A Traveler tale (A "Traveler" parody)

by BlackAlizebra

First published

A trio of adventurer fight various monsters and discover a underground dungeon that to a untouched underwater city. That has never been discovered yet,But the city has some scerct and it not pretty.

A Pegasus, A wolf, and A alicorn set to explore the world filled with anthro animals and mythical creatures. Only to discover that it all what it see. The world is filled with adventures and exploring and monster that will attack anything to protect it secret from them.

A brave new journey

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Not all who wander are lost, All who wander are found and discovered . -Queen Phillip

As a young sky blue Pegasus mare, Free Spirit was busy reading a book that she buys from a local bookseller and found a story about a histrionic relic within the town underground tunnel system. She decides to grab her friend for the journey she has for them. Zack (A male Grey wolf) was the group weapons expert, He can craft anything you told him to make. His father runs a tool shop just on the outskirt of the town and he always out to the mine for more materials for the shop. So Zack was always alone and often run the counter in the shop. But Zack also wants to explore and be an adventurer like the zebra alicorn princess striped aurora.

Most people think alicorn are always like a winged unicorn, but not Striped Aurora. She was the first zebra with royal abilities but she wasn't into that. She loves to see the world but at her own pace. She can do spells but she doesn't use them very often. She can also brew potion and poison for the adventurer who wants a magical advantage with them. Striped Aurora spend countless hours and days in her hut perfecting portions and poisons, So she can have them available for any adventurer who comes into her shop. Striped Aurora always looking for herbs and spices around the woods and collect them for her portion and poison.

Free Spirit, Striped Aurora, and Zack meet up at Zack tool shop and head to the basement under the shop. It has a wide selection of tool and weapons down there as well a few exclusive items that zack isn't allowed to sell. They gather around the table and free spirit laid out a map of the nation and dungeons and where they locating at. Zack and Aurora look at it and saw spirit point to one of them at the town across the two sister river in the country. Striped aurora and zack notice that the river is underground water system and dungeon too. But the town underground tunnel is at the end of the dungeon

Spirit ask Aurora that does she have any breathing portions available, Aurora said yes and put some out of her pouch. Spirit and Zack examine the bottle and looking for any warning. Most potion makers don't put a warning label on it to tell the traveler about the symptoms it might contain. But Aurora is confident that her portion is safe enough that the children could use to for fun and trick. But Zack and Spirit can't risk it and even the most professional of potion maker can't keep up the end of the promise. Aurora wouldn't do that to her friend and it customer too.

Zack and Aurora Look at the route that leads to the river and zack notice that the route also contain a Bunch of monsters surrounding there. Zack wasn't much as a warrior then spirit and Aurora are, But he wasn't afraid to pick one up and use it. Been surround with tools and weapons all his adult life make it easier for him to get used to. Zack grab a sword, an ax, and a few iron and steel ore just in case to make the repair of the tools and weapons on the way there. Spirit think it didn't need it but zack always want to be prepared for anything on the adventure. As the gang starts to pack and prepare to leave for their expedition.

An all griffon adventure group enter the shop and stop the gang in the path. Sorry, we closed said zack before the griffon said something. Well, you open for the best expedition group in the world AKA we Now said the griffon leader. Well, except now because we off on an adventure added striped aurora. What kinds of kiddie adventure you three are off to ask one of the members. Our Adventures are kiddie and unlike you Misfits. we are nice to everybody and inspire kids and teens to explore the world too. We encourage kids and teens too said another griffon member. They just don't need to go big and end their life quickly like fools, He added. See, That not encouraging to them said Striped Aurora.

Well, they can't handle big, dangerous quests like us and we did a lot of amazing feats like the slaying ten dragons in one day said the leader. Oh, boy said Striped Aurora, Here we go again added Zack as the Griffons start telling the tales to them for hours. The Group was very uninterested in the story, But the griffon was so vain in the adventuring achievements that they can shut up about it. After a few hours (which feel like days to them) of listening to the griffon story. The gang was bored out of the minds and Zack was ready to kick them out of his father shop. But the griffon was leaving because they are tiring to entertaining the amateurs they think they are.

Free spirit was furious at them for making fun of her group. But luckily Aurora was there to calm her down. Zack grabs his keys and grabs the bags as they ready to go exploring. Free spirit, Striped Aurora left the shop, so zack can lock the store and leave a notice for the customers. After leaving a friendly reminder to the customer, They are off they go on the adventure to the underwater dungeon. The group battling obstacles, monsters, and crafting at the night. So they can be ready for another day traveling to the river before it runs too low. They have been traveling day in and day out until they made it there on day 8. The group put on they snorkel mask on and get ready to dive in. Free spirit and zack were stretching out and bend over to improve the ability to swim as aurora put out the portion for them to take to make breath underwater without the mask. If they manage to lose it in the water.

The Journey begin

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Zack, Spirit, and Aurora take a big gulp of the portion before start diving in the river and Look for a sealed doorway to the civilization. Spirit is confidence that the civilization is here, She mostly studies maps and history during her free time. It doesn't see much fun for most ponies but she was pretty interested in it and found it amusing to her. Most of the village was thinking she was a boring Pegasus that not interest in any recreation that the village has to offer. But Spirit notices most of the recreation they offer are a chance to improve her skill as an adventurer. The villager didn't see it like that but she does.

As Zack and Aurora scan the surface for the entrance with spirit they have no luck until Aurora find an oddly-shaped rock that sticks on the wall of the river. Zack and spirit look at with her and wonder this is the doorway that leads to the society. Think, it pressable asked zack. No, it can't be if most ponies think that weird said Spirit. hmm,true added Aurora. Let me try something said Aurora as she Starts using her magic on it. The Aura glows around the rock and it was press in and A tunnel reveal to them. Zack, Aurora, and Spirit were shocked and amazed at the entrance to the mysterious civilization.

The gang swim into it and seal it back up before anybody (or water) could get in. Aurora gives it a watertight seal on the entrance and dries the supply up before continuing they expedition to the civilization. Spirit and Zack were surprised at the tunnel and stare at the ancient writing that only Aurora could encrypt it for them. But unfortunately aurora didn't have the time and the light to encrypt it, so the gang continues onto the cave. That leads them to the lost civilization that spirit has read on and researching on. Spirit doesn't often fully researching the history of a nation and believe at first.

But spirit is confidence that the civilization is deep in there and along with her friends is at her side. She has more confidence than ever before in her study about this. The gang continue on a few more miles and stop to sleep in for the night. After a eight hour of sleep without a tent or the sky because of it a cave. Zack was making a quick breakfast for the gang and feed them to spirit and Aurora. Who was stretching for the day of exploring the cave? The gang eat quick and start walking down the tunnel to the civilization. The gang wants to stop and encrypt the writing but aurora need light to read it. Aurora cast a spell to create a fairy light that follows the group until they fell asleep again.

Aurora takes her sweet time to encrypt the writing and figure the meaning of it. While Aurora was encrypting the writing, Spirit was reading on the civilization and zack was repair some weapons that were damaged during the battle with the creepy crawler earlier. Aurora takes a good grip on the ancient writing for a while and it reveals a story as well a prophecy that tells two gangs of unlikely heroes will come and save the world. oh my, This is unbelievable said Aurora. What is it asked spirit when she closes the book up and stands next to her to read what she writes.

This story in here said aurora as she continues to look at it. It tells that Civilization thriving on love from all the creature in this world. But it said that hate could Endanger it species of it. But it also says that two gangs of heroes will come to save them one day. Really said zack, yeah added Aurora. You don't think it us is it, Aurora. Maybe but we just one group of unlikely adventurer exploring this puppy Said, Zack. Well, Who could another group is then asking Spirit? I Don't know it doesn't say added Aurora. Well, We continue going added zack as he begins to walk away and Look at the cave drawing. Cool added Aurora.

Wow, They really add depth to the story, I surprised at this.said spirit. Yeah, They must very spiritual people down here added Aurora. Yeah, These tunnels are very, very old and they never revised it or anything added Zack. Well, Wanna see what look like and see it thriving or not and see if they any artifacts around added Spirit. Well, we shouldn't be tainting they site. said Aurora. Well, we just explore and looking around added spirit. Yeah, because ancient people don't like haven't studied the stuff very often added Zack. Well, I guess it just a journey for us, Said Spirit. Well, Journey or not this still pretty amazing to see and explore added Aurora as she continues to look at the wall art.

Yeah, I guess you right, said zack. But what if this civilization is not... friendly added Zack. Don't worry it OK beside just this ancient city is underground doesn't mean it hasn't seen any visitor.....yet. said Spirit. Yeah, besides this city look pretty thriving to live under the earth. I don't see why they can't be friendly toward stranger like us. added Aurora. Ok, Aurora I believe you said zack. Well, it getting late should rest for the night asked Zack. No, will walk a longer added spirit. yeah, but still a long way to go said Aurora so sleeping is the best option for us. added Aurora.

ok, I guess we napped here for 8 hours said Spirit. The gang set up camp and start cooking dinner....again. After a few minutes of setting up, The gang starts to sit down and enjoy some stew by Aurora. After a few more minutes of eating, They decide to talk about tomorrow and predicate what the civilization could hold for them. But the tales that said on the wall is true and the civilization is endangered, Then they could help them out to the best of the ability.

New compansion, Old problem

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After a few nights of sleeping and a few days of walking and encrypt the writing on the wall but as the journey was coming to a close and a new one begins. Aurora having a feeling that they being followed by someone or something. But Spirit and zack didn't have a feeling but Aurora does get a point and the legends said that two groups of heroes will come and save the world. But Spirit and her friend weren't sure if somebody was supposed to join them on the adventure. But the group will be in the city soon and they question will be answered soon. As the writing started to get harder to read and be encrypted.

But the group is about the success of the discovery of the lifetime and they live. As the group got close to the city, A feather falls from the roof. As Aurora pick up the feather and start looking at it, Darn it she said as she drops it on the floor. What asked zack as he puzzled at her. It those griffons said Aurora. Really said Spirit as she gets angry at the feather. Well, why are there here asked zack? Don't know and sure in the heck not going to found out. Aurora said as started using her magic to bring them down for the ceiling. One by one the Griffins fall down.

The leader was the first to fell down and luckily landed on its belly. Soon the rest of the group fall and land on the backs, ow said the griffon. TALK!!!!!!!! demanded Aurora, Whoa whoa Royal pain. Let's them talk and they tell us why they following us said spirit. OK, Aurora agreed as she releases her magical grip on the leader and the rest of the griffon group of explorer. The griffon leader calmly introduces her self As nothing has happened yet. Hi, My name is Gloria the brave of The three griffons expedition group. Nice to meet you, Gloria, I'm Free spirit of the three races expedition group. And this striped Aurora and Zack the Wolf Free Spirit added as she finishes introduce the rest of her group.

The three races question Gloria of the three Griffon, Does that sound racist to any of you she asked. Not if one of them is your friend with one of the species like me, Answered Zack. It true we befriend like forever added Spirit as she stands next to him with her wing wrapped his back as signs of the friendship. God, you two are such dweebs added one of the griffons as he stands at them. Hey, We have the decency to act polite unlike you said Aurora. Sorry, The rude one name is knuckle the owl and Emily the Warrior as Gloria finish introduce her group.

And together, We are the three Griffon Emily said as they do they posed for them. Really, Asked Aurora as she was uninterested with them. You really that egomaniac, are you added Spirit as she wasn't interested either. Well, we better explorer then any other expedition group in the world said Knuckle as he stops posing with the group. Oh Really, said Zack as he starts to question the griffon experience in expeditions, Which Emily stop the other from answering and look sternly at Zack.

Well, we didn't want to follow you added Gloria. But I feel like we should also add Emily as she prepares to fight, but which she disarm thank to Gloria for taking the sword away from her. Well, you dweebs are actually got talents said Knuckle and we want to help out. How? Angrily said Zack, Seriously you going to help us out. I said we should beat to the treasure before you said Emily, But we not monster added Gloria. Well, we should be helping you, if you want it or not said knuckle. Well, it the writing did six adventurers said Aurora, ok let go to the city and find what the legend is added Spirit.

So we are partners huh said Gloria, Yea, Added Spirit. ok, let go get it said, Zack, as the group gathers they stuff and start walking again. So the griffons and Ponies are walking toward the advanced civilizations. So what you dweebs think this advance civilization is about asked Knuckle. well, besides the facts that allow equality from all species. Pretty much a big history and it could be in trouble once again. Really said, Emily, as she angrily Follows the groups to the city. Yeah, You can actually be a real hero for once added Aurora. Pardon Said the aggressive Emily, Well, We kind never believe your stories of amazing frets for starter. added Aurora. But they are true, right asking Spirit.

Gloria, You like the story she asked. Abruptly the other Griffin (especially, Emily) interrupt her by her Yelling at the skyline of the cities. We here, she yelled out at the skyline of the ancient city. Wow, it marvelous said Spirit as she glazes at the skyline of the city. The whole group do the same because of it just too amazing not the glaze and believe. That they were a city down under the ground. But the griffon and the random ponies were pretty amazing at their discovery and They are some question left unanswered. What was the evil that grips the city? What this city passed with this evil and will it come back to do so. And are they the heroes they talking about.

After the few minutes of the sightseeing at the skyline, The group venturing down the City and look for any sign of life here. But the only sign is that timbered which miraculous appear from our world and all the way the down here in the city. Hmm, weird said Gloria look toward spirit as she was looking around. Spirit she said at her, Spirit as continue to call at her. Spirit finally replies with a nod and then said I don't understand. it should be living here, But where is everybody. Strips hear a distant hoofsteps from across the plaza.

The groups follow it and see a pony silhouette in the window. Should we investigate it asked Emily, what do you think added Spirit. Then who going to do it asked Knuckle. I do it offered spirit Aurora you with me added spirit as she starts heading toward it. Aurora and spirit were getting closer and look at the silhouette. hmmm, it looks like it searching for something said Spirit. Like What asked Spirit, I don't know said Aurora That the question she added. Well, Can we ask said Spirit, I don't know said Aurora. Can we try added Spirit? No said Aurora. I going do it, anyway Said Spirit as she approaches the Figure. The Pony Looking in the chest unaware that another pony is closing in on her. The Pony Stop and Do a Roundhouse kick on her.

WHAT THE FLIP Yelled Aurora as she stands and ran to Spirit aid. The mare was surprised that another pony ran to her aid but was shocked that there were two ponies who look different and know each other well. Oh, I so sorry said the pony. I thought she was, well, it. she added. Who it asked Aurora, You Don't know who IT is she said. Yeah said Spirit. Good good, It best you Don't know she added as she tries to escape. Hey, said Aurora as the pony jumped out of the window to escape. What the heck was that Asked Zack. I don't know but it time to find some answer said Aurora as she gets back with Spirit help.

The Adventure end but the journey Continue

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As Aurora and Spirit recover from the last encounter with one of its citizen. What the happened asked Zack with a concerned look on his face. We were attacked Answered Aurora, Well, We are the visitor and don’t live here added Gloria. I know it not helping right now but - it ok said Spirit interrupting Gloria. But we come and explore the place, we can’t do it with random citizen attacking us said, Emily. No, duh added Knuckle. Well, let split up and regroup here in a few said Spirit. The griffon and the ponies split into 3 couples and went to different directions.

In one pair, They were Knuckle and Emily and in the another it Zack and Gloria. As the 3 pairs continue to explore and look for the answer, The citizens were on high alert for the on them. Aurora and spirit were looking at the poster and decide to the alert the another remain visual at all times. But Aurora and Spirit were knocked out and tied up and bring to an unknown location. The others have no better luck neither and were brought to the same location as Spirit and Aurora are at. As the Darkness of the holding cell coincides them the another is out and about and exploring the civilization.

Dang, The buck, said Emily as she getting back up on her claws. ouch, Those jerks don't like a visitor, don't they added Emily. I don't think so added knuckle as he lay on the floor and open a book to casually read it. Emily starts banging on the bars as the attempt to escape the dungeon. She continues to bang on the bars as the guard were patrol around it. Emily eventually was tired and stop banging out of the dungeon. But they were about to less lonely than before. Aurora and zack were also captured and throw in the dungeon as Emily and Knuckle.

As the group start get together, The leaders were getting worried about the group but if they have a problem of their own. As Gloria and Spirit start to look around the empire for any of the members. They are standing in front of palace and Gloria were worried but her group but Spirit want to go in and talk to higher up for they assistant but the guard were busy looking for anymore trespasser and Gloria and Spirit are the marked ones.

Wait, what do you mean that we are the marked one asked Spirit as she starts to get worried and scared about their future. But The high-ups got another plan for them, But it comes with a price that they don't want to pay. Well, Visitor ain't encourage but we need help at this disparate time said one of them. Ok, what the story asked spirit as she wants to help them. It Complicated but it also not pretty, It all starting with her as one of the members begin the story of the problem. We used to live by the day but the darkness covers the lights. Cover It up, how? asked Gloria It-it-it still complicated said the high-ups well, is there anything we can do to help you asked spirit.

Ok, If you can figure it out where the light has gone to then we set you free from our kingdom. Really, said Spirit. Of course, we won't lie to you. Added the high-up. Ok, But what about our friends asked Gloria. um, can you not angry what we about to tell you asked the officer. Depends, what happens to them asked spirit. The officer sigh and start walking to the dungeon. Follow me he said leading them to the cell. Um, What are you leading us t-, Spirit, Said, Zack, as he interrupts Spirit as she coming down to the cell? Zack Zack Zack are you down here Said Spirit as she runs to the cell where he stationed at with Aurora.

Spirit Arrive at the cell where Zack and Aurora are at, She touches the metal bars as an attempt to hug them. But the bars are blocking her embrace and warmth. But her friends were happy to see her safe and sound just like them as well. As Spirit was happy to see her friends are doing well, Gloria begins to worry about her friends too. The guard was also polite to take Gloria to her friend cell and to hug them. Gloria friend was in the cell further down then Aurora and Zack were at. But her friend was very worried about her as well.

As Gloria was heading to her friend cell, She was still worried about them, but her friend doesn't care about her much as to themselves. But Gloria was worry that her friend is not safe too like Spirit friend is. But they don't care about their safety as Gloria did. Gloria was glad they are safe and alive. The guard happily freed them and spirits friends too but they have the stand in front of the rulers. who is a grey female wolf dress like a hula dancer holding a staff with the orange orb at the top? The orb is seen to hold mystical power and power the city up.

But she troubled from the recent event with her descendant sister. Her sister has left and she has something big for the world with a price. She fears for her life and everybody else including her people. Um, What seen to be trouble your highness asked spirit with a hint of concern in her voice. I don't talk about it answered the ruler with a hint of wariness in hers. but something is worrying her and The problem isn't going to go away on its own but it a big and she not sure if they are the heroes for it. But desperate time call for desperate measures and the city is definitely in desperate times as of late. With the city going rogue and the second half of sister separate from herself from her. The empire has fallen under some dark times ahead.

The problem is secretive.

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As the crews begin to search for the problem that the kingdom is having. The kingdom higher-up has a diabolical plan for them. "Well, we know what have to do." The queen said as her sister was returning to the throne room and overheard the meeting with the nobles. " they find the missing sun, it could ruin our generation to stay here". One of the nobles said as he stands up and looks at the capital. "Well, Can't kill them. One of the Griffin is a brutes" A female noble added. "Well, Maybe we can kill them but we could lead them to they doom". The queen suggests, The nobles agree and leave the castle.

The queen sister enters the throne room and starts to consent her elder queen about the plan to send the adventurer to their demise. "You don't understand sister, Our kingdom is better like this" The elder sister said. "But it not right for the lower class citizen and the Prophecies" the younger sister responded. "Screw the prophecies, they can be secretly a group of warriors and plan to assassin the kingdom". The elder response back before ordering the guard in to take her away. The guard quickly response and block the younger sister way to her elder sister throne. "Take her to the dungeon" The elder sister ordered the guard. "Fine, But I will alert the adventurer about this," The younger sister said as she was taking away. "Don't worry?" The elder sister said as she watches her sister being taken away. "Because some will have troubled to get the answer and attempt to threaten our kinds" The elder glare at the window of the kingdom.

So, Where you plant the evidence at. The elder queen asked the female noble as she stands next to her at the window. Oh, Various locations, But mostly around the cavern pass our city. The darkest cavern the queens said as she over at the dark areas in the kingdom. Yes, don't worry my friends will take off them if needed the female noble added. They need the darkness more then this dang place needed She said as she leaves the castle and back to her place at the corner of light in the kingdom. The nobles: Black heart is the creator of the kingdom negative energy and change of the dark cavern, that the younger queen manages to block the way for the kingdom to see.

The elder queen feels bad for trapping her younger sister in the dungeon, But the rage from the battle between the light and dark still remain in her. The elder sister has found a way the kingdom could in the dark, but she still need her sister light for the citizen to play and flocking in. But with the sun and the moon getting attention from the land above. The sisters found an alternative way to provide the kingdom and live and prospect for generations. The sister eventually argued they ways but lose focus on the kingdom. So the younger sister copied the sun and the moon method and apply to the kingdom. The elder sister agreed but soon feel that her way is better than the sister.

As long the history of power remain in them, It a fight that Nobody will win and the outcome is not.........happy. But the gang manage to locate the caverns and it has seen very promising to Free and Aurora. The rest was looking and thought it could be a trap for them. "Come on, Guys it is seen safe and promising," Free said as start a Lutherans to light the way. "ok, But at the first sign of dangers we getting the fleet outta here," Said Alex. "Ok, Fair enough" Spirit agreed as they enter the caverns.

After a few miles of darkness, A light start appear and shine brighter when they getting closer. "Huh, a light' Said hope as she keeps walking toward it. "When there is light, there an arena' Emily said. "You know, we here to help the creatures down here'. Reinsurance Aurora. "Well, If we bash some heads, That solve a part or the whole situation.' Added Emily. "Does always talk about -' Said zack. Knuckle and Gloria agreed as the groups arrive at the end and see a maze before they eyes. "Whoa, we are Dead, no kidding' Zack added. "Well, We can just fly over' Gloria suggest as she starts flapping her wing to fly. But Aurora sensing a trap and bring her down to the ground before it activated. "What the hay, she trying to fly over," Emily said. "No, they a canopy above it cover it and they also spike that they will shoot at any flying creature.

"Oh, That a load of Disc," Knuckle Said as he tries to Fly over only to get a impale with a bunch of spikes through his wings. He immediate falling to the ground. Luckily, Spirit catches him in her hand and put him down. "You were saying," Spirit said as she removes the spikes from knuckle wings. "Well, how in the world are going to get through this torture chamber," Knuckle argued as he starts to regain his strength from the injuries. "Well, I not sure you heard but wolf got a unique sense of smell," Zack Said as he acts so smug about it. "Can it be useful here" Emily argued as she feels peeved by his smugness. Gloria advises as she peeks in and feels some strong force in it.

Aurora feels the same way as she feel the spiritual connection within the maze and Somebody on the other side are in troubled. She also feels that some of the past adventurers braved through the maze and succeeded. "Well, it possible to trek through plus somebody is here and it not a threat to us," Aurora said as she still feels the connection in the maze. "Well, I guess the answer is clear." Gloria agreed as she suggests to trust Zack and Aurora as They will guide them through the maze. The rest couldn't agree more on the idea. But whatever is on the other side is not pretty and it dark.

"Well, We got no another chance now, Do we." Said Gloria as Look the entrance to the maze. "I still say Bashing is the best way to go." Emily said as she cracks her claws together. "You know violence isn't always the best answer to everything." Aurora said as she raises her eyebrow at Emily. "Yea, But help us out with Most situation We got into lately." She added as Act so Smug about it. " Well, We not going to Hurt anyone until they hurt us Back. That only way to have a fair fight and We are square and square." Free Explained as she starts following zack in the maze. The rest gang and The Griffen follow behind and try to keep up with the speed. The maze is luckily Scented with a different traveler who walks through this maze before. Until the halfway point when the scent turns deadly and cold. "It smells like death." Zack said as he pauses there and Wonders if they continue on to the end.

Stripe Dream and scars

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The gang continue to journey toward the light and recover some injuries from trapped part of the maze. "At least we know it going to make it." Spirit said as some start making camp for the night and lit a fire up. the griffon been practicing making fire since childhood and these three were no exceptions....... Knuckle offers to help but Emily already set it up and get it going. Sally provided the food that she carries around in her sack. Sally knew it health hazard but it wasn't like she running a kitchen or anything.

Some planning to tell scary stories but spirit and sally think this is the perfect opportunity to know each other better. "Well, we know it better to wait until tomorrow to see why the scent is bad." Knuckle said as he looks at zack and still sniffing the scent. "Yea, well, it could mean bad thing is up next." Zack added as he stops sniffing the air. "Well, it better be safe then sorry." Sally said as she wants everybody to keep it calm for the night. "Yea, ok but I still feel ready to bust some head up." Emily keeps proclaiming to the group. "Is that your answer to everything." Aurora asked emily.

"No, It solve almost everything else, well, at least what we last encounter with." she explained to everybody with positiveness. "Yeah, Well, This big one could be solve with no or less violent." Spirit said as She try to clam back to the group. "anyway, Who want to start off." Spirit said as she look the campfire. Nobody is responded, She asked again "Anybody." Still no answer. "Who want to play a game." She asked the group. "What kind of game." Emily asked. "a fun one called two turths and a lie." She added