• Published 5th Mar 2017
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A Traveler tale (A "Traveler" parody) - BlackAlizebra

A trio of adventurer fight various monsters and discover a underground dungeon that to a untouched underwater city. That has never been discovered yet,But the city has some scerct and it not pretty.

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The problem is secretive.

As the crews begin to search for the problem that the kingdom is having. The kingdom higher-up has a diabolical plan for them. "Well, we know what have to do." The queen said as her sister was returning to the throne room and overheard the meeting with the nobles. " they find the missing sun, it could ruin our generation to stay here". One of the nobles said as he stands up and looks at the capital. "Well, Can't kill them. One of the Griffin is a brutes" A female noble added. "Well, Maybe we can kill them but we could lead them to they doom". The queen suggests, The nobles agree and leave the castle.

The queen sister enters the throne room and starts to consent her elder queen about the plan to send the adventurer to their demise. "You don't understand sister, Our kingdom is better like this" The elder sister said. "But it not right for the lower class citizen and the Prophecies" the younger sister responded. "Screw the prophecies, they can be secretly a group of warriors and plan to assassin the kingdom". The elder response back before ordering the guard in to take her away. The guard quickly response and block the younger sister way to her elder sister throne. "Take her to the dungeon" The elder sister ordered the guard. "Fine, But I will alert the adventurer about this," The younger sister said as she was taking away. "Don't worry?" The elder sister said as she watches her sister being taken away. "Because some will have troubled to get the answer and attempt to threaten our kinds" The elder glare at the window of the kingdom.

So, Where you plant the evidence at. The elder queen asked the female noble as she stands next to her at the window. Oh, Various locations, But mostly around the cavern pass our city. The darkest cavern the queens said as she over at the dark areas in the kingdom. Yes, don't worry my friends will take off them if needed the female noble added. They need the darkness more then this dang place needed She said as she leaves the castle and back to her place at the corner of light in the kingdom. The nobles: Black heart is the creator of the kingdom negative energy and change of the dark cavern, that the younger queen manages to block the way for the kingdom to see.

The elder queen feels bad for trapping her younger sister in the dungeon, But the rage from the battle between the light and dark still remain in her. The elder sister has found a way the kingdom could in the dark, but she still need her sister light for the citizen to play and flocking in. But with the sun and the moon getting attention from the land above. The sisters found an alternative way to provide the kingdom and live and prospect for generations. The sister eventually argued they ways but lose focus on the kingdom. So the younger sister copied the sun and the moon method and apply to the kingdom. The elder sister agreed but soon feel that her way is better than the sister.

As long the history of power remain in them, It a fight that Nobody will win and the outcome is not.........happy. But the gang manage to locate the caverns and it has seen very promising to Free and Aurora. The rest was looking and thought it could be a trap for them. "Come on, Guys it is seen safe and promising," Free said as start a Lutherans to light the way. "ok, But at the first sign of dangers we getting the fleet outta here," Said Alex. "Ok, Fair enough" Spirit agreed as they enter the caverns.

After a few miles of darkness, A light start appear and shine brighter when they getting closer. "Huh, a light' Said hope as she keeps walking toward it. "When there is light, there an arena' Emily said. "You know, we here to help the creatures down here'. Reinsurance Aurora. "Well, If we bash some heads, That solve a part or the whole situation.' Added Emily. "Does always talk about -' Said zack. Knuckle and Gloria agreed as the groups arrive at the end and see a maze before they eyes. "Whoa, we are Dead, no kidding' Zack added. "Well, We can just fly over' Gloria suggest as she starts flapping her wing to fly. But Aurora sensing a trap and bring her down to the ground before it activated. "What the hay, she trying to fly over," Emily said. "No, they a canopy above it cover it and they also spike that they will shoot at any flying creature.

"Oh, That a load of Disc," Knuckle Said as he tries to Fly over only to get a impale with a bunch of spikes through his wings. He immediate falling to the ground. Luckily, Spirit catches him in her hand and put him down. "You were saying," Spirit said as she removes the spikes from knuckle wings. "Well, how in the world are going to get through this torture chamber," Knuckle argued as he starts to regain his strength from the injuries. "Well, I not sure you heard but wolf got a unique sense of smell," Zack Said as he acts so smug about it. "Can it be useful here" Emily argued as she feels peeved by his smugness. Gloria advises as she peeks in and feels some strong force in it.

Aurora feels the same way as she feel the spiritual connection within the maze and Somebody on the other side are in troubled. She also feels that some of the past adventurers braved through the maze and succeeded. "Well, it possible to trek through plus somebody is here and it not a threat to us," Aurora said as she still feels the connection in the maze. "Well, I guess the answer is clear." Gloria agreed as she suggests to trust Zack and Aurora as They will guide them through the maze. The rest couldn't agree more on the idea. But whatever is on the other side is not pretty and it dark.

"Well, We got no another chance now, Do we." Said Gloria as Look the entrance to the maze. "I still say Bashing is the best way to go." Emily said as she cracks her claws together. "You know violence isn't always the best answer to everything." Aurora said as she raises her eyebrow at Emily. "Yea, But help us out with Most situation We got into lately." She added as Act so Smug about it. " Well, We not going to Hurt anyone until they hurt us Back. That only way to have a fair fight and We are square and square." Free Explained as she starts following zack in the maze. The rest gang and The Griffen follow behind and try to keep up with the speed. The maze is luckily Scented with a different traveler who walks through this maze before. Until the halfway point when the scent turns deadly and cold. "It smells like death." Zack said as he pauses there and Wonders if they continue on to the end.