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Ruby Throne


Ruby Throne was born into a small family that lived in a small town. Ruby herself was a bit small for a unicorn...but she had big dreams.
She has always been good at tailoring and fashion in general. Her goal is to one day be accepted into the School of Royal Tailors (located in Equestria) so she can train and maybe one day be tailor for Princess Celestial herself.
To her surprise...she does get accepted! And it doesn't take any effort on her side. But the reason will disappoint her...make her feel unworthy...and of course she won't learn it till after she is in the school.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 4 )

A little short, but enjoyable nonetheless. Curious to see where it goes.

It's really good, and has potential. You could work a little on the pacing, but still great job!:twilightsmile:

Interesting. A bit too fast for my taste, but good nonetheless. Also, I'm pretty sure it is "Your Highness" and not "You're Highness", but english is my second language so I may be wrong, still I liked it.

oh I didn't even notice that error! Thank's for pointing it out. Yes, it is 'your highness.' Thank you!

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