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TCB:It's Lit AF! - Prince Galaxy

It.Is.Lit.AF.This is what happens when you get powers and are under oppression.

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Where are the elements?

Where are the elements?
By:Prince Galaxy
Edited By:Chrome Masquerade

"Soooo... You have any idea where they are?" I asked.

"I know as much as you know." Luna said.

"OK... Aha! The elements... Without the bearers." With a sigh. we followed the hoofsteps. it's been... seven hours.

"So, why did your sister want to conquer us?" I asked.

"She hated your technology and said you were evil. Your attitude, your way of thinking, and practically everything else." She responded.

"Seems nice. I see that she derived that the only logical conclusion was to let a race -sentient, might I add- go extinct, since human actions were bad. So, yeah." I said.

"Sorry. At least we're better now, although we're hanging by a thread." She responded.

"Hey, I made sure to go green and we're in our golden age now. Half of us have forgotten, a quarter don't give a shit, the others are hunting ponies and we're trying to keep them under control.Can't say the same for the ponies. Half of them are complying and co-existing with us, but the other half are openly trying to strike our police officers down. We've got them under control and are trying to rehabilitate." I stated.

"The elements! Trying to strike down police..." She said. You could hear a faint sound, mostly "Desist!", or "Get down!".

"Oi! Stop it!" I shouted, which only resulted in AJ and RD rushing at me.My guards just put up two riot shields. They still went, but not my fault if they get brain damage. If they don't have any yet.

"You!" RD screamed, before slamming into the riot shield. AND WE HAVE A WINNER. RD IS KO. RIOT SHIELD 1, RD -10

"Takes dedication to be dumb." I said.

"Savage!" Luna giggled.

"That's my power in a nutshell." I said.

"Good point." By that time, the elements were staring at us mouths agape, probably because of Luna.

"How could you, Luna!?" They all shouted.

"What?" And that was when the darude sandstorm appeared. A lot of swearing was done.

"Darude." I said.

"I agree." Luna affirmed.

"Get them in rehab. Finally! Could not care less at this point." I said.

"So... what now?" Luna asked.

"BO3 or CS?" I said.

"BO3!" She exclaimed, excitement in her eyes.

The actual end.

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I don't even know... please more...


Do you want a story or a continuation?I really don't know.

8075329 Continuation would probably be a lot easier

I'll see, thx!Although I'm already working on a less MLG but maybe still as funny Story.:twilightsmile:

Dem quality ass memes

Go watch the anime GATE. It's the same spiel of badass humanity crushing fantasy invaders, but without all the character derailment.


Sry the second one is going to be mature, the third one too probably.:fluttercry:

8084176 Why are you sorry? Literally 90% of the stories I write are mature...

8084534 Im going to describe this video with... MLG guy? I guess thats his name being mr rogers

i read the cover art and i could not resist to say it in an increasingly more british accent

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