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Zach Kingston and Jason Ledwidge are two angels on earth. One of darkness, and one of light. Wonder what will happen to them when they are thrust into Equestria?

Co-Written by JeremyPunk and LivingTimeLord55.

Zach Kingston was made by JeremyPunk and Jason Ledwidge was made by LivingTimeLord55

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 22 )

Interesting, let's see where this goes.

This has perked my curiosity. I shall add it to my Read Later list.

OK, I like it. But, one small complaint. I get lost trying to tell who is talking. Would you please insert some kind of trick for keeping track of that like a character symbol or different colored text?

I agree with this guy. /|\

919230 919205 Me and LTL will be sure to get right on that.

One thing though is that from reading one of the portal crossovers on the portal crossovers on the site (the name escapes me right now) is that the majority of the people do NOT like colored text. So we will start doing things like how it is in my other story Journey of Shadow Walker.

"blah blah blah" derp said.

"blah blah blah blah blah" Derp exclaimed.

Or if you could give us examples on 'Character symbols' that would be nice too.

Try taking it more slowly. This feels really rushed. Also, try doing something like this instead of bold/italicized text.
"Blah blah blah" Jason thought to Zach
"Bley bleh blah" Zach replied sarcastically.

Will read and comment later. Be prepared, I am quite the criticizer.

For character symbols I mean like put a symbol or series of symbols (like ∇, ∝, or * ) before or around the dialogue for that character.

This looks like its gonna be great:pinkiehappy:!

919947 Thanks! Me and LTL are going to try and get as many chapters out before schools starts. It will be sort of weird though because we have different school schedules. Me : August-May, Him: September-June. And a spoiler. If this story does well enough by the end, there WILL be a sequel(s)! So stay tuned for more.

i am so fucking confused right now so let me get this straight zack is a dark angel with a, how should I say, light aittude and Jason is light angel with a dark aittude

but anyways great idea and nothing just great idea

Liking where this story is going you have earned a favorite:moustache:!

919991 The thing is that Zach is a Brony so once he figured out he was in Equestria he was extremely happy, hence the good mood. And Jason is still mad at Zach because of the whole, crash into thing. Also he thinks Zach is feeding him a load of crap so he's a bit pissy. Hence the bad mood. You see more opposites in the next chapter. But later on their true colors will shine.

P.S. If you were a sarcastic and blatantly rude person but you were a brony and went to Equestria, wouldn't you drop the attitude for a bit as well? Especialy in front of ponies themselves?

920029 so I got them backwards or are they both jackasses, its just you made so confusing

920086 Once the both get settled they will act as they should. Also, as it stated during the first chapter. They are basically neutral during the day but at night they show their real personalities. An emotion can overcome those personas though. Zach has too much joy to be a complete asshole and Jason has too much anger to be his normal, 'sainty', self. Zach just always has to be a jackass at some point or another....always.

God I laughed a lot from this fanfic! Please continue good sir! you make my day better with this piece of hilarious art! :rainbowlaugh:

921320 Thanks. LTL and I like our internet memes. And then there's our...unique, humor.

I LIKE IT...A LOT!!! :scootangel: :pinkiehappy: including the comedic parts. :rainbowlaugh:

I laughed so hard, at the humor moments, that I may have felt my stomach actually hurt for a moment. :pinkiecrazy:

lol.... but no, that sock-awakening is horrid... trust me *shivers*:pinkiesick::pinkiesick:

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