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just another brony with random story ideas.

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what's this?:
> no waking up in the everfree forest
> no pinkie tackling the human and say a bunch on nonsensical things about party
> no meat being extreme taboo
> no pony being afraid of the human without a reason (seriously, have you seen the monsters in the show? how the hell would a bald bipedal ape scare anyone?)
> no doormat or overly aggressive human lead
> no long winded explanation on what characters look like or what cutie marks are (anyone on this site watches the show, they already know this information)
> rainbow dash is aggressive towards the human for a legitament reason

Now i have to see where this story goes

7918453 I've seen a lot of stereotypes with HiE fics, wanted to break a few. Still clinging to the "random ponies love random human for some odd reason" But mostly just with Alice who had two months to get to know said ponies and will have her 'adventures' brought to light due to a very curious Ryan whilst he stumbles about trying to figure out how to survive in pony society.

And seriously, Fluttershy takes care of a big ass bear, I highly doubt that bear eats salads. Meat HAS to be a thing.

Also just posted new chapter

From the description alone it sounds interesting. I will track this for now.

I'm starting to like this story.

I think Ry-Barb is definitely a ship.
The name was a half-arsed attempt at sounding like rhubarb.
It's half-past three in the Anno Meridian here.

In answer to your question a better one would be who WOULDN'T snuggle the yellow pone

Good chapter, slow and steady time will come.

7918473 Actually a bears diet can consist of 90% vegetation and bugs. With a small portion being fish (when in season) and deer/caribou/etc that they can actually catch (e.g. newborns) or ones that have been dead and preserved by the winter cold.

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