• Published 5th Mar 2017
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A Traveler tale (A "Traveler" parody) - BlackAlizebra

A trio of adventurer fight various monsters and discover a underground dungeon that to a untouched underwater city. That has never been discovered yet,But the city has some scerct and it not pretty.

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The Journey begin

Zack, Spirit, and Aurora take a big gulp of the portion before start diving in the river and Look for a sealed doorway to the civilization. Spirit is confidence that the civilization is here, She mostly studies maps and history during her free time. It doesn't see much fun for most ponies but she was pretty interested in it and found it amusing to her. Most of the village was thinking she was a boring Pegasus that not interest in any recreation that the village has to offer. But Spirit notices most of the recreation they offer are a chance to improve her skill as an adventurer. The villager didn't see it like that but she does.

As Zack and Aurora scan the surface for the entrance with spirit they have no luck until Aurora find an oddly-shaped rock that sticks on the wall of the river. Zack and spirit look at with her and wonder this is the doorway that leads to the society. Think, it pressable asked zack. No, it can't be if most ponies think that weird said Spirit. hmm,true added Aurora. Let me try something said Aurora as she Starts using her magic on it. The Aura glows around the rock and it was press in and A tunnel reveal to them. Zack, Aurora, and Spirit were shocked and amazed at the entrance to the mysterious civilization.

The gang swim into it and seal it back up before anybody (or water) could get in. Aurora gives it a watertight seal on the entrance and dries the supply up before continuing they expedition to the civilization. Spirit and Zack were surprised at the tunnel and stare at the ancient writing that only Aurora could encrypt it for them. But unfortunately aurora didn't have the time and the light to encrypt it, so the gang continues onto the cave. That leads them to the lost civilization that spirit has read on and researching on. Spirit doesn't often fully researching the history of a nation and believe at first.

But spirit is confidence that the civilization is deep in there and along with her friends is at her side. She has more confidence than ever before in her study about this. The gang continue on a few more miles and stop to sleep in for the night. After a eight hour of sleep without a tent or the sky because of it a cave. Zack was making a quick breakfast for the gang and feed them to spirit and Aurora. Who was stretching for the day of exploring the cave? The gang eat quick and start walking down the tunnel to the civilization. The gang wants to stop and encrypt the writing but aurora need light to read it. Aurora cast a spell to create a fairy light that follows the group until they fell asleep again.

Aurora takes her sweet time to encrypt the writing and figure the meaning of it. While Aurora was encrypting the writing, Spirit was reading on the civilization and zack was repair some weapons that were damaged during the battle with the creepy crawler earlier. Aurora takes a good grip on the ancient writing for a while and it reveals a story as well a prophecy that tells two gangs of unlikely heroes will come and save the world. oh my, This is unbelievable said Aurora. What is it asked spirit when she closes the book up and stands next to her to read what she writes.

This story in here said aurora as she continues to look at it. It tells that Civilization thriving on love from all the creature in this world. But it said that hate could Endanger it species of it. But it also says that two gangs of heroes will come to save them one day. Really said zack, yeah added Aurora. You don't think it us is it, Aurora. Maybe but we just one group of unlikely adventurer exploring this puppy Said, Zack. Well, Who could another group is then asking Spirit? I Don't know it doesn't say added Aurora. Well, We continue going added zack as he begins to walk away and Look at the cave drawing. Cool added Aurora.

Wow, They really add depth to the story, I surprised at this.said spirit. Yeah, They must very spiritual people down here added Aurora. Yeah, These tunnels are very, very old and they never revised it or anything added Zack. Well, Wanna see what look like and see it thriving or not and see if they any artifacts around added Spirit. Well, we shouldn't be tainting they site. said Aurora. Well, we just explore and looking around added spirit. Yeah, because ancient people don't like haven't studied the stuff very often added Zack. Well, I guess it just a journey for us, Said Spirit. Well, Journey or not this still pretty amazing to see and explore added Aurora as she continues to look at the wall art.

Yeah, I guess you right, said zack. But what if this civilization is not... friendly added Zack. Don't worry it OK beside just this ancient city is underground doesn't mean it hasn't seen any visitor.....yet. said Spirit. Yeah, besides this city look pretty thriving to live under the earth. I don't see why they can't be friendly toward stranger like us. added Aurora. Ok, Aurora I believe you said zack. Well, it getting late should rest for the night asked Zack. No, will walk a longer added spirit. yeah, but still a long way to go said Aurora so sleeping is the best option for us. added Aurora.

ok, I guess we napped here for 8 hours said Spirit. The gang set up camp and start cooking dinner....again. After a few minutes of setting up, The gang starts to sit down and enjoy some stew by Aurora. After a few more minutes of eating, They decide to talk about tomorrow and predicate what the civilization could hold for them. But the tales that said on the wall is true and the civilization is endangered, Then they could help them out to the best of the ability.