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The Tome of Faust - DungeonMiner

In the age of Equestria's founding, the world is not at peace. Dangers wait at every corner, and the shadows of the old world wish it dead. And yet in all of this, one pony just wants to live a normal life.

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Chapter 47

Golden, to her credit, did keep looking. Over the next few months of her recovery, she and Luna searched for any sign of Mouse, stretching from the Castle to the ravine and outward. For the most part, they found nothing other than the body of the Baron’s bodyguard, some bones of a few smaller animals, and a purple egg.

The egg, which Celestia identified as a dragon’s egg, had suffered a fall, and could only now hatch if someone siphoned enough magical power into it. Having little to do with Mouse, both Golden and Luna were more than a little annoyed when the solar sister then commented that the egg was perhaps the most valuable thing they’d find in the search.

Celestia insisted that the search was a waste of time, time that Luna could better spend in Canterlot. Celestia was quickly becoming an influential figure in Equestrian politics, and the Founders listened to her often. She soon found herself muddied in the world of mortals far more than she cared for, and considering that this was all Luna’s idea, it did not seem fair.

Finally, after three months, the pair called off their search. If Mouse was still alive by this point, he’d find his way to them. If he wasn't...it was too late.

Golden finally returned to Canterlot, and stood before Princess Platinum, to report her mission. She stood with the others, Storm, Cut, and Maple, before the Founders in the throne room. Platinum looked at them with a slight frown on her face. “Then he is gone, isn’t he?”

“For now, at least,” Golden replied. “Though we do stand here to tell you that the mission was a success.”

Platinum nodded. “And you shall be rewarded. Who would stand first?”

Storm stepped forward. “I would like to ask the crown that the Darkwood Company be awarded the funds for a statue. One to remember the last leader of the Company. His death was...sudden, and he was well-loved.”

Platinum nodded. “It shall be done.”

Maple stepped forward next. “Your Grace, one of our party, a unicorn by the name of Wraith, died to help us complete our task. She was cruel, and a murderer, but in her last days of helping us, she proved herself to be a true hero and friend. I would ask that she be buried alongside the heroes of old, that she might take her deserved place.”

The Princess waited a moment before agreeing. “It shall be done.”

Maple bowed and stepped back before Cut took his place. “To help your Majesty, I sacrificed many years of working in the criminal underworld to sabotage them. I ask that my work be continued, though I can no longer.”

“I will send agents; your work will continue,” she replied. “I will not have the work you have all done be turned against us by mere criminals.”

Cut nodded. “Thank you.”

Finally, Golden stepped forward.

“And what would you ask?” Platinum said, staring down at her.

“I…” Golden began. “I would like to retire. Start a farm.”

“Where?” Platinum asked.

“Anywhere,” she replied.

The princess nodded. “So be it, I shall grant you a parcel of land that can carry on in your family for generations.”

Golden nodded. “Thank you, Princess.”

She nodded. “I could only hope to reward you properly for the sacrifices you made. They were many and steep. These works offer little in return, but I hope they are sufficient.”

“Thank you, Princess.”

What remained of the year was quiet. Celestia and Luna were both officially invited into the Equestria political structure, the cities of Baltimare, Manehatten, and Vanhoover grew and expanded, and the Darkwood Forest was renamed to the Everfree forest in honor of the Battle of Everfree.

Fall and Winter came and went, leaving Spring once more to take the stage. As her breath left in misty clouds on an early spring day, Golden looked out over her new land, and the field she’d have to sow. Frost still clung to the freshly tilled earth, and the smell of yesterday’s rain still lingered in the air.

With a sigh, she stepped off of her new porch of the house Platinum insisted on building for her, and walked over to the barn. With a heave, she lifted the bag of seed that she needed to spread into a wheelbarrow and pushed it outside just in time to see a figure walking down the road next to her home.

The figure was a little on the short side, wearing a cloak that left him looking as grey and tattered as the sky. He wore his hood down to reveal a dark-coated unicorn, who looked wistfully at the farm.

Golden smiled, leaving her work for a moment before approaching the fence that marked her land. “Morning,” she said.

“Good morning,” the unicorn replied.

“Not many ponies come out this way, what are you doing out here?”

“Looking for work,” the stallion replied. “Good, honest work, and a place to lay my head at night.”

“Ya don’t say,” Golden said through a smile. “Why I might be able to help you with that, but it’s going to cost you.”

“What’s it going to cost?”

“A story, mostly about where you’ve been the last five months.”

Mouse gave her a small smile. “It’s a long story.”

“Well, come on inside and tell it, we have a little bit before the field needs to be sown.”

He nodded, before following Golden to the farmhouse, matching her step for step until he passed the threshold. As the burning hearth of the house began to warm his bones, Mouse removed his old, grey cloak, to reveal a cutie mark on his flanks.

It was a simple picture, only a slightly brighter grey than his coat, but visible nonetheless.

On his flank, there in front of all to see was a mouse and a nail.

“The results of hard work and dedication always look like luck. But you know you've earned every ounce of your success.”

The above story is a work of Fanfiction, using the characters and setting of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro. I do not own the characters of the aforementioned property, and I am in no way benefiting financially from this work. Please support the official release.

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This story, was amazing, is amazing. It had drama, sacrifice, happy parts, sad parts, brutal and dark parts, it is beautiful. And now, it has ended, yet it hasn't. It is still here for people to read and admire, and it has made room for a possible sequel. Which, if there ever is one, we shall patiently wait for it. And, withthese final words, good sir, I bow towards you, and I take my leave.

so Both Mouse and Golden are the ancestors of the Apple Family then?

No, they just own a farm.

Please tell us we're getting a story of what he did during those five months!

I've thoroughly enjoyed this story. I'm glad to have been through this from the start

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