• Published 11th Dec 2017
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Pony-Me™ - TheMajorTechie

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.

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You have the power.

As the crowd filed out of the City Hall for the night, a small collection of figures remained within; Lisa and Timothy being two of them.

"Excuse me?" the aging woman-- Melina, asked quietly, setting her hand on the boy's shoulder, "I believe that the nightly curfew has gone into effect for civilians."

Timothy turned to stare at Lisa, of whom had her sights set on the collection of newly-issued briefcases being handed to each of the volunteers.

"Just think, Spike..." she began, oblivious to her friend's gaze, "There's so much to learn from this. Just imagine what I could bring back to Equestria!"

"Twilight!" the boy whispered furiously as he yanked on Lisa's sleeve, "The creepy lady wants me to go outside!"

Lisa broke from her excited trance, glancing to her former assistant, before turning to face the woman.

A single gesture towards Timothy was all the girl needed to see in order to understand what was to happen.

"Don't worry," the woman soothed, "we're just going to discuss some sensitive information. You can frolic with your friend sometime tomorrow, alright?"

Lisa nodded in agreement.

The woman turned now to the boy. "Just give us some time, alright?" she said quietly to him, "It shouldn't take too long."

The boy nodded slightly, and darted from the room. As for Lisa, she soon found herself joining the rapidly diminishing line for a briefcase of her own. The air in the room began to take on the odor of ozone from the engraving tools buzzing across each briefcase handed out.

Within a moment's time, the girl found herself the proud new owner of an anodized, specially engraved briefcase. There was yet to be anything to hold within, unlike the officials she had come to identify with their own bulging boxes. But nevertheless, she knew she'd eventually find a use.

That night, as the populace climbed back into their worn, dingy cots, Lisa, along with a handful of other volunteers, were instead treated to a warm suite, complete with full bedding and a fresh set of clothing, the latter of which being a refreshing contrast to the thin cloak composed of hospital gown and sheets that the girl had been wearing for the past days.

It felt strange, in a way. Lisa had awoken from a soft, warm bed, only to wake on a small, cold cot. Yet here she was yet again, laying silently on something not so different from what she'd been used to. Her thoughts turned back to Timothy. More specifically, who she knew him as; her faithful assistant, Spike.

Surely the boy had already been used to sleeping alone by now, or at the very least away from Lisa. After all, he had stayed over at Rarity's place many times before. What would another night alone be compared to all the previous ones?

She imagined Timothy shivering under the thin sheets of his cot, alone. Alone, just as she was in hers when she had first awoken.

It'll be alright, she told herself, he's already stayed the night before without me.

Yet even with how much she told herself to ignore it, she couldn't help but notice the guilty feeling accompanying the comforts of her new bedding and clothing. Here she was, safe, warm, and fed, while Timothy, along with countless others, remained in their darkened rooms, nothing to accompany them but each other and the looming machines behind their cots.

Following her thoughts, however, she quickly remembered her new role in the city.

Slowly, Lisa rose from her bed, and tiptoed to the heavy wooden door.

Sliding against the wall, the girl had chosen to follow the faint sound of conversations, in hopes to find Melina, or any other established individual. As the sounds grew louder, she was soon able to see lights filtering through the underside of a door not too much further down the hall.

"Good, good." the voice of the heavy-coated man emanated from behind the door, "Excellent plan, Daalmans. We'll get 'em reconnected soon enough."

The girl lightly rapped on the door, unsure of what to expect.

"Come in." Melina chimed, accompanying the sounds of footsteps.

Lisa gasped in amazement as the woman opened the door. Various charts and diagrams plastered the walls and tables, threatening to spill onto the already-messy floor at any moment.

The aging woman nudged Lisa further into the room with a hand, closing the door behind her. There was work to do.

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