all." The orange one greeted, "Apples."

"Wonderbolts!" The blue one-- Rainbow Dash, cheered happily, hovering in the air.

"Fashion." The white one exquisitely announced, a roll of fabric held tight in her magical aura.

The yellow one said nothing, instead squeaking timidly as she hid behind her mane. A small rabbit sat silently at her legs.

Just as the yellow one did, the pink one remained silent, her razor-straight, faded pink mane hanging lifelessly as she stared blankly ahead.

"Twilight, help..." Spike wailed quietly, becoming increasingly translucent.

The other mares began to fade from vision as well, save for the pink one.

"N-no..." Twilight stammered in a panic, "No, please, come back!" she pleaded as the nearly-transparent mares turned to leave.

She turned to the pink one, who simply shook her head solemnly.

"Sometimes," she began slowly, "letting go of what you know and love is the hardest thing to do."

The pink mare turned to join the others, the young dragon accompanying her.

Twilight Sparkle-- Lisa Garnet, sat alone, tears streaming from her eyes as she watched the five fading mares and dragon disappear from view.

Lisa awoke with a gasp, her cheeks wet with tears.

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