• Published 5th Mar 2017
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A Traveler tale (A "Traveler" parody) - BlackAlizebra

A trio of adventurer fight various monsters and discover a underground dungeon that to a untouched underwater city. That has never been discovered yet,But the city has some scerct and it not pretty.

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Stripe Dream and scars

The gang continue to journey toward the light and recover some injuries from trapped part of the maze. "At least we know it going to make it." Spirit said as some start making camp for the night and lit a fire up. the griffon been practicing making fire since childhood and these three were no exceptions....... Knuckle offers to help but Emily already set it up and get it going. Sally provided the food that she carries around in her sack. Sally knew it health hazard but it wasn't like she running a kitchen or anything.

Some planning to tell scary stories but spirit and sally think this is the perfect opportunity to know each other better. "Well, we know it better to wait until tomorrow to see why the scent is bad." Knuckle said as he looks at zack and still sniffing the scent. "Yea, well, it could mean bad thing is up next." Zack added as he stops sniffing the air. "Well, it better be safe then sorry." Sally said as she wants everybody to keep it calm for the night. "Yea, ok but I still feel ready to bust some head up." Emily keeps proclaiming to the group. "Is that your answer to everything." Aurora asked emily.

"No, It solve almost everything else, well, at least what we last encounter with." she explained to everybody with positiveness. "Yeah, Well, This big one could be solve with no or less violent." Spirit said as She try to clam back to the group. "anyway, Who want to start off." Spirit said as she look the campfire. Nobody is responded, She asked again "Anybody." Still no answer. "Who want to play a game." She asked the group. "What kind of game." Emily asked. "a fun one called two turths and a lie." She added

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