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Mess with the best, die like the rest. I've died hundreds of times.


My after school activities are interrupted when the former Queen Bee, Sunset Shimmer, is threatened by three other students. Being the nice guy that I am I go and help her. Turns out I not only help her from the bullies but I help her in more ways than one. And I mean that in a non-sexual way.

This is set after the Fall Formal but before Rainbow Rocks.
I feel like I'm obligated to say this...This is a humanized story.

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Comments ( 4 )

So... this Ashley person was Sunset??

It was confusing to see Sunset and then Ashley as if they were 2 totally different people.

Cute story nonetheless.

crap............I should have looked more carefully. this was a school project and I had originally intended to use this for this site but figured that it could work for the project. so I changed a few names and a couple other things. so when I went to submit it here I changed the names of the characters. thanks for letting me know there was one that I missed.

I pull out a heavy math book from my backpack and charge at the dude. When he gets close enough I grab his arm, turn him around and hit him in the face with the book. He staggers back a bit with his left hand holding his face.

I knew math books were good for something!!
Super cute lil story! Great job

7996242 Thanks for the support!

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