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Mess with the best, die like the rest. I've died hundreds of times.

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My after school activities are interrupted when the former Queen Bee, Sunset Shimmer, is threatened by three other students. Being the nice guy that I am I go and help her. Turns out I not only help her from the bullies but I help her in more ways than one. And I mean that in a non-sexual way.

This is set after the Fall Formal but before Rainbow Rocks.
I feel like I'm obligated to say this...This is a humanized story.

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Name's Iro Kawa. I'm a Spectrum Dragon Slayer from the wizard guild Fairy Tail. I got sent to Equestria Through a Displacement spell. Now I go on Adventures as a Friend to the People and as Ponyville's Protector. I really hope I don't screw up!

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I thought today was going to be a boring day, but I was so wrong. I find the Hasbro version of Q from Star Trek in my room and he sends me to a humanized version of Equestria. Now I have to get used to living in this world and try to find my way home. Why did this happen to me?

This is a story that has humanized ponies. You've been warned.

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